The Economy Is Falling Apart And The US Government/Central Banker Cover-Up Is Not Working – Episode 791

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Economy Is Falling Apart
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Euro zone continues to fall apart. Walmart slashes earnings. Retail sales tank. Mortgage application decline the most since the Great Recession. Illinois cannot make pension payments. The economy is falling apart and the US Government / Central Bankers are having a tougher time covering it up. Google is now creating a knowledge vault to only show the official narrative and filter out misinformation. Obama has given up the fight for a backdoor into encrypted system, instead he is pressuring companies to give full access. GCHQ has been given the green light to spy on government officials. US is now deploying 300 troops to Cameroon and Chad.Libya needs to make a decision quickly on the issue of peace before the IS arrives. Russia deploys aircraft carrier to the Barrent Sea. US slams Russia for hitting the FSA,but will not meet with Russia to discuss the location of the IS and FSA. US decided to rename the moderate opposition to the Syrian Democratic Forces. Cyber security expert gives warning that an attack is just waiting to happen which will bring down the infrastructure of the US.

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Current News – 10.14.2015


Euro zone industrial production -0.5% vs. -0.5% forecast

  • Industrial production in the euro zone fell last month, official data showed on Wednesday



WalMart Carnage: Stock Plummets Most In 17 Years After Slashing Earnings Guidance, Blames Wage Hikes 

6 Million More Students With Bachelor’s Degrees Than Jobs Available for Them

  • There are 6,455,300 more students with bachelor’s degrees today than jobs available for them, including jobs that would be created in the next seven years, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the National Center for Education Statistics.


US Retail Sales Tumble Most Since January, Signal Sustained Recessionary Environment

  • retail sales disappointed even more than in October 2014, when 27 out of 27 economists thought the control group would be positive. It came at -0.1%.
  • The details: Retail Sales (ex Autos) dropped 0.3% in September, the 2nd drop in a row, the biggest drop since January
  • This is the 7th miss in the last 10 months…


  • Year-over-year data shows sustained stagnant growth in retail sales historically aligned with a recessionary environment.


  • The breakdown shows bvroad weakness.
  • Electronics and appliance stores -0.2%
  • Building Materials and Supplies -0.3%
  • Food and beverage -0.3%
  • Gasoline stations -3.2%
  • General merchandise stores -0.1%
  • Miscellaneous store retailers -1.3%
  • Online -0.2%


Recession Looms – Business Inventories-to-Sales Surge To Cycle Highs

  •  Business Sales tumbled 0.6% MoM (the biggest drop since January),  no inventory liquidation has started yet  and this has driven the inventory-to-sales ratio up to 1.37xThe last 2 times the ratio was at this level, the US was in recession.


US Housing Rolling Over Wells Fargo Confirms, As Mortgage Applications Plunge

  •  the Mortgage Brokers Association reported that mortgage application activity plunged over 27% in one week following a comparable 25% surge  .The drop was the steepest percentage drop since the week of Jan. 25, 2009 when it tumbled 38.8%.

  •  “application volume plummeted last week in the wake of the implementation of the new TILA-RESPA integrated disclosures, which caused lenders to significantly revamp their business processes, and as a result dramatically slowed the pace of activity,”


Baltic Dry Index falls to 787, down 17

Illinois To Delay Pension Payments Amid Budget Woes: “For All Intents And Purposes, We Are Out Of Money Now”

  • pension payments are set to be delayed.Bond payments, apparently, will still be made.
 Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger said her office will postpone a $560 million retirement-fund payment next month, and may make the December contribution late. “For all intents and purposes, we are out of money now.”

Brazil Faces Unemployment “Crisis”, As Retail Sales Plunge, Rousseff Blasts “Coup-Mongers”

  • Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff got a rare bit of respite on Tuesday when a Supreme Court justice granted an injunction that delays a lower house vote which could have paved the way for impeachment proceedings. 



Google degenerates into Ministry of Truth; all knowledge must now be pre-approved by search algorithm

  • The world’s new “Ministry of Truth”, Google believes that screening and censoring information requested by its users will help avoid “websites full of misinformation” from showing up at the top of the search list. Known as the “Knowledge Vault,” .The Knowledge Vault takes it another step further. By sorting through the actual content of websites to determine whether or not they fit the official narrative for the particular idea or concept presented, the Knowledge Vault will act as a type of knowledge gatekeeper in censoring out information and content deemed to be “false.””
  •  Google now has the power to literallyrewrite history by snubbing search content of which the powers that be disapprove, while approving only propaganda and other misinformation dubbed “accurate.”


U.S. Demand for Encrypted Data from Tech Firms Moves from Backdoor Access to Backroom Deals

  • President Barack Obama has backed off in his efforts to convince tech companies to create so-called backdoor access to their encryption programs that protect the contents of users’ data.
  • But the White House has not given up on accessing that information, preferring for now to keep talking to—and presumably pressuring—companies to give federal law enforcement access to encryption systems on a case-by-case basis,
  • The biggest change in Obama’s position is his decision Oct. 1 not to ask Congress to approve a law mandating that companies open up their encryption programming to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on an ongoing basis.
  • “While eschewing attempts to legislatively mandate that tech companies build backdoors into their services, the president is continuing the status quo – that is, informally pressuring companies to give the government access to unencrypted data,” the Electronic Frontier Foundation reported.


Police State

GCHQ given green light to spy on MPs, court rules

  • GCHQ is legally allowed to collect and read the private communications of MPs and Lords, a court has ruled, overruling a decades old rule which forbade snooping on Westminster politicians.
  • In a surprise decision, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) said the ‘Wilson doctrine’ did not preclude the bulk collection of data through programs such as Tempora, as exposed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.
  • Green MPs Caroline Lucas and Jenny Jones condemned the ruling as “deeply worrying.”
  • This judgment is a body-blow for parliamentary democracy. My constituents have a right to know that their communications with me aren’t subject to blanket surveillance – yet this ruling suggests that they have no such protection,” said Lucas.



Kiev needs to implement Minsk deal to restore full control over border

  • Kiev may establish control along the entire length of the Russian-Ukrainian border only by fulfilling the Minsk peace agreements, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said


Russia rejects Dutch report on MH17, but agrees Ukraine should have closed airspace – regulator

  • Russia disagrees with the Dutch Safety Board’s report on MH17 crash findings The Dutch party’s answers to Russian comments on the crash are “unsubstantiated and biased,” the regulator said.
  • The important information on finding alleged BUK fragments on the scene was hidden from us. We only found out about it during our last meeting in August, when it was said that we would have no more meetings, and none of our further comments would be accepted,” Oleg Storchevoy said.
  • It is only possible to find out the exact location of the launch by establishing the type of the missile that hit MH17, Storchevoy said.“We don’t base our calculations on the launch location, but instead do it basing on the rules of conducting such investigations. First of all, calculating the explosion point, establishing the power of the destructive element, as well as the direction of how this element worked with the aircraft. Thus, we establish the missile type,” he added.
  • Russia has invited the interested countries to join the Russia-led probe into the MH17 crash and provided the Dutch commission the records of all conversations between the Russian air traffic controllers. Data of the Russian locators surveilling the sky on July 17, 2014, is still available.  The Almaz-Antey probe involved two real-life experiments with a plane and a missile


WikiLeaks: US government plotted to kill Bolivian President Evo Morales

  • Cables leaked by U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning reveal an apparent plot by the U.S. government to assassinate Bolivian President Evo Morales and overthrow his administration.
  • According to the cables, the plot to orchestrate a coup or carry out an assassination against Morales came after years of resistance by the Morales government to the United States’ Latin American agenda.
  • the Bolivian government is continuing a formal investigation into the allegations, despite denials by U.S. government officials:
  • Contrary to the official denials, the WikiLeaks cables show how the U.S. escalated attempts to put pressure on Morales and his government over several years.  But Morales resisted U.S. directives and continued with his plans to nationalize the fossil fuels industry and move away from dependence on foreign aid and international loans.
  • The cables suggest that starting from 2007 the U.S. government began providing aid to the “Media Luna” region of Bolivia, which is controlled by Morales’ opposition:
  • “A USAID report from 2007 stated that its Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) ‘ha[d] approved 101 grants for $4,066,131 to help departmental governments operate more strategically.’ Funds also went to local indigenous groups that were ‘opposed to Evo Morales’ vision for indigenous communities.’”
  • A year later, the residents of Media Luna were rebelling against the Morales government in clashes that led to 20 deaths. A coup seemed imminent, and the opposition had the support of U.S. officials:
  • “[T]he United States was in regular communication with the leaders of the separatist opposition
  • Tensions only eased as other South American governments declared their support for Bolivia’s democratically-elected government.


US Begins Deployment of 300 Military Personnel to Cameroon for Surveillance

  • The United States has deployed 90 out of planned 300 military personnel to Cameroon to conduct airborne intelligence,  The personnel deployed to Cameroon will conduct airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations in the region,The UN Security Council (UNSC) condemned the terrorist attacks in Chad and Cameroon Obama said the US military personnel will remain in Cameroon “until their support is no longer needed.”


ISIS Is Coming: Why Militias in Libya Need to Unite—And Fast .

CIA Moves Wounded ISIS Head to Turkish Hospital After Iraq Air Attack

  • ISIL Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been transferred to Turkey for treatment through a series of coordination measures by the CIA after the notorious terrorist leader was severely injured in the Iraqi army’s airstrike on his convoy in Western Anbar province, 


Turkey Issues Ultimatum to US and Russia: “Stop Helping Kurds Fight ISIS

  • The Turkish prime minister,has warned the US and Russia against “unacceptable” military and political support for Syrian Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State in Syria.
  • Turkey earlier summoned the US and Russian envoys over the supply of arms and support for the Syrian Kurdish forces in their battle with Isis.


Russia Has Conducted 500 Airstrikes Against ISIS in Two Weeks

  • Russian outlet Ria Novosti is reporting that the terrorist group’s command centers, training camps, arms depots, comm centers, explosives factories and other key targets have been annihilated after some 500 airstrikes by Russian fighter jets in just the past 14 days.


NATO: Alliance, Russia Drills in Mediterranean Not to Cause Conflict

  • NATO military drills Trident Juncture are the largest the alliance has held in 20 years, Some 27 member states and 3 partner states are participating in the drills, with over 60 vessels involved,
  • “If there is a right political will, there is no reason to fear any incidents.


Russia Sends Its Only Aircraft Carrier To Syria, Signals It Is Just Getting Started

  •  There are reports that the Russia is sending its lone heavy aircraft carrier into the fight. This is only the ship’s sixth deployment in history. 
Heavy aircraft carrier , “Admiral Kuznetsov” is Russia’s only aircraft carrier, 
  • Here are some images:



Russia’s Aircraft Carrier Will Not Travel to Syria, Despite Media Reports

  • Russia’s only aircraft carrier, Kuznetsov, will head to the Barents Sea
  • The statement came amid media reports claiming Russia’s flagship aircraft carrier was on its way to Syria to assist the ongoing Russian airborne campaign against the ISIL militants.


Iran Sends “Thousands” Of Troops To Syria For Russian-Backed Assault On Key City


Syria Launches Massive Offensive Against SHRO Backed Terror Groups in Damascus

  • Syrian Armed Forces began a large-scale operation to free Jobar and Harasta, two eastern suburbs of the nation’s capital Damascus, from terrorists, a military source said.
  • The Syrian Human Rights Observatory (SHRO) propaganda operations inside Syria are centered here, coordinated carefully with shelling of civilian areas of Damascus.


US, Russia to hold military talks as Assad plans attack on Aleppo

  • Military commanders from Russia and the United States will hold another round of talks on Wednesday on how to stay out of each other’s way in the skies over Syria, as the Syrian army revealed plans for a large-scale attack on the Aleppo province.


Moscow Regrets US Refusal to Meet With Russian Delegation for Syria Talk

  • Russia regrets the United States’ decision not to meet with a Russian delegation to discuss the situation in Syria
  • “Any refusal… especially in such a sensitive situation, this refusal to engage in dialogue, it does not contribute to a speedy rescue of this country and the entire region from the so-called Islamic State.


US Offers Russia Partnership in Fighting ISIL if Moscow Abandons Assad

US ‘adjusts’ aid program to supply new rebel group in Syria

  • Washington has ‘adjusted’ its controversial program of aiding the Syrian rebels to vet commanders rather than individual fighters, and provide supplies instead of training. A new rebel group in northeastern Syria has emerged as a recipient of US aid.
  • As an example, he cited the airdrop of 50 tons of ammunition to the “Syrian Arab Coalition” (SAC), a 5,000-strong force of Arab insurgents in the east of Syria, which he said was fighting against Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS and ISIL) militants. The shipment consisted of small-arms ammunition, hand grenades, and rounds for mortars and rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers, he said.


CIA Rebrands ‘Moderate’ Rebels: Now They’re the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’!

“The Syrian Democratic Forces calls itself a unified national military, aimed at establishing a new democratic Syria. Members include Kurds, Arabs and Assyrian Christians.

  • The U.S. says it will provide its Democratic Forces with air support — even though it’s a clear violation of international law to conduct air strikes in a country that doesn’t want you there.


Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity Expert: Be Afraid, America. Be Very Afraid.

  •  there’s a type of cyber-attack that is far more destructive and can have far more lasting effects and yet rarely makes the news.
  • I’m talking about seizing control of industrial control systems. These ubiquitous hidden computers have gradually and quietly been put in charge of all manner of critical infrastructure—including nuclear power plants, the grid, water and gas pipelines, refineries, air traffic control, trains, factories, you name it.
  •  They don’t have screens or keyboards. Most people aren’t aware that they exist. And yet they are embedded in low-level processes. They are everywhere because they create tremendous efficiencies and cost savings, and because they exist almost as an afterthought, they are often completely insecure. They often don’t run anti-virus software and by and large no one bothers to scan them to see if they might be infected with malicious software. And guess what? They often are connected to the Internet where a clever hacker half a world away can get access to them!
  • .
  • In the face of these vulnerabilities our nation is woefully unprepared to defend itself. Nation-states such as Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea have the knowledge and capabilities to damage our critical infrastructures with cyber-attacks.