The Next Phase For The Push Into Syria Is Now Taking Place – Episode 727

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US starts next phase in Syria
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Greek stock exchange will allegedly open up on Tuesday. Tax evasion in Greece hits 50%. Moody’s reports those deposits over 100,000 could be taken by the bankers. IMF warns the Euro zone outlook faces a gloomy outlook. Durable goods declines for 5 months in a row, signalling a recession/depression. Australia ready to go with the TPP. Ukraine storing natural gas underground. Libya puppet government takes controls over oil fields. Turkey allows US to use bases for airstrikes in Syria. Turkey/US set up safe zone in northern Syria, which is the same thing as a no-fly zone. US and Turkey are setting up the next phase to push into Syria to remove Assad.

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Current News – 07.27.2015


Greek Stock Exchange Expected To Open On Tuesday

  • The Athens Stock Exchange is expected to open on Tuesday
  • “Greek investors will be able to buy stocks either with new money (cash or transfers from abroad) or using cash available in the residual credit of brokerages,” says the source.


Tax Evasion on Greek Islands Exceeds 50%

  • Sweeping tax audits are in progress on Greek islands since last weekend and the first results show high tax evasion rates. The highest rates were recorded in hotels, restaurants and bars, where they did not issue receipts.
  •  delinquency rates remain high, while adding that new methods are being implemented in order to conceal tax evasion.


Moody’s: Uninsured Depositors Compromised by Greece’s New Legislation

  • Ratings agency Moody’s said on Monday that uninsured depositors in Greek banks are in danger of losing some of their money in case of a bank’s insolvency.
  • Moody’s noted that the changes in the EU Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive, which was legislated in Greek Parliament last week, established new guidelines for the cases of bank insolvency. One of these is a haircut option for uninsured deposits exceeding 100,000 euros.
  • Under the new legislation,the government has a number of options when it comes to lending institutions that become insolvent. It could decide that the bank must be sold, a bridge institution could be created and assets could be disjointed based on whether they are good or bad.
  • After January 1, 2016, the Greek government can also choose to bail-in deposits of more than 100,000 euros.


IMF warns of gloomy eurozone outlook

  • The International Monetary Fund has warned the eurozone faces a gloomy economic outlook
  • The IMF’s latest healthcheck on the eurozone found it was “susceptible to negative shocks” as growth continues to falter and monetary policymakers run out of ways to help.
  • “As one-off factors driving the cyclical recovery fade, there is a risk that low growth and limited policy space leave the euro area vulnerable to shocks.”
  • The IMF warns the per-capita growth rate for the eurozone has fallen well below its pre-crisis level.


Dallas Fed Misses Expectations After June’s “Miracle” Bounce; Jobs, Wages Decline

  • After bouncing dramatically in June (the biggest surprise beat in over 3 years) – on the back of ‘hope’ surgiung to 6-month highs – July data continued to improve marginally but missed expectations -4.6 vs -3.5 exp).


US Recession Imminent – Durable Goods Drop For 5th Month, Core CapEx Collapse

  • Durable Goods new orders has now fallen 5 months in a row (after revisions)flashing a orangey/red recession warning.


  • After 2 weak months, Durable Goods bounced more than expected in June (+3.4% vs +3.2% exp) – though non-seasonally-adjusted dropped 3.1% MoM. But ex-Transports remain deeply in recession territory.



Obama pushing for ‘largest gun grab in American history’: NRA

  • The Obama administration is pushing to ban Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own disability payments — a move the NRA is calling the “largest gun grab in American history.”
  • The push is intended to integrate data for the first time from the Social Security Administration into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS),


1/5 of the Population of El Salvador and 1/4 of Mexico Now Live in U.S.

  • The “official” number of illegal aliens in the U.S. stands at 11 million, but now, new evidence suggests that that number is way below the number of those who are actually here.  Gateway Pundit reports:


  • Australia is on the cusp of joining a huge new United States-led trade deal
  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership, involving twelve Pacific-Rim nations, could be sealed in coming days
  • “There’s no guarantees but the whole mood has shifted”, he said, referring to a last-minute US Congress decision to give the White House autonomous negotiating powers..



French farmers block routes from Spain, Germany to protest low meat & milk prices

  • Farmers in France have blocked routes from Spain and Germany to express disagreement with lowered prices for meat and dairy products in a protest entering its second week. At least 300 trucks carrying products from abroad were forced to turn back.
  • About 1,000 farmers in northeastern France, which borders Germany, used tractors to block at least six routes and stop trucks with agricultural goods crossing the Rhine River from Germany.

© Vincent Kessler

  • “The prices for our products are not for cheap sales,” read one of the banners.
  • “It is down the end. We are fed up and tired of being robbed,”


Mass protests continue in Armenia

  • Protests against rising electricity prices continue in Armenia  . Participants in a rally had to retreat from central Republic Square after police surrounded it not to let the rally block the road.
  • On June 27, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said that the government was ready to suspend the hike temporarily and cover the price rise out of state funds rather than increase customers’ bill until experts did not complete the audit of the Electric Networks of Armenia distribution company.
  • That split the protesters’ camp in two:  and those protesters who rejected the government concession continued to stay

US trying to create ‘controlled chaos’ in Kyrgyzstan — president

  • The US State Department’s decision to hand its Human Rights Defenders Award to Azimzhan Askarov, who is sentenced to life imprisonment in Kyrgyzstan for inciting inter-ethnic discord, organizing mass riots and complicity in killing a police officer during mass protests, is an attempt to create “controlled chaos” in the country, President
  • US State Department’s actions “look like they are aimed at inciting inter-ethnic discord,


Ukraine accumulates 12.8 bcm of gas in underground storage facilities – Ukrtransgaz

  • Natural gas stocks held in the underground storage facilities of Ukraine have increased to 12.8 billion cubic meters (bcm),
  • The press service said that from July 1 to July 26, a total of 800 million cubic meters of gas was pumped to the underground storage facilities, and as of the morning on July 27 some 40.8 million cubic meters of gas a day is being pumped.


Donetsk governor says to postpone elections in Donbass districts controlled by Kiev

  • Head of the Donetsk military-civil administration (appointed by President Poroshenko) Pavel Zhebrovsky said the elections in the region should be organised not earlier than in 2017.
  • “My position is that the local elections are not organised either in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities,” he said


US Army Chief Discusses Delivery of Armored Vehicles to Uzbekistan

  • The US Central Command head Gen. Lloyd Austin discussed with Uzbek authorities on Monday the delivery of US armored vehicles to Uzbekistan, a source close to the
  • In January, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Central Asia Daniel Rosenblum announced Washington was donating over 300 armored vehicles, namely Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, .


Libyan Army Could Crush Islamic State by End of Year If Arms Embargo Lifted

  • Libyan Armed Forces could eradicate the Islamic State (ISIL) jihadist group by the end of 2015 if the UN Security Council lifts its arms embargo against the country
  • “The ISIL positions have been identified and the militants have been surrounded. The Libyan Army is ready, one only needs to lift the embargo. If that happens, it can solve the ISIL problem before the end of the year,”


All Libyan Oil Fields Secured, Completely Controlled by Military

  • All of Libya’s oil fields are under full control and protection of pro-government armed forces,
  • “all the oil fields are well-protected and under the army’s control,”


IDF calling up hundreds of thousands for emergency-readiness war drills

  • Large-scale military drills have been launched in Israel with the aim of testing the IDF’s readiness to go into emergency mode. Hundreds of thousands of reserve soldiers are involved in testing the system.
  • The Air Force, with its bases, and other facilities will also take part in the call-up. Among other activities, base personnel will be carrying out emergency intelligence data analysis for the purpose of conducting airstrikes. The same goes for the Israeli Navy and their infrastructure.
  • “It is part of our activities linked to working on our readiness,” the source added, saying the Southern Command will practice responding to mock rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.


Russia May Revive $1.6-Billion Oil-Gas Project With Syria

  • Russian oil and gas companies may revive contracts worth a total of $1.6 billion with Syria if investment risks are eliminated and the country becomes stable,
  • “If military actions cease and the situation becomes stable in Syria, Russian companies that have frozen their work because of the civil war will be ready to renew their activity within a short period of time in realizing projects that were signed before the crisis with an overall amount of no less than $1.6 billion


Turkey is accused of shelling Kurdish fighters as Ankara agrees plan to create an ‘ISIS-free zone’ on the Syrian border and police arrest 15 suspected jihadis in the Turkish capital

  • Kurdish People’s Protection Unit say shelling targeted one of their vehicles
  • Alleged attack took place in village near Kobane where YPG defeated ISIS 
  • Turkey fears YPG could revive insurgency in bid for an independent state
  • Ankara agrees to give air cover for moderate rebels fighting ISIS in Syria


US backs Turkey’s ‘right to self-defense’

  • The U.S. has defended Turkey’s right to self-defense
  • “We strongly condemn the (pro-Kurdish terrorist organization) PKK’s recent terrorist attacks within Turkey, and respect our NATO ally Turkey’s right to self-defense,”


US, Turkey working to establish IS-free zone in northern Syria

  • The United States and Turkey are finalizing plans for a military campaign to push the Islamic State group out of a strip of Syrian territory along the Turkish border,
  • A U.S. official said Monday that the creation of an “Islamic State-free zone” would ensure greater security and stability in the Turkish-Syrian border region.


US Syria No-Fly Zone? How Russia, Iran Are Shaping Islamic State Battle Amid Syrian Civil War

  • Yet any difference between the U.S.’s proposed efforts in northern Syria and a no-fly zone appears to rooted in semantics. In the traditional sense, a country or coalition that employs a no-fly zone uses frequent air patrols to prevent unauthorized aircraft from operating within a designated area. Turkey’s willingness to allow American aircraft to use its military bases would provide the United States with round-the-clock access to the airspace above the proposed “Islamic State-free zone.” One senior U.S. government official acknowledged the plan would create “nearly the same effect”
  • Last month, a top Russian official said any no-fly zone in Syria would show blatant disregard for international law. “I think we fundamentally will not allow this scenario,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman


Turkey probing claims it hit forces other than IS in Syria


Kurds cut key IS supply route in northern Syria


Turkey summons NATO session amid airstrike campaign against ISIS & Kurdish PKK

  • Turkey has announced that it is calling a NATO meeting next week to discuss regional security concerns
  • “NATO Allies follow developments very closely and stand in solidarity with Turkey,” NATO said.


Turkey’s Erdogan, Russia’s Putin discuss situation in the Middle East

  • Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the situation in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iraq

Cyber Attacks

ISIL Cyberattack Threat Keeps US Attorney General ‘Up at Night’ – Reports

  • Attorney General Loretta Lynch said.the tech-savvy jihadist group has become more of a threat than al-Qaeda due to its unprecedented media campaign to radicalize Americans and create lone wolves who may hurt the country from inside.


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