The Game Is Being Played Out In Front Of The World, Do You Want To Play? – Episode 1518

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The Game Is Being Played Out In Front Of The World, Do You Want To Play?
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CEO from financial institutions will begin to resign. We had Cohn, Lloyd Blankfein and other will begin to resign. China is not looking to have a trade war with the US. There are many reports implicating that the Fed communicates with other banks and leaks the news a head of time. This is to prove that the central bank and the banking system is working together. UK pushing the idea that the press is with the people and supports free speech, Assange came out and went off on them. Sergei Skripal has direct connection with the Clinton’s.  Tillerson was not kept in the loop regarding NK. NK has not had a nuclear test since Nov 2017. Iran is loaning Iraq 3 billion line of credit to rebuild. Trump is getting ready to clean house in Washington. Trump is preparing to breakup the 5 eyes. Next move will be Iran. The game is no being played, and the deep state is on the losing end of this game.

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Current News – 03.11.2018


Q, Goldman Sachs CEO stepping down, Executive Order doing damage?
 Tied to Cohn. It was not his choice. Pawn used.

Beijing: Trade War With US ‘to Bring Disaster to the Whole World

  • Speaking at a briefing on the sidelines of China’s annual parliamentary session, the country’s Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan has warned that there would be “no winners” in a trade war between Beijing and Washington.
    • “It would bring disaster to our two countries as well as the rest of the world,” he pointed out.
  • China does not wish to fight a trade war, nor will China initiate a trade war,


  • Back in 2015 there was a study by researchers at Duke University and the University of California at Berkeley pointing to quantitative evidence that The Fed consistently leaks non-public information about its meetings.
  • The study, first reported by The Daily Californian, considers historical patterns in stock prices relative to the distribution of non-public Fed information. “The Fed uses ‘informal communication channels’ on even-numbered weeks after FOMC meetings,” the report said, pointing to leaks making it into media stories such as the Wall Street Journal as well as showing up in private financial advice.
  • To support their claims, researchers point to private advice received by financial investors and news reports that contained non-public information discussed in FOMC meetings. “The informal communication can steer market expectations by engaging with private forecasters and newsletters that influence market inference of current and future policy,” the report stated, citing the goal of managing market expectations. “Informal communication facilitates learning by the Fed from the financial sector about how the Fed’s assessment of the economy compares to that of the financial sector and about how markets are likely to react to a particular policy decision.”

  • At the time, the report dovetailed with a recent insider trading investigation of the Fed, which was mentioned in the report.

We provide a list of Fed leaks of the FOMC outcome (or key determinants thereof) or the FOMC minutes to private financial institutions, again being constrained in seeing only the leaks that emerge in the public domain. The most well-known example is the October 3, 2012 leak to Medley Global Advisors (MGA), a policy intelligence firm. It is clear from that document that Regina Schleiger, the MGA analyst, had a copy of the FOMC minutes from the September 2012 FOMC meeting, which were due to be released the day after her article. In addition, she provides a step-by-step account of the policy debate among FOMC members ahead of the September 2012 FOMC meeting, information that goes beyond the content of the minutes.

Two things are notable about this example beyond the leak itself. First, it is informative that the analyst wrote the newsletter without a concern for the legality of extracting and conveying inside information to those who could trade ahead of the minute release announcement. One possible interpretation of this is that leaks are commonplace and not prosecuted. Second, the subsequent investigations of the MGA leak offers evidence of the systematic nature of informal communication between the Fed and the financial sector.

  • Three years later and still no prosecutions… and now a new report by University of Chicago Booth School of Business Ph.D. candidate David Finer, has exposed The Fed’s clear manipulation and rigging of financial markets through ‘leaked’ information. Finer found a jump in New York City taxi cab activity between the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and major Wall Street banks around the time of central bank policy meetings, and the study’s author says the findings suggest an increase in informal communications between Fed employees and individuals in the private sector could be occurring.
  • Mr. Finer used government-provided GPS coordinates, vehicle information and other travel data to track taxi traffic between the addresses of the New York Fed and major banks. His research pointed to increased traffic between the destinations around lunch and late evening hours, which suggested informal meetings were taking place.

  • “The paper does not say anything illegal is happening,” Mr. Finer said in an interview. But “the pattern of interactions suggest these meetings are happening, and there’s the potential for information to be shared” between Fed employees and those in the private sector at these types of gatherings, he said.
  • “Their geography, timing and passenger counts are consistent with an increase in planned meetings causally linked to the incidence of monetary-policy activities,” he wrote. “I find highly statistically significant evidence of increases in meetings at the New York Fed late at night and in off-site meetings during typical lunch hours,” which is suggestive of “informal or discreet communication.”
  • The time surrounding the signing of Dodd-Frank saw a shocking rise in bilateral commercial-bank, Fed travel...
  • As a reminder, just last year, then Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker stepped down after revealing he had accidentally confirmed sensitive information about a Fed bond-buying program to a financial information firm and then failed to report the disclosure.



  • Wikileaks founder Julian Assange lashed out at the UK government over Twitter on Friday after Britain’s official UN account (UK Mission to the United Nations) tweeted “A free and independent media fulfils a vital role in holding the powerful to account and giving a voice to the powerless,” with a link to a puff piece waxing eloquent over the UK’s commitment to free speech.

  • Assange – apparently not included in the UK’s definition of “free and independent media” (facing arrest and detention should he leave the Embassy), fired off a stunning reply – claiming that the UK’s has spent roughly twice as much spying on him as it has on their entire international human rights program.

“And that is exactly why you have detained me without charge for eight years in violation of two UN rulings and spent over 20 million pounds spying on me you hypocritical mother fuckers. Your entire international human rights programme is £10.6m you pathetic frauds.”


  • Assange then followed up with “Remember how I exposed your secret deal to put Saudi Arabia on the Human Rights Council?” referring to a 2015 vote-trading deal in which the UK approached Saudi Arabia in secret, promising it a seat on the UN Human Rights Council in exchange for council support.
  • Assange replied: “Attacked? By what? The truth? It’s entirely your own fault, Eric. Thanks to your unconstitutional grand jury against @WikiLeaks you left me with nothing to do but work 24/7, in harsh  conditions, for years–and I’m good, very good, at my job.”


The poisoning of Sergei Skripal leads right to Hillary Clinton and the DNC

  • What did Skripal know about the Steele dossier?
  • On Wednesday, The Telegraph revealed Col Sergei Skripal, the Russian double agent who was poisoned in Salisbury, England last weekend, is linked to dossier author Christopher Steele.
  • The Telegraph revealed that Sergei Skripal, the Russian “double agent” who was poisoned in Salisbury, England last week, has ties to Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous anti-Trump dossier and former British spy, who is tied to Fusion GPS, which is directly connected to the DNC and Hillary Clinton.
  • All of this begs the question, was Skripal the latest victim of the Clinton mafia’s murder machine?
  • The poisoning was carried out in a sloppy and amateurish fashion, and screams of a private contractor, knowing that the UK government (and blowhards like Boris Johnson) would immediately link this to a state (Russia) sponsored attack.

Who had the most to gain from his assassination?

Skripal worked for Deep State Christopher Steele’s group linked to the phony Russia dossier.

Steele worked for the Hillary Campaign and DNC in 2016 and joined Deep State officials in their contempt of Republican Donald Trump.

It was Steele’s bogus dossier that the corrupt FBI-DOJ leaders used to spy on Trump, his family, his associates, his transition team and his administration.

So what did Skripal know about the Steele dossier?

The Gateway Pundit adds…

Police have called in the British military to help investigate the attempted murders.

The assassination attempts come amid reports that Steele knew that the Clinton campaign was footing the bill for the anti-Trump dossier and yet the FBI never included this information in its FISA court application for Carter Page.

Steele, who was tasked with compiling the ‘Trump dossier’ for opposition research firm Fusion GPS, has admitted in court that the discredited document contains “limited intelligence.”


We are now getting intel that Sessions has appointed someone outside of DC (long ago) to investigate.  The investigation is in process.


US Secretary of State Tillerson Ill, Cancels Africa Tour Events

  • US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has fallen ill while on tour in Africa and has cancelled several events on his diplomatic schedule.
  • Tillerson, currently on a round of diplomatic visits to the governments of Kenya, Chad, Nigeria, Djibouti and Ethiopia, was announced by US state department representatives to have fallen ill on Saturday in Nairobi,
  • “The secretary is not feeling well after a long couple days working on major issues back home such as North Korea,” stated undersecretary of State for public diplomacy and public affairs Steve Goldstein, while on tour with Tillerson.
  • Goldstein added that, “some events will go ahead without [Tillerson], while they are looking at the possibility of rescheduling others,”  


Tillerson Not Told about Trump Meeting with Kim Until After Announcement…

Trump tweet about China reveals a bit of backstory about North Korean progress


Iran offers USD 3 billion credit line for Iraq’s rebuilding

  • Iran is ready to allocate a credit line of $3 billion for Iraq’s post-war reconstruction, media reports said on Saturday.
  •  The credit line will be given so that “Iranian companies and its private sector can have a more serious cooperation in rebuilding Iraq,” Xinhua quoted Iran’s first Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri as saying.


Der Spiegel investigation: No proof for fantastic claim of hundreds of Russians killed in US Syria strikes

  • On February 7th the US bombed the Syrian army and allied forces in eastern Syria. The Americans claimed they had killed about 100 fighters, presumably mostly Syrians.Yet in the coming days and weeks in the various corners of the internet, including on pages of Reuters and Bloomberg, there was talk of 200-300 Russian citizens killed in US Deir Ezzor strikes.How come?What really happened was that that anti-Putin Russians, liberals and nationalists alike, latched onto the credible reports that some Russians were among the dead and in the days that followed blew it out of all proportions, claiming that hundreds, possibly as many as 600 Russians had been killed in that one US airstrike.Observing this the western media then started to echo their claims (and quietly gloated), albeit as said Pentagon itself only ever claimed their strike had killed about 100 people.Well, Der Spiegel did actual journalistic legwork, talking to survivors on the ground and found no corroborating evidence for such claims. In fact all the evidence points that no more than 10-20 Russian (or other former Soviet) fighters were killed: ,  


Syrian rebels considering Ghouta evacuation deal: Rebel official

  •  rebel-held town were considering a possible evacuation offer.


Clearing up the propaganda from  reality. lets go back in time. 

  1. Lets look at NK, the corporate media repeadly broadcast how we were getting ready for war, plan were drawn up etc.
  2. In the background talks between Russia, US, China, NK and SK were being held. The freeze, freeze plan was put into place.

1. Trump fire missiles at an empty airbase, the missiles were stopped by Russia and most never reached their targets. The base opened for business in the next hour or so

2. The Corporate media was going on and on about an invasion into Syria, false

3. The rebel program was discontinued, funding was stopped

4. Trump gives the arms forces control, the armed forces will not choose the IS targets. Before OBama would tell them what targets to hit. This is why the IS was gaining ground

5. Kurd army funding was stopped

6. The troops that are entering into Syria are paid mercenaries, US troops will be withdrawn from this area.


  • President Trump is said to be cleaning house,    Trump is “tired of being reined in,” and is ready to clean the slate in the West Wing to his liking.  
  • ave been furious at th



Five Eyes is VERY important. It won’t be around much longer. Relevant here but not the focus. Q
The United Kingdom – United States of America Agreement (UKUSA, /juːkˈsɑː/ ew-koo-SAH)[1][2] is a multilateral agreement for cooperation in signals intelligence between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The alliance of intelligence operations is also known as the Five Eyes.[3][4][5][6][7] In classification markings this is abbreviated as FVEY, with the individual countries being abbreviated as AUS, CAN, NZL, GBR, and USA, respectively.[
Five eyes is basically a group of countries asking each other to spy on one another’s citizens so that they can skirt their own privacy laws. Which is treason,