The [DS] Using All Their Ammunition To Cover Up The Inevitable – Episode 1752

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The [DS] Using All Their Ammunition To Cover Up The Inevitable
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The housing market continues to decline, pending homes sales have now crashed to their lowest point in the last 4 years. The Fed will continue to raise rates until the entire system rips itself apart, this is plan, patriots are in control. CNBC slipped out with the idea that the Fed propped up the stock market with QE, then laughed about it to correct the slip up. The MSM begins their narrative of why the economy is going to fail next year, the fingers are pointing at Trump, but the narrative control is with the patriots. The MSM pushed the idea that Trump broke military regulation, big fail. Comey’s confession shows that the dossier was never verified and the FISA warrant was obtained illegally. [D] introduce bill, Mexico will pay for the wall.Trump threatens to close the southern boarder. Stats for websites and social media sites are turning out to be fake. Khashoggi was not who everyone thought he was. Angela Merkel gives speech and says we don’t care what the people say. Syria and Kurds make agreement. The DS is in the process of using all their ammunition, they are pushing as many stories as possible to push the narrative in their direction, this will not work, propaganda will not win over truth.

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Current News – 12.28.2018

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  •  pending home sales dropped again in November, sliding -0.7% vs the expected 1.0% increase, declining in six of the last eight months, with a cumulative loss since March of -5.9% (-8.9% annualized)…

…and crashed a whopping 7.7% compared to last year, the biggest annual drop since April 2014.



  • In at least one way, CNBC and the Fed share an unspoken “third mandate”. While according to Congress, the Fed is responsible for maintaining stable prices and low unemployment – and CNBC proclaims to be a purveyor of real-time news and analysis – both organizations have also taken it upon themselves to help prop up asset prices.
  • And while CNBC has typically laughed at market “conspiracy theories” like the notion that the Federal Reserve has used asset purchases and low interest rates with the explicit goal of propping up stocks, once in a while, a rare nugget of truth slips out.
  • CNBC’s Sara Eisen reacted to this with a mix of surprise and incredulity, and apparently couldn’t stop herself from pointing out that “everybody” agrees that the Fed’s policies resulted in a very specific outcome – namely, they sent asset prices higher.

Vinay Pande: “I have not met two economists who agree on the impact of QE…”

Sarah Eisen: “But every body agrees that it propped up the stock market.”

Pande: “No.”

Eisen: “No?”


Pande: In the sense that it conveyed that the Fed was serious – it was a signaling tool…



Trump’s misplaced economic policies could sink the US economy next year

  • President Trump’s misplaced economic policies will significantly diminish the economy’s prospects in the coming year, but it is the political chaos he is creating that could do it in. In just the past few days he has attacked the Federal Reserve’s independence, cavalierly shut down parts of the federal government, and ushered out of his administration a string of senior officials and aides. Then there are the looming investigations, which appear to be coming to a head, into a long list of the president’s potential misdeeds
  • It is no wonder that the longest bull stock market in the nation’s history is now at risk of dying off. To be sure, the stock market is not a fool-proof leading indicator of recession. Economics Nobel Laureate Paul Samuelson once quipped that the stock market has predicted nine of the last five recessions. This is probably one of those times when the market signal is a misfire. However, given the poor economic policies in place and the political drama in Washington that is sure to turn much darker in coming months, the next recession is coming into view.


CNN tried to push the idea that Trump broke regulations of the armed forces, but the airforce repsonded that know regs were broken, Trump tweets out the following

  1. Fake News Prepared News Stories critizing the POTUS for not visiting the troops
  2. Whey they found out that he indeed visited the troop they critized him for that
  3. Then they critized the troops for having Trump sign their hats
  4. Then they said Trump gave them the hats
  5. Then they said that Trump broke the regulations of the armed forces

All Fake, It seems the MSM will never be satisfied with anything the President does, the question is why? Anons know why


Comey’s confession: dossier not verified before, or after, FISA warrant

  • Comey now has confirmed what Republican lawmakers like Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) have warned about for months – that the FBI used an unverified dossier, paid for by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party as political opposition research, to justify spying on the duly nominated GOP candidate for president just weeks before Election Day.
  • First, the Justice Department inspector general found that Comey wrongly usurped the powers of the attorney general when he chose to make his own decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton in the classified email investigation and that he violated department policies by announcing the re-opening and the closing of the Clinton email case, the latter just days before Election Day.
  • That finding supported Democrats’ worst fears, that Comey may have cost their candidate the election. And it validated the primary reason the Trump administration fired Comey as FBI director a few months later.
  • Second, let’s remember that Comey was the man who famously testified in 2016 that FBI agents don’t “give a hoot about politics” when they investigate.
  • A year later, we learned that the very FBI employees Comey entrusted to lead the Clinton and Trump investigations – Peter Strzok and Lisa Page – obsessed over the 2016 election and even discussed in government text messages using their official powers to “stop” Trump from becoming president. To add to the concerns, the two were having an affair in the middle of a counterintelligence probe, which in and of itself is a compromise.
  • Third, Comey’s investigative team (in the form of the Steele dossier) and his general counsel James Baker (in the form of evidence from a Democratic Party lawyer) accepted politically tainted evidence to further the probe of Trump.
  • Finally, Comey has insisted he didn’t condone leaking inside the FBI. Yet, on his watch, top deputy Andrew McCabe was caught leaking to the news media and later fired for lying about it. Comey denies he knew about that leak but acknowledges that he himself orchestrated a separate leak through a friend after his own firing.
  • Likewise, Comey’s transmission of memos to his lawyers about classified conversations he had with Trump are troubling. Those forced the government to send “scrub teams” to recover any classified information that may have been transmitted, according to multiple sources briefed on the operation.
  • Inside the FBI, ignorance is not a substitute for competence. Nor is the expression of moral superiority a substitute for lawfulness. And unverified dossiers are not an acceptable form of verified evidence in a FISA submission.


In Summary

CONFIRMED: Comey Approved FISA Warrant Without Any Knowledge of Trump-Russia ‘Collusion’

  • Fired former FBI director James Comey approved the series of FISA warrants to surveil President Donald Trump’s team without having any knowledge whatsoever that Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia.
  • Comey said in his testimony that in July 2016, when all of this started, the FBI “didn’t know whether we had anything.”
  • Comey reportedly offered his first sign-off on a FISA warrant in October 2016, and those FISA’s kept getting renewed for a while until good faith actors in the Trump administration realized the extent of what was going on.
  • Comey also said: “in fact, when I was fired as director, I still didn’t know whether there was anything to it.”
  • Well, there you have it. The whole thing was quite obviously a hoax.
  • This new evidence further disqualifies the Russia collusion narrative by proving the whole thing was a set-up orchestrated by Hillary Clinton. The fact that Rod Rosenstein and other Deep State conspirators signed off on FISA warrants based on Isikoff’s reporting only further demolishes their own credibility in this case.
  • Yahoo News and its reporter Michael Isikoff are under fire after it was revealed that the news outlet coordinated with Fusion GPS and its founder Glenn Simpson to publicize the fake findings of the anti-Trump dossier.
  • In fact, a Yahoo News article by Isikoff was presented as evidence to get a FISA warrant to surveil Trump Tower, even though the article counted Simpson as its prime source.
  • Here is the section from the Memo:
  • “2) The Carter Page FISA application also cited extensively a September 23, 2016, Yahoo News article by Michael Isikoff, which focuses on Page’s July 2016 trip to Moscow. This article does not corroborate the Steele dossier because it is derived from information leaked by Steele himself to Yahoo News. The Page FISA application incorrectly assesses that Steele did not directly provide information to Yahoo News. Steele has admitted in British court filings that he met with Yahoo News—and several other outlets—in September 2016 at the direction of Fusion GPS. Perkins Coie was aware of Steele’s initial media contacts because they hosted at least one meeting in Washington D.C. in 2016 with Steele and Fusion GPS where this matter was discussed.”…
  • The Hillary Clinton campaign issued a press release on September 24, 2016promoting information from the Christopher Steele dossier.
  • That press release has almost completely been scrubbed from the Internet, but is preserved in at least one tweet and in an Internet archive sponsored by The American Presidency Project.


Dems Introduced Bill Requiring Mexico To Pay For The Wall, And No One Seems To Have Noticed

  • Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas introduced legislation forbidding construction of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border — unless Mexico pays for it.
  • Lee introduced the Protect American Taxpayers and Secure Border Act into the House on Dec. 19, which would “prohibit taxpayer funds from being used to build a wall between Mexico and the United States,” and further require that any barrier constructed on the southern border “be paid for using funds provided by the Government of Mexico.”


Trump cites Obama’s 2011 call for Congress to deal with illegal immigration ‘once and for all’

  • President Trump on Thursday dug up a years-old tweet in which former President Barack Obama had called in a State of the Union address for Congress to reform immigration laws.
  • “I strongly believe that we should take on, once and for all, the issue of illegal immigration. #SOTU,” Obama wrote in a Twitter post on Jan. 25, 2011.
  • “I totally agree!” Trump wrote in a retweet of his predecessor’s message.
  • “There is right now a full scale manhunt going on in California for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop. Time to get tough on Border Security. Build the Wall!” Trump wrote.

Remembering Newman Cpl. Singh: He was ‘living the American dream’

  • Singh was a native of Fiji and immigrated to America. He lived in Modesto with his family.



Federal Workers to Keep Their Paychecks for Weeks Under the Government Shutdown

  • Federal employees will not necessarily feel the effects for weeks after the partial government shutdown went into effect Saturday, according to the Office of Management and Budget.
  • Federal workers are still set to receive their holiday paychecks for the Dec. 9 to 22 biweekly pay period on time, no matter what happens in Congress. Holiday paychecks are expected to be issued between Dec. 28 and Jan. 3, according to Office of Management and Budget guidance. The new Congress will convene Jan. 3.
  • The first federal payday that will cover workdays affected by the shutdown will not be until Jan. 11,  . Many departments have funding despite the shutdown and reopened Wednesday like normal, but nine departments are without government funding.
  • The departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice, State, Transportation, and Treasury are currently caught in the crosshairs of the shutdown, as are agencies like NASA and the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Many federal employees deemed nonessential are furloughed or expected to work during the shutdown but have received pay anyway after shutdowns in recent years, according to an Office of Management and Budget blog post.


Geopolitical/Police State

  • It’s all true: Everything is fake,” tweeted Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao regarding a Wednesday New York Magazine article which reveals that internet traffic metrics from some of the largest tech companies are overstated or fabricated. In other words; they’re bullshit.
  • Pao was responding to a tweet by the Washington Post‘s Aram Zucker-Schariff, quoting the following segment of the article:

The metrics are fake.

Take something as seemingly simple as how we measure web traffic. Metrics should be the most real thing on the internet: They are countable, trackable, and verifiable, and their existence undergirds the advertising business that drives our biggest social and search platforms. Yet not even Facebook, the world’s greatest data–gathering organization, seems able to produce genuine figures. In October, small advertisers filed suit against the social-media giant, accusing it of covering up, for a year, its significant overstatements of the time users spent watching videos on the platform (by 60 to 80 percent, Facebook says; by 150 to 900 percent, the plaintiffs say). According to an exhaustive list at MarketingLand, over the past two years Facebook has admitted to misreporting the reach of posts on Facebook Pages (in two different ways), the rate at which viewers complete ad videos, the average time spent reading its “Instant Articles,” the amount of referral traffic from Facebook to external websites, the number of views that videos received via Facebook’s mobile site, and the number of video views in Instant Articles.

Can we still trust the metrics? After the Inversion, what’s the point? Even when we put our faith in their accuracy, there’s something not quite real about them: My favorite statistic this year was Facebook’s claim that 75 million people watched at least a minute of Facebook Watch videos every day — though, as Facebook admitted, the 60 seconds in that one minute didn’t need to be watched consecutively. Real videos, real people, fake minutes. –NYMag


  • The New York Magazine article by Max Read goes much deeper, however, asserting; “The people are fake” , “The businesses are fake” , “The content is fake” , “Our politics are fake,” and finally “We ourselves are fake.”


Bombshell: New Info Says Khashoggi Was A Foreign Influence Agent

  • The Washington Post has caused itself a major scandal since it has come to light they and their martyred “reformer” Jamal Khashoggi were publishing anti-Saudi propaganda for Qatar. They tried to bury this in a pre-Christmas Saturday news dump, but that can’t stop the damage this will do to their reputation.
  • “Text messages between Khashoggi and an executive at Qatar Foundation International show that the executive, Maggie Mitchell Salem, at times shaped the columns he submitted to The Washington Post, proposing topics, drafting material and prodding him to take a harder line against the Saudi government,” the Post wrote December 21.
  • The Post says they were unaware of this, although Khashoggi’s Qatar connections were well known. They will have to answer for what is either incompetence in connecting these dots or simply not caring as Khashoggi’s attacks on President Trump and the Saudis fit right in with their narrative. The Qatar Foundation denies they were paying him to produce the anti-Saudi material.
  • But during Security Studies Group research for our report on the information operation after his death, we heard from reliable sources familiar with the investigation that documents showing wire transfers from Qatar were found in his apartment in Turkey. They were immediately put out of reach by Turkish security services, so they did not show the collusion between Khashoggi, Qatar, and Turkey prior to his death. We have published a new, unredacted set of findings about the case. It is damning to Qatar, Turkey, and the Washington Post.
  • Turkey had control of the narrative after the killing as the only primary source for the media, with Qatar backing up their tales. Both had eager partners in western media outlets.
  • There has been a powerful effort to use this to weaken Saudi Arabia overall and especially to damage its relationship with the United States.
  • Qatar and Turkey both benefit from these attacks on Saudi Arabia and have tried to parley them into actual gains. Erdogan was bold enough to actually ask for the United States to send him Fethulla Gulen, his main political rival, who resides here as a green card holder. The irony of Erdogan using the death of a Saudi opposition activist to ask for the extradition of opposition leaders he would most likely kill is stunning.
  • President Trump has extended the hand of friendship to Turkey in conjunction with the U.S. withdrawal from Syria.


  • Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty”, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who told an audience in Berlin that sovereign nation states must not listen to the will of their citizens when it comes to questions of immigration, borders, or even sovereignty.

    •  Angela Merkel told attendants at an event by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin. Merkel has announced she won’t seek re-election in 2021 and it is clear she is attempting to push the globalist agenda to its disturbing conclusion before she stands down.
    •   Merkel speech   condemned those in her own party who think Germany should have listened to the will of its citizens and refused to sign the controversial UN migration pact:
    • There were [politicians] who believed that they could decide when these agreements are no longer valid because they are representing The People”.
    • [But] the people are individuals who are living in a country, they are not a group who define themselves as the [German] people,” she stressed.
    • Her words echo recent comments by the deeply unpopular French President Emmanuel Macron who stated in a Remembrance Day speech that “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism [because] nationalism is treason.”
    • The French president’s words were deeply unpopular with the French population and his approval rating nosedived even further after the comments.



Turkey State Paper Exposes Locations of French Bases in Syria



update: The Pentagon says US forces are still in the area of Manbij city:

  • Currently, the Syrian Army has deployed around the city saying it stands ready to protect it from nearby pro-Turkish forces. This as the Syrian Arab Army announced it “raised the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic there” as confirmed by Russian television footage from on the ground. 
  • Meanwhile the local MMC, or SDF Manbij Military Council appears to still maintain authority in the city in coordination with the Syrian Army. There appears a quiet status quo and possible indirect negotiations happening between US, SDF, and Syrian Army forces, with broader negotiations between Turkey and Russia — the latter which controls the airspace above the province.

 “The Kurds are returning to Syria and therefore rejecting the USA and France.”

    Russia coordinated with Turkey for the control of the Syrian army over Manbij. T


False Flags

FCC announces probe into CenturyLink outage disrupting 911 lines

  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is launching an investigation into the nationwide CenturyLink internet outage that disrupted access to 911 lines.
  • FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced on Friday that he had directed the agency’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau to probe the “cause and impact of this outage.”
  • “When an emergency strikes, it’s critical that Americans are able to use 911 to reach those who can help,” Pai said in a statement. “The CenturyLink service outage is therefore completely unacceptable, and its breadth and duration are particularly troubling.”
  • The company had tweeted late Thursday night that it had identified a “network element” causing the disruption and estimated that service would be restored in 4 hours. CenturyLink later said it had identified further problems.
  • According to the Associated Press, the outage knocked out 911 service in parts of Washington state, Missouri, Idaho and Arizona.
  • The outage reportedly also disrupted Verizon service. CenturyLink helps with network traffic for Verizon and other wireless carriers.



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Q has directed us down parallel narrative tracks for a while now, and it was never truly clear how these narratives came together in a larger sense.

Narrative #1: Trust Sessions, Trust Wray, Trust Huber, Trust Horowitz. Most anons have interpreted this narrative to mean that Huber is silently prosecuting all of the deep state bad actors in the background, with the help of Horowitz and 470+ inspector general staff. He has loads of sealed indictments, and he is waiting for the right time to unseal them and start the mass arrests.

Narrative #2: Military Tribunals. Lindsey Graham’s discussion with Kavanaugh at the hearing, articles about Bush era tribunal structure, DOJ memoranda confirming constitutionality of military detention of US citizens.

Reconcile: These 2 narratives seem largely unrelated, if not completely at odds with one another. Are we rounding them up in military tribunals, or are we prosecuting them in civilian courts? The answer is… a bit of both. But military tribunals must come first.

For those involved in treason, subversion, aiding/supporting the enemy, or causing the civilian justice system to fail, military tribunals await them.

For those involved in general nastiness – bribery, racketeering, blackmail, sex trafficking, etc, a cleaned up civilian justice system awaits them.

So, how is it likely to unfold?

1. Declass/FISA brings down the house: Right around the time Mueller issues his report, POTUS declassifies the FISA warrant application(s) and subsequent renewals. This declass demonstrates that the entire start of the Russia collusion investigation was predicated on the need to surveil Carter Page because he is a foreign agent of the Russian government (even though documentation demonstrates he was an FBI informant for many years before that, and John P. Carlin knew that when he signed the initial FISA warrant application). In other words, declass demonstrates that the entire investigation and special counsel were BS from the beginning.

2. Huber and Horowitz lay their big, impotent dicks on the table: Read the article at the link below. It is maddening as hell, but it fits with Q’s explanation of what Mueller’s objective is – to withhold evidence that could be damaging to the deep state from “clean” prosecutors. Mueller tells Rosenstein that certain evidence cannot be shared with IG or any other prosecutor, because it would obstruct his investigation. RR complies and the rest of the DOJ has to go along. So, after FISA declass, and everyone knows that Mueller’s investigation is BS, Huber and Horowitz come out and say they have lots of good leads and some serious evidence, but that Mueller and RR have been obstructing their work. Suddenly, the world sees just how corrupted the DOJ has become. Military tribunals are DEMANDED by all. The truth is so evident, not even the guilty can publicly object.

3. Tribunals – Fuck Yeah: So now we have military tribunals. If you want to learn a lot about military tribunals, read this article:

If you are too lazy to read the article, here are a few interesting points:

– Military commissions are consist of 3 – 7 members who act as both judge and jury.

– Commissions are formed (and personnel selected) by the Secretary of Defense.

– Decisions DO NOT need to be unanimous (2/3 majority is all that’s required).

– THE EXCLUSIONARY RULE DOES NOT APPLY. This means that “illegally collected” evidence is still admissible. This means that everything the NSA has collected is admissible. Everything Ezra Cohen-Watnick has been scooping up from both the intelligence community and the DOJ is admissible. This means “fuck your technicalities,” you are a traitor and I have evidence to prove it – never mind where I got it.

Oh, and we are likely to see some familiar faces at these tribunals, either as commissioners, prosecutors, or as witnesses:

– Adm. Mike Rogers

– Jeff Sessions

– Gen. John Kelly

– Gen. Mattis

– Ezra Cohen-Watnick

– LtG. Michael Flynn

– All the singing birdies from DOJ/FBI trying to save their skins.

4. Huber and Horowitz can resume their jobs: Now that the traitors have been removed, Huber and Horowitz will have full access to the evidence that Mueller has been withholding. They will also be unencumbered by leakers and obfuscators in their midst. They can get down to brass tax, cleaning up the regular old satanists and child rapists.