The Market Crash Is A Small Glimpse Of The Economic Disaster Heading Our Way – Episode 750

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UBS trims the Euro zone growth, expects hard times ahead. US Gov sponsored consumer confidence high, non sponsored consumer confidence declining rapidly. Manufacturing declining rapidly. The stock market pumped up but fell to 200 points there is no recovery. The market crash is small glimpse of the economic disaster heading our way.Home prices miss in June, Case-Shiller warn more than one rate hike by The Fed (or a stock market plunge) will stymie housing considerably. Political correctness is controlled speech. British spying worse the George Orwell 1984. Ukraine cuts electricity imports off from Russia. US ships B-52’s to Guam for the upcoming war. Boko Haram sends militants to Libya, get ready for the US and coalition forces to invade. Spain warning the world of the next false flag event.

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Current News – 08.25.2015


UBS trims Eurozone growth forecasts but says recovery still on track

  • UBS made some modest downgrades to its Eurozone growth forecasts on Monday, but insisted the recovery is still on track.
  • The Swiss bank cut its gross domestic product forecast to 1.4% from 1.6% for 2015, and to 1.9% from 2% for 2016,


US Consumer Confidence Is Both The Highest & Lowest In 2015 Depending On Who You Ask 

  • According to the government-sponsored Conference Board, US Consumer Confidence soared from 91.0 to 101.5 – 2015 highs – in August.
  • Acording to non-government-sponsored Gallup, US Consumer’s Economic Outlook collapsed to its lowest in a year.
  • You decide…

  • The Conference Board data is driven by a surge in Present Situation from 104 to 115.1 – its highest in the cycle – as it appears higher gas prices, tumbling stocks, and a China meltdown means everything is awesome!! Which is odd because Plans To Buy A Home, Auto or Major Appliance all tumbled.
  • As Gallup explains,
 this latest average was the result of 37% of Americans saying the economy is “getting better” and 58% saying it is “getting worse.”

US Services Economy “Momentum Shifts Down A Gear”, Slides Back Towards 2015 Lows

  • Services PMIdipped from 55.7 to 55.2 – back towards the lowest levels of 2015. Markit notes, “underlying momentum within the U.S. economy had shifted down a gear even before the recent global market turmoil 


CNH Industrial plant – 34

Runkeeper – 30% of Staff Last Week

Royal DSM NV – 900 to 1,100 Worldwide

Boeing – 100’s of Layoff in Satellite Business Possible

Update: NJ A&P Grocery Store – 8,648 Layoffs Nov? 

Richmond Fed Manufacturing Collapses To 2015 Lows, Drops Most In 9 Years

  • The 3-month bounce in the Richmond Fed Manufacturing survey… is dead. From 13 in July, August saw it collapse to 0 (massivley missing expectations of a 10 print). This is the biggest absolute drop in the index since May 2006.  Shipments plunging, New Orders cliff-diving, order backlogs disappearing and Capacity Utilization plunging. This is exactly what we would expect after a massive inventory build up that was not accompanied by a surge in sales...


Baltic Dry Index falls to 942, down 26

Case-Shiller Home Prices Dip In June, Miss For 3rd Month In A Row

  • Home prices rose 4.97% YoY in June, according to Case-Shiller’s 20-City index, missing expectations for the 3rd month in a row. Price appreciation has now been flat for 5 months – despite surging home sales –  San Francisco saw price depreciation once again. Portland amd Denver saw the most appreciation in June.  Case-Shiller warn more than one rate hike by The Fed (or a stock market plunge) will stymie housing considerably..


How Much Longer Can The Record New Home Sales-To-Price Divergence Continue 

  • the US Census Bureau reported the latest, July, new residential sales data, which at 507K, was a modest miss to expectations of 501K, June’s 481K,
  • the biggest surprise is not in the volumes of new homes sold, but the ongoing gaping divergence between volumes and prices.


Gold Slammed Back Below Key Technical Support

  • Since ‘everything is awesome’ once again,  Gold futures have been hammered below their 50-day moving-average this morning as the USD rises…
  • Gold down on heavy volume…





  • President Obama insisted that the American economy is strong, even after $1.8 trillion in wealth vanished out of American households as a result of the stock market sell-off Monday.
  • But Obama painted a rosy economic picture during a fundraiser last night with wealthy Democrats in a Las Vegas suburb.


BTFD (buy the failed dip)

  • Six of the ten largest point gains in the history of the stock market occurred between September 2008 and March 2009.That’s right.
  • During one of the greatest market collapses in history, the market soared by 5% to 11% in one day, six times. Here are the data points:
  • 2008-10-13: +936.42
  • 2008-10-28: +889.35
  • 2008-11-13: +552.59
  • 2009-03-23: +497.48
  • 2008-11-21: +494.13
  • 2008-09-30: +485.21


Aug 1929 355
Sep 1929 335

May 2008  13000
July 2008 11000
Aug 2008 11800

Aug 2015 18100
Aug 2015 16000

Marc Faber: The Global Economy Is Entering An Epic Slump

  •  Marc Faber, predicts the next year is going to be an especially bruising one for investors, and recommends a combination of diversification and defense for those with financial capital to protect:

I do not believe that the global economy is healing. I believe that the global economy is heading into a slump once again.

If the global economy were doing so fantastically well, how would it be that commodities collapsed to the extent that they have declined?

Preceding every bubble, you have a huge expansion of credit.That was the case in the period ’97 to 2000, and in the period 2003 to 2007, and on previous occasions in economic history. .  the American market complex is not doing well at the present time. And everywhere, people basically are faced with rising costs of living and essentially declining currencies



Political correctness gone mad: University of NH declares “American” to be offensive, along with every other English adjective

  •  political correctness theory running amok, you need look no further than America’s  university system.we have reached new levels of absurditythe University of New Hampshire.In late July, news reports surfaced regarding a “Bias-Free Language Guide” posted on the UNH website. The online guide consisted of recommendations to avoid using “problematic” terms, such as “American,” “illegal aliens” and “senior citizen”. These are just a few examples
  • Words you can’t use anymore
  • American: This is problematic because it “assumes the U.S. is the only country inside [the continents of North and South America].The guide recommends using the less offensive terms “U.S. citizen” or “Resident of the U.S.”
  • Healthy: This word is problematic because it is biased against those whom we used to call “handicapped” (but you shouldn’t use “handicapped” anymore, either – the new, preferred term is “person who is wheelchair mobile”). Instead of healthy, we should now say “non-disabled.”
  • Poor: It is no longer PC to call someone “poor.” Instead, we should adopt the phrase “person who lacks advantages that others have” or “low economic status related to a person’s education, occupation and income.
  • “Mothering” is no longer PC


Police State

Mile Markers On The Road To Fascism

Submitted by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”—Martin Luther King Jr.

  • There’s an ill will blowing across the country. The economy is tanking. The people are directionless, and politics provides no answer. And like former regimes, the militarized police have stepped up to provide a façade of law and order manifested by an overt violence against the citizenry.
  • It’s gotten so bad that you don’t even have to be suspected of possessing drugs to be subjected to a strip search.
  • In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Florence v. Burlison, any person who is arrested and processed at a jail house, regardless of the severity of his or her offense (i.e., they can be guilty of nothing more than a minor traffic offense), can be subjected to a strip search by police or jail officials without reasonable suspicion that the arrestee is carrying a weapon or contraband.
  • Examples of minor infractions which have resulted in strip searches include: individuals arrested for driving with a noisy muffler, driving with an inoperable headlight, failing to use a turn signal, riding a bicycle without an audible bell, making an improper left turn, engaging in an antiwar demonstration. 
  • It must be remembered that the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was intended to prevent government agents from searching an individual’s person or property without a warrant and probable cause (evidence that some kind of criminal activity was afoot). While the literal purpose of the amendment is to protect our property and our bodies from unwarranted government intrusion, the moral intention behind it is to protect our human dignity.
  • Indeed, not only are we developing a new citizenry incapable of thinking for themselves, we’re also instilling in them a complete and utter reliance on the government and its corporate partners to do everything for them—tell them what to eat, what to wear, how to think, what to believe, how long to sleep, who to vote for, whom to associate with, and on and on.


British surveillance state ‘worse than Orwell’s 1984’ – UN privacy chief

  • UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy Joseph Cannataci has described Britain’s oversight of surveillance as a “bad joke” and said the situation is worse than anything author George Orwell imagined in his novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”
  • Cannataci singled out the UK over even the US as the worst country in the west for regulating state surveillance



Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice headed for China

  • National Security Adviser Susan Rice is headed for China to help lay the groundwork for President Xi Jinping’s visit to Washington next month.


Bulgaria to stage military drills near Macedonian border amid worsening refugee crisis

  • Bulgaria will stage military drills near the Macedonian border as a “preventative” measure, the nation’s defense ministry says. It comes as the country’s neighbors face an influx of migrants trying to make their way to the EU’s borderless Schengen zone.
  • this year.


  •  “The import of electricity from Russia on August 24 at 21:00 Moscow time was zero megawatts (the target value is 50 megawatts),” the Ukrainian company said.
  • Earlier, Ukrainian Energy Minister Volodymyr Demchyshyn set the task of curtailing the import of electricity from Russia altogether. At the same time he did not rule out import in case of emergencies.


Kiev reorganizes 22 military brigades in Donbas, plans to create 12 more

  •  the strength of Ukraine’s army has been set at 250,000. In the east of Ukraine the required defense groups have been deployed. The 22 existing brigades have been reorganized and twelve new brigades are about to be formed. Under state defense contracts the army has received more than 1,300 pieces of military equipment,” .


Yatseniuk: Ukraine will take Crimea back, occupiers will be tried in court

  •  Ukrainian authorities will return to Crimea [what was] destroyed by Russia the law, freedoms, the rights of the Crimean Tatars, national minorities and human dignity. And those who seized Crimea, who sent terrorists to Donetsk and Luhansk, will be convicted by international courts and history,”


‘Minsk peace deal on Ukraine must be respected’ – Merkel after talks with Poroshenko

  • “The first and foremost condition is that everything is done to make the ceasefire agreement a reality. The task at hand means that what we agreed in Minsk has to be respected,” Chancellor Angela Merkel
  • The German leader said that Poroshenko has assured her of Kiev’s commitment to withdrawing weaponry from the front line of the conflict – and a readiness to pull back weapons under 100mm in caliber.
  • Poroshenko’s visit most likely served as a public relations stunt amid serious domestic economic problems. It could also mean he is seeking to gain backing for a new military operation in eastern Ukraine.
  • “I think Petro Poroshenko is just trying to get additional public support for what he’s being prepared to do, inside and outside Ukraine: 


Kiev says Ukrainian, French, German leaders laid down “red lines” for Russia

  • Talks between leaders of Germany, France and Ukraine in Berlin on Monday focused on “red lines” Russia must not cross,
  • “It is very important that we have discussed red lines that, if crossed, could prompt a resolute reaction from the international community, including the European Union, and this refers not only to sanctions,deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential administration,


US step up war games with Russia as FOUR more stealth fighters sent to Europe

  • F-22 fighter jets will be flown to Europe soon as part of the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI), US Air Force Secretary Deborah James confirmed this evening.
  • But British and American officials are remaining cagey about the exact date or location of the deployment, prompting speculation some of the jets could be based in the UK.


US deploys three B-2 Bombers to Guam amid Korea tensions

  • The Pentagon is deploying three B-2 nuclear-capable bombers to the Pacific island of Guam amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh said on Monday.


US rules out opening embassy in Iran after UK move

  • U.S. announced Monday that it has “no intention” to reopen an embassy in Tehran, just one day after United Kingdom reopened its diplomatic mission in the Iranian capital.


Lebanon premier warns of economic collapse amid political crisis

  • Lebanese prime minister Tammam Salam said the government may be unable to pay wages next month amid a political


Boko Haram sends militants to ISIS in Libya as map shows horror plan for global domination

  • The Nigerian-based fanatics have dispatched up to 200 heavily armed troops to bolster ISIS forces in north Africa in a terrifying sign of the growing alliance between the two feared groups.


‘Don’t vote on Syria airstrikes until Iraq report is published’ – senior Tory MP

  • Parliament should not vote on military action against Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria until the Chilcot Inquiry’s report into the 2003 invasion of Iraq has been published, a senior Tory MP has warned David Cameron.


False Flags


  • There are around 800 Islamist extremists across Europe who have returned from Iraq and Syria and are ready to strike at any moment, Spanish counter-terror sources have warned.
  • They added that around 800 others across Europe had recently returned from the warzone and were “awaiting instructions” to carry out a terror attack.