The Movement Challenged Their Forced Narrative, Now Patriots Unleash Their Weapon – Episode 1879

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The Movement Challenged Their Forced Narrative, Now Patriots Unleash Their Weapon
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The [CB] will not give up, they are pushing to have a second referendum, they are pushing their narrative that this is what the people want, but it is exactly the opposite of what the people want. Economic confidence in the US is at an all time high, housing prices level off and start to decline. The MSM had no choice, they had to admit the economy is doing well, the patriots are in control. Back in 1994 BC, JB pushed the crime bill, a complete disaster, Trump reversed the crime bill. Obama snooping on journalist is worse than originally thought. Judge Contreras who recused himself from Flynn’s case is involved in multiple FISA abuses. Joe D pushing disinformation or real information, his job, throw off the [DS]. Joe D says a war is coming between the patriots truth and propaganda. Steele will not testify, will not cooperate. The patriots have their weapon on the ready, the patriots are ready to unleash it, and when it is unleashed it will bring the country together.

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Current News – 05.28.2019

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Poll Reveals Majority of Tories Voted Brexit Party, Hunt Would Freeze out Farage from Negotiations 

  • The majority (53 per cent) of those who voted for the Conservative Party in the 2017 General Election voted for the Brexit Party in Thursday’s EU election, a poll has revealed.
  • The Lord Ashcroft survey of 10,000 voters published Monday also found that 52 per cent of those who voted Tory in the last General Election and who switched to the Brexit Party would stay with the Brexit Party in the next national parliamentary vote, with only one in three (32 per cent) saying they would vote Tory again.
  • As a result, a number of Tory MPs have announced their candidacy, including foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, the Remain-voting minister who says he has since changed his mind on Brexit.
  •   Mr Hunt said that he wanted to “solve the Brexit crisis” that could result in the “destruction of our party system and the end of my own party”.
  • The foreign secretary said that while he “always believed we should keep no deal on the table” and that the UK economy would “flourish” after the initial “shock” of no deal, he said that the “only way” to deliver Brexit is to go back to the intransigent negotiators in Brussels and try to renegotiate Mrs May’s unpopular EU-approved withdrawal treaty rather than leave without a deal on October 31st.
  • His endeavours reveal an entire misreading of the European Parliament election results, with the Lord Ashcroft poll revealing that the majority of Brexit Party voters — 67 per cent of which came from the GE2017 Tories — back leaving the EU in a clean, no deal by two votes to one (67 per cent).
  • Mr Hunt further isolated Brexiteers from his party by refusing to engage the support of Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage in his proposed Brussels re-negotiations.
  • He’s not in Parliament and he does not want a deal. Nigel Farage wants to exit without a deal,” said the foreign secretary,


After Losing EU Elections to Brexit Party, Labour Moves Toward Second Referendum<

  • Case-Shiller’s March home price index showed yet another deceleration in growth – the 12 months in a row of slowing equals the 2014 growth scare’s length but is the weakest growth since July 2012.
  • After February’s 20-City Composite 3.00% YoY print, expectations were for 2.55% growth in March and it surprised very modestly with a 2.68% YoY print (still the lowest in 7 years)…

  • Nationally, home-price gains slowed to a 3.7% pace.
  • While all 20 cities in the index showed year-over-year gains, five were below 2%: Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle, which a year ago posted a 13% increase. Las Vegas led the nation in March with an 8.2% gain, followed by Phoenix.


  • Americans’ confidence in consumption was expected to extend April’s modest rebound but instead it soared in May, led by a big surge in consumers’ view of the present situation.
  • Headline Consumer confidence in May rose to 134.1 vs. 129.2 prior month.
  • Present situation confidence rose to 175.2 vs. 169.0 last month – highest since Dec 2000


Americans Recognize Trump’s Responsibility for Booming Economy Despite Fake News Barrage

  • Even CBS News can’t skew the poll numbers against Trump any longer!
  •  Trump’s impact on the economy has been substantial, and the American public is realizing Trump’s success despite detractors in the media and think-tank class slamming his economic policies constantly.
  • According to a CBS News poll, seven in 10 Americans believe the economy is in solid shape with a quarter of Americans saying the economy is very good. More Americans are understanding Trump’s role in approving the economy, in a sharp increase from last year.
  • Trump has not only made the Democrats look foolish, but has also baffled the free trade consensus of the Republican Party. Their predictions of economic doom surrounding his tariffs have not come to pass.
  • Lets look at some the texts from economist and financial pundits.
  •  So none of their dire predictions have come to fruition as the Trump economy keeps growing.
  • Trump is in the process of making America great and prosperous again, and he is doing it by defying the [CB] and the globalists.



Trump assails Biden over ‘Super Predator’ crime bill 25 years on

The 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which Biden helped craft as a senator, created “three strikes” mandatory life sentences for repeat offenders and increased prison funding by about $10 billion, among other provisions. Criminal justice reform advocates have condemned the law.

  • At the time of the passage of the bill, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, Biden served as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and was instrumental in getting the legislation onto then President Bill Clinton’s desk and signed into law. Take a listen to joe biden..

Trump responded to Biden with a tweet

  • Trump then went after Biden directly.
  • The 1994 crime bill overhauled the criminal justice system, funding an additional 100,000 police officers and providing $14 billion more in grants for community policing. While crime rates in the U.S. largely dropped after the bill was passed, critics say the legislation led to an era of mass incarceration that heavily affected black communities.


Obama Administration’s Snooping on Journalists’ Phone Records Broader Than Previously Known

  • The Justice Department’s seizing of journalists’ phone records during the administration of President Barack Obama was more extensive than previously reported, recently released documents show.
  • In 2013, The Associated Press raised the alarm after the Justice Department (DOJ) informed the news service that it had subpoenaed and obtained the records—not including content of the calls—of 21 mobile phones and land lines, including home numbers assigned to AP journalists, and their offices.
  • But the DOJ had, in fact, issued 30 subpoenas for records of 30 phone lines “it believed to be those of The Associated Press reporters and editors,” according to a 2014 report by the DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).
  • The report was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the Knight First Amendment Institute (KFAI) at Columbia University and the Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF).


Obama Appointed FISA Court Judge Contreras Who Recused Himself from Gen. Flynn Case Reportedly Involved in Multiple FISA Court Abuses

  • FISA Court judge Rudolph Contreras who oversaw General Flynn’s case is friends with corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok who set up General Flynn in the White House.
  • The judge is now reportedly involved in fraudulent warrants in front of the FISA Court.
  • Every single judge on the FISA Court as of March 2017 was appointed during Obama’s Presidency!
  • Chief Justice John Roberts has been in his role since 2005 and therefore he has appointed all the judges to the FISA court.  Judge Roberts is famous for supporting Obamacare in two radical positions, one of which Justice Antonin Scalia, in his withering dissent, refered to as “applesauce”.  Knowing this, it is concerning that Judge Roberts also is responsible for the makeup of the current FISA court.
  • In a text message chain from Page to Strzok on July, 25, 2016 she writes, “Rudy is on the FISC! Did you know that? Just appointed two months ago.” At that point, the pair continues to discuss other issues but comes back to Contrares, “I did. We talked about it before and after. I need to get together with him.” Then later Strzok appears to return to his discussion about Contreras.
  • Strzok and Judge Contreras were buddies
  • Now we know that Judge Contreras is involved in numerous FISA Court abuses.
  • Former US Attorney Joe diGenova was on the air a week ago and he shared this (starting at 11:45 in the audio below): take a listen
  • General Flynn was set up.  There is much that we still don’t know.  The exact reason for corrupt Judge Contreras to recuse himself from the Flynn case is still unknown.  We don’t know why he did it or who asked him to recuse himself.


Joe diGenova: John Huber Investigation of Clinton Foundation is a Farce – Never Even Started

  • Former US Attorney Joe diGenova says that the Huber investigation into the Clinton Foundation is a farce.  Huber hasn’t even interviewed the top witness in the case whom diGenova represents!
  • John Huber is the special prosecutor tapped by former AG Jeff Sessions to investigate FISA abuses by Obama’s DOJ/FBI.  Sessions nominated Huber to perform this investigation after numerous calls for a special investigation into the Clinton Foundation and the Deep State.
  • Mark Meadows (R-NC), Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Doug Collins (R-GA) sent a letter to special prosecutor John Huber on January 8th demanding answers by a January 21st deadline.
  • “Your investigation has been ongoing for over nine months. During the course of our extensive investigation we have interviewed more than a dozen current and former DOJ and FBI personnel, and were surprised to hear none of these potentially informative witnesses testified to speaking with you,” the GOP lawmakers wrote.
  • Currently there are three investigations going on regarding the Deep State and Obama/Clinton crimes – the Huber investigation, the DOJ IG Horowitz investigations into FISA abuse and a separate investigation into James Comey and the most recent investigation set up by AG Barr in Connecticut led by John Durham.
  • Former US Attorney Joe diGenova said this about the three investigations (starting at around the 9 minute mark in audio below) –

Huber was supposed to be investigating leaks and a bunch of other things.  He stopped his investigation because of Horowitz so he’s a useless appendage who’s done nothing.  In fact, he’s supposed to be investigating Uranium One and yet he never contacted our law firm and we represent the key informant in the case, Doug Campbell.  So go figure!

And finally Durham, he’s the real McCoy.  He’s doing what Barr asked him to do which is get to the bottom of everything, empanel a grand jury, if necessary, turn indictments, if necessary.

The big question is whether Horowitz will put on his big boy pants and do something different than when he did the Page – Strzok thing, where he laid out all of his evidence of bias and then he said that there’s no evidence that [this] affected decisions.  What a bunch of crap!

I mean he basically went dead to help the institution of the FBI and senior people at the DOJ.  If he does that again, in the FISA thing, if I were the Attorney General, I’d fire him!


  • Huber and the former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, should be brought before a grand jury and investigated for their actions in obstructing justice.
  • The American people are very angry about all that is going on in DC.  We want OUR country back!  We DEMAND justice


RE: Joe DiGenova’s comments on Wray & Huber. If what I’m seeing prophetically is correct, think mirror. a) Objects are closer than they appear. b) Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.




James Comey, Director – FIRED
Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director – FIRED
Jim Rybicki, Chief of Staff and Senior Counselor – FIRED
James Baker, General Counsel – FIRED
Bill Priestap, Director of Counterintelligence (Strzok’s boss) – Cooperating witness [power removed]
Peter Strzok, Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence – FIRED
Lisa Page, Office of General Counsel – FIRED/FORCED
Mike Kortan, Assistant Director for Public Affairs – FIRED
Josh Campbell, Special Assistant to Comey – FIRED
Michael Steinbach –
John Glacalone –
Randy Coleman –
Trisha Anderson –
Kevin Clinesmith –
Tashina Gauhar –
Sally Moyer –
David Laufman, Chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section [NAT SECHRC email invest] – FIRED/FORCE
John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General – Head of DOJ’s National Security Division – FIRED/FORCED
Sally Yates, Deputy Attorney General & Acting Attorney General – FIRED
Mary McCord, Acting Assistant Attorney General – Acting Head of DOJ’s National Security Division – FIRED/FORCED
Bruce Ohr, Associate Deputy Attorney General – Demoted 2x – cooperating witness [power removed] – TERMINATION IMMINENT
Rachel Brand, Associate Attorney General – No. 3 official behind Deputy AG Rosenstein – FIRED/FORCED
Nothing to See Here.
The “Experts”
But… SESSIONS should appoint a 2nd SC in DC aka THE CORRUPT SWAMP
But… SESSIONS should appoint a 2nd SC in DC aka THE CORRUPT SWAMP [team of less than 20 typically] & wait 2-4 years [take a gamble]
But… SESSIONS should appoint a 2nd SC in DC aka THE CORRUPT SWAMP because unlike the CLINTON EMAIL CORRUPT CASE [as demonstrated by the FBI/DOJ people FIRED/REMOVED] this will be conducted faithfully and honestly [like MUELLER]
But… HUBER has not ‘directly’ interviewed several witnesses therefore the appointment of HUBER by SESSIONS [and therefore the IG] is not genuine
But… SESSIONS & HUBER are following standard DOJ open/ongoing investigation policy by not discussing [making public] so therefore nothing must be happening [FIRE SESSIONS!]
But… HUBER [ability to prosecute + empanel a grand jury outside of DC [90%+ voted HRC (2016)], who already began the investigation(s) late last year w/ assigned team of 470 investigators (attorneys) + IG + legal jurisdiction across all 50 states, is not a ‘special counsel’ so therefore nothing is being done
But… POTUS is attacking SESSIONS via TWITTER so therefore he is not working on behalf of the people’s interest (or POTUS’) [D’s/LEFT LOVE/TRUST SESSIONS!]
But… interestingly, if nothing is being done behind the scenes, why are so many FBI & DOJ senior officials being FIRED and/or REMOVED from their respective positions of power? Who is AG? Who must sign off on each removal? DOJ in charge of FBI?
But… interestingly, if nothing is being done behind the scenes, why are there 50,000+ sealed indictments across the US [what % = USA v. X?]? Coincidence vs. HUBER start?
But… interestingly, if nothing is being done behind the scenes, why are many ‘powerful’ CEOs, members of Congress/ Senate, resigning? Coincidence? Example: Pre_POTUS did the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE indicate wanting to leave politics?
But… interestingly, if nothing is being done behind the scenes, why are human trafficking arrests SURGING?
Clickbait & opinions vs logical thinking.
Direct communication necessary.
Trust yourself.
Think for yourself.
SESSIONS‘ forced release of name [HUBER] to House created another variable.
Use Logic.
Why would we tell you the plan if in doing so also alerts those who we are actively engaged in HUNTING?
You are witnessing, first-hand, the demise of those in power [OLD GUARD].
Those who push simply have no grasp of reality.
Those who push simply do not understand warfare tactics.
Emotions cloud judgement.
Emotions cloud logic.
You have more than you know.
Securing the SENATE meant EVERYTHING.
Securing the SC meant EVERYTHING.
[Avoided Z]
We, the PEOPLE.
Do you think all these attacks on ‘Q’ (We, the People) is simply for a person on the internet who they label as a conspiracy?
Think for yourself.
Trust yourself.
Research for yourself.
Be in control of yourself.
NEVER let someone else DRIVE YOU.
Those who try to DRIVE YOU are not your friend.


BREAKING: Dossier Author Christopher Steele Refuses to Cooperate with US Attorney John Durham in His Investigation Into Origins of Spygate

  • Christopher Steele, who was paid by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to compile a 35-page dossier smearing Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign is refusing to cooperate with US Attorney John Durham in his investigation into the origins of Spygate.

BARR: New York Is Changing The Law To Go After Trump

  • You can’t be tried twice for the same offense. The concept of being free from “double jeopardy” is a right that has been recognized in law for thousands of years.
  •  the New York General Assembly has decided to weaken the protection against double jeopardy heretofore enjoyed by those within its borders.
  • First, a note of background.
  • In our federal system of governing, power is shared between the federal and the several state governments, with each constituting a separate and legal “sovereign” empowered and entitled to enforce its code of criminal law; even if doing so places an individual at risk of a successive prosecution for the same offense. Notwithstanding what appears on its face to be an exercise in “double jeopardy,” the U.S. Supreme Court has long permitted the practice (but a case currently before the High Court for decision could change that).
  • However, recognizing the fundamental unfairness resulting from this application of “dual sovereignty,” many states, including New York, have enacted laws that prevent state prosecutors from bringing criminal charges against a person if that individual had previously been convicted of the offense by the federal government. But last week, in a fit of partisan pique, New York’s heavily Democratic legislature decided to limit that protection by passing a measure that Gov. Andrew Cuomo —is certain to sign into law.
  •   the legislation permits prosecutors in the Empire States to bring criminal charges against a person already convicted under federal law — but who otherwise would be shielded from state prosecution in New York


WE’RE IN A “FULL SCALE WAR” – Joe diGenova Goes Off on “Enemy of the People” FBI Director Chris Wray (Audio)

  • Former US Attorney Joe diGenova said that the US is in a “full scale war”.  President Trump and his Attorney General William Barr stand for justice against the corrupt FBI, Intel agencies, Democrats and the far left media complex.

Joe D said the following Let me tell you exactly what’s going on here.  This is very important for the listener.

When Bill Barr became Attorney General the President said, “See what you can do, see if you can get to the bottom of what happened  during the campaign.”

Bill Barr tried to do that and you will recall from his interview with FOX, he said he now had more questions than he had when he started.  Chris Wray the current FBI Director was stonewalling the current Attorney General Bill Barr on disclosure of certain information about FBI conduct.  It got very, very heated, so and, Gina Haspel, the current CIA Director, was also resisting disclosure of certain information.

Barr got fed up, went to the President, and said, “I can’t answer your question, and here’s why.”

The President said fine.  Twenty-four hours later the order came out.  This is a full scale war between the Attorney General of the United States and believe it or not, another FBI Director who thinks he’s James Comey. 

Christopher Wray is a disaster.  He’s an unmitigated disaster…

You are watching the quintessential Washington power battle.  Here’s the problem for the agencies, the FBI and the CIA.  They have one distinct disadvantage.  They can leak to the Post and the Times but they do not have subpoena power and Bill Barr does.

We are headed for a gigantic, gigantic fight.  The intelligence community, including the FBI is in full resistance in disclosing what they did during the Presidential campaign…. Christopher Wray is now standing in the way of history.  Make no mistake about it, Christopher Wray has become an enemy of the people!


We Build the Wall” Closes Off Human and Drug Smuggling Corridor in One Weekend! $100,000 a day Drug Pipeline SHUT DOWN (Video)

  • For months the MSM and Politicitians  mocked “We Build the Wall” founder and organizer Brian Kolfage and his noble plan to use private donations to help build the much-needed security wall between the US and Mexico. Brian raised over $20 million in private donations from over 260,000 individuals to build a border wall on the US southern border.
  • This Memorial Day Weekend the “We Build the Wall” organization built their first half mile of border wall near El Paso, Texas.

  • Brian, a war veteran and triple amputee added, “We wanted to prove to the American people that in a time of need we can come together like we used to and get things done that are big. And I think we’re at a time where we realize that our government and politicians aren’t representing the people.
  • Kris Kobach, who is on the leadership board of “We Build the Wall” is currently at the Texas-New Mexico border with Brian Kolfage as “We Build the Wall” completes its first project that closes off human traffic in the valley and cartel drug smuggling on Mout Cristo Rey.
  •  Kris Kobach explains how this section of border wall cuts off smuggling of around $100,000 worth of illegal drugs a day!
  • Kris Kobach added that “We Build the Wall” is finishing this section of wall with a platform on Mt. Cristo Rey that allows border guards to see for nearly 30 miles!


Venezuelans Lose Faith in President Guaidó as He Launches Talks with Maduro Regime

  • Venezuelans are growing impatient with President Juan Guaidó following his announcement that he would engage in talks with dictator Nicolás Maduro
  • Multiple high-profile members of the Venezuelan opposition and the Latin American right have expressed dismay with Guaidó’s inability to govern despite being legally president of the country since January. Guaidó has failed to secure control of the military, even after telling Venezuelans in a global broadcast in late April that he had, and has now attempted to frame talks with the Maduro regime as something other than dialogue.
  • Guaidó confirmed on Monday that he had sent a delegation to Oslo, Norway, to meet with  Maduro delegation


Geopolitical/Police State

It looks like peace talks are happening in Iran, I believe a deal has already been made, this is just the show for the MSM and the public,

Per WH official, Kushner, Greenblatt and Iran representative Brian Hook in the Middle East discussing economic portion of peace plan: Rabat, Amman, and then Jerusalem.

— Eliana Johnson (@elianayjohnson) May 28, 2019

Trump Bucks Neocons, Rejects Iran Regime Change

  • The President flatly rejected the notion of regime change in Iran.
  • We’re not looking for regime change. I want to make that clear… No one wants to see terrible things happen.”
  • The President specified that his driving principle was to prevent Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons, as opposed to a utopian ideal of imposing a western-style ‘liberal democracy’ upon the Islamist state. He referenced what he identified as great economic potential for the nation of 81 million people, offering a diplomatic olive branch in a manner akin to how his administration’s engaged with North Korea.



POTUS: “This can never be allowed to happen again (in our Country or to another President).”
How do you deter & prevent this from happening again?
Simply by terminating employment of those responsible?
Simply by conducting a few ‘non-threatening’ investigations?
Or by:
Prosecuting those responsible to the fullest extent of the law?
Setting up new checks & balances and oversight designed to increase transparency?
Provide OIG office(s) w/ funding inc (size) ++ authority?
Provide select committees w/ access and in-house viewing of non NAT SEC CLAS material?
Provide a check on Directors/Dep Directors/Asst Directors of all such ABC agencies?
Establish ‘financial checks/reviews’ of those in senior (critical) positions (audits) + direct family (close proximity)?
Transparency and Prosecution is the only way forward to save our Republic and safeguard such criminal and treasonous acts from occurring again.
While some want to quietly remove those responsible and go about our business (save face on the World Stage), those in control, understand, this band-aid will simply not work.
Nobody should be above the law (no matter how massive the spider-web is (entangled)).
This will never happen again.

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