The Picture Is Becoming Clearer, Moves And Countermoves – Episode 1546

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The Picture Is Becoming Clearer, Moves And Countermoves
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Commercial real estate prices fall, loans reach record highs, retail store vacant premises, disaster in the making. GM cuts more employees at their factory, Cruze sales are imploding. Trump reports that China and Russia are manipulating the dollar, most likely this is the beginning stages of trying to destroy the dollar and push the central bank into raising the rates even further. The entire plan is to bring the economic system down to wipe out the central bank and the cabal. IG Horowitz released a new report that show McCabe has lied to the FBI. UK produces another dossier to prove Russia was behind the poisoning for the Skripals, but there is a problem and Sweden lab says it was not novichok poison that was used on the Skripals. Wikileaks releases a report that shows Saudi Arabia was suppose to play nice with Russia while removing Assad at all costs. China and Russia blast the US and the Coalition forces for firing missiles into Syria. Russia stopped many of the missiles and allowed some to pass through to hit certain targets. The Pentagon said all missiles hit, but reports are coming out showing they were intercepted by Russian air defense systems. The deep state sends a message to Trump, the troops are not leaving Syria, Macron says he convinced Trump to keep the troops in Syria, Trump denies this. The battle is raging on and the targets in Syria that were hit were most likely deep state targets.

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Current News – 04.16.2018

As Malls Get Crushed, Commercial Real Estate Prices Fall to Lowest in Nearly Two Years

  • commercial real estate loans at banks in the US reached a record of $4.3 trillion. This amount is now 11% higher than it had been during the crazy peak of the prior commercial real estate bubble before it imploded during the Financial Crisis. In CRE, leverage is everything. Banks, particularly smaller regional banks that specialize in it, are on the hook.

  • Fed governors have pointed at CRE as one of the places where “elevated” prices threaten “financial stability” because of leverage and the connection to banks. CRE loans were in part responsible for the near-collapse of the financial system during the Financial Crisis, after CRE prices – the value of the collateral for those loans – turned down.
  • And now, these bubble prices have started to turn down once again.
  • Commercial real estate prices collapsed nearly 40% during the Financial Crisis, according to the Green Street Commercial Property Price Index (CPPI). Then prices more than doubled from the low in May 2009 and peaked in September 2017, when the index was 27% above the crazy peak of the prior bubble.
  • But since September 2017, the index has dropped 1.7%, including a 1% drop in March from February. It is now down 2.1% from March last year and back where it had been in May 2016.

  •   Note the trend since 2015 of diminishing year-over-year price gains that turned into actual price declines late last year (red columns) and took a bigger dip in March:


Lodging: Hit by Airbnb, it took a big dive in 2015 and has not recovered since.

Office: The index dropped a steep 2% in March from February and is down 1% from March a year ago.

Retail: This is where the biggest issues are. The sector can be split into two categories – strip malls and malls.

  • The sub-index for strip malls dropped 5% in March compared to March last year. It peaked at the end of 2016 and has since dropped 8%.
  • The sub-index for Malls dropped 14% over the past 12 months, after plunging 5% in just one month, in March from February. It peaked at the end of 2016 and has since dropped 16%.
  • These price declines in the retail sector are starting to coalesce into a serious move – and it’s just the beginning. The mall sector will provide ample pain to lenders and holders of commercial mortgage-backed securities as this washes out over the next few years.



More Carmageddon at GM, Cuts Shift in Ohio, 1,500 Layoffs, as Cruze Sales Plunge. Production in Mexico Started in 2015

  • Carmageddon but not Truckmageddon
  • The GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio, which only builds the Chevy Cruze compact car, already went through layoffs in 2017 when it trimmed its three shifts to two shifts and cut 1,200 workers, due to what GM said at the time was change in consumer preference from cars to SUVs, crossovers, and pickups.
  • These cuts brought the workforce at the Lordstown plant down to about 3,000 employees — 2,700 hourly and 300 salaried. Now the number is going to get cut in half.
  • I  Approximately 1,500 positions will be eliminated.

  • Delinquency rates in subprime auto loans have soared to the worst levels since 1996, and the first three specialized small lenders have already collapsed.


Trump hits China for currency devaluation, countering Treasury report

  • Trump’s comments came just three days after the Treasury Department declined to label China a currency manipulator despite the president’s repeated campaign promises to do so.
  • Treasury’s twice-yearly report on foreign currency exchange, released Friday, rebuked China for not doing enough to balance its trade surplus with the U.S. But Treasury did not find that China was devaluing its currency, called the renminbi.
  • Treasury’s report is the third consecutive analysis released during the Trump presidency to avoid labeling China a currency manipulator.
  • Beijing has been frequently criticized by Western economic powers for taking measures to deflate the renminbi, meant to lower the prices of Chinese goods while encouraging outside investment.
  • The report does not address Russia’s economic policies in depth. The Russian economy is far smaller, less influential and less integrated into U.S. markets than China’s.
  • Investors are fearful that trade tensions with China and rising Federal Reserve interest rates could suppress economic growth and let more steam out of the volatile stock market.


  •  Trump  Accuses China and Russia of “playing the currency devaluation game”, at a time of rising interest rates, which Trump slammed as “not acceptable.”
  • First: in the Treasury’s just released report on FX manipulation, neither China nor Russia were accused of devaluing their currencies. If Trump has a problem with Beijing’s or Moscow’s FX policies, he should probably first instruct his treasury.
  • Second, both currencies have been strengthening for over two years, and only saw a modest loss in value just very recently.

  • Third, the only reason Russia is “playing the devaluation game” is because of the sanctions Trump unleashed on Russia last week which sent both the ruble, and Russian assets crashing. If anything, Moscow wants a stronger Ruble to avoid having to raise rates even higher. As for China, while it may want a weaker yuan to boost exports, it will surely come as news to Beijing that it is devaluing the currency, which is trading at the strongest level against the dollar since the August 2015 devaluation, as a result of – drumroll – the weaker dollar. In fact, the weaker the dollar, the stronger the Yuan.



IG Horowitz Informs Senator Grassley Primary IG Report Release Date “May”…

  • In a letter from Michael Horowitz to Senator Chuck Grassley (full pdf below) the DOJ Inspector General informs congress of multiple investigations, and multiple releases.  The primary OIG investigation into the FBI and DOJ politicization will be released in May:

  • In the ¹footnote Horowitz outlines the Andrew McCabe report was a secondary investigative outcome of the initial investigation, and the supplemental FISA investigation will result in an additional release unattached to the primary.



  • The Justice Department Office of Inspector General (OIG) delivered a scathing report to Congress on Friday, accusing former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe of repeatedly misleading investigators.
  • McCabe was fired on March 16 after the OIG found that he “had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor – including under oath – on multiple occasions.
  • Needless to say, President Trump – who is waging open war with Comey, McCabe and much of the FBI’s past and present leadership – was delighted by the release of the OIG report, which prompted the following outburst: “”DOJ just issued the McCabe report – which is a total disaster. He LIED! LIED! LIED! McCabe was totally controlled by Comey – McCabe is Comey!! No collusion, all made up by this den of thieves and lowlifes!”


Geopolitical/Police State

  • The UK has proffered what they claim is evidence that Russia has had it out for former double-agent Sergei Skripal since at least 2013, and that Russia has been researching the effectiveness of spreading a nerve agent on door handles for assassination purposes,
  • The letter also claims that “during the 2000s,” a special Russian unit began to develop chemical weapons specifically for state-sponsored attacks, and to “train personnel from special units in the use of these weapons.”
  • “This program subsequently included investigation of ways of delivering nerve agents, including by application to door handles,” the letter also says.

“We have zero information from officials in London about what is going on with her,” Zakharova told Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan in Moscow, adding “We have suspicions that she’s been abducted, held against her will.”

“We just want to be sure that Yulia Skripal is actually better, that this is for real.” 


Lavrov BOMBSHELL: Swiss Lab confirms “BZ toxin” produced in US or UK used in Salisbury poisoning

  • Goodbye Novichok…hello BZ toxin.
  • Forget the Novichok-Skripal narrative
  • Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has just dropped a bombshell revelation that blows the Salisbury poisoning hoax apart…A Swiss lab says that ‘BZ toxin’ was used in Salisbury.
  • The toxin was not produced in Russia, but was in service in the US and UK, as well as other NATO member states.
  • Via RT



The Swiss center sent the results to the OPCW. However, the UN chemical watchdog limited itself only to confirming the formula of the substance used to poison the Skripals in its final report without mentioning anything about the other facts presented in the Swiss document, the Russian foreign minister added. He went on to say that Moscow would ask the OPCW about its decision to not include any other information provided by the Swiss in its report.

The Swiss center mentioned by Lavrov is the Spiez Laboratory controlled by the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection and ultimately by the country’s defense minister. The lab is also an internationally recognized center of excellence in the field of the nuclear, biological, and chemical protection and is one of the five centers permanently authorized by the OPCW.

Over the weekend, Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov created quite a stir when he announced that the independent Swiss state Spiez lab said that Sergei Skripal, a former Russian double agent, and his daughter Yulia, were poisoned with an incapacitating toxin known as 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate, or simply BZ, adding that while the toxin was never produced in Russia, it was in service in the US, UK and other NATO states.

However, as RT reports, Andreas Bucher, Spiez Laboratory’s strategy and communications head, told TASS on Monday, that:

“We cannot have any statement on that…” 

“We are contractually bound to the OPCW for confidentiality. So,the only institution that could confirm what Mr. Lavrov was saying is the OPCW. We cannot confirm or deny anything.

The Swiss state research center is controlled by the country’s Federal Office for Civil Protection and, ultimately, by the defense minister.



WikiLeaks reveals Saudi wishful thinking: “Overthrow the Syrian regime, but play nice with Russia”


  •  Secret Saudi cable produced by WikiLeaks: Saudi Arabia “must seek by all means available and all possible ways to overthrow the current regime in Syria” even should the United States at any point show “lack of desire.”
  • Hours after the overnight US-led missile strikes on Syria, WikiLeaks republished a crucially important diplomatic cable through its official media accounts confirming that Saudi Arabia’s long term strategy in Syria has been to pursue regime change “by all means available.”According to the leaked internal Saudi government document, this is the kingdom’s proposed end-goal even should the United States at any point show “lack of desire” due to the threat of Russian response and possibility of a ‘great power’ confrontation.
  •   did the Saudis finally trigger their “by any means available” scenario (a ‘chemical incident’) at a moment when their proxies were collapsing in the face of overwhelming Syrian Army victory?


Lets look at both sides, Trump controlled by the deep state and he fired the missiles under their orders’

  1. How would this benefit the deep state
  2. They would need Trump to fund the moderate rebels which he discontinued, fund the kurd army which he discontinued
  3. The needed to hit Russia, its bases or troops. The Strikes needed to hit Syria bases, troops or assets to start the war
  4. trump waited days before launching missiles allowing the Russian to prepare the s400 missile system, move ships, move military assets and harden the defense zones, same goes with Syria
  5. Allow the moderate rebels, Syrian democratic forces and terrorists groups to gain more ground like we saw with Obama, they were informed to get ready missiles were headed in and prepare to mount an offensive.
  6. Deep state would want the EU to be unified in this fight,
  7. Allow the deep state to gain the upper hand.

So lets see what is happening after the bombing and what the deep state is saying

China BLASTS ‘American Arrogance.’ Calls US attack against Syria a false flag

  • China: “The Arrogant US Has A Record Of Launching Wars On Deceptive Grounds”
  • In a front-page OpEd on the Chinese state-owned Global Times, China slams Trump’s involvement in Syria…

The facts cannot be distorted. This military strike was not authorized by the UN, and the strikes targeted a legal government of a UN member state… it has not been confirmed if the chemical weapons attack happened or if it did, whether government forces or opposition forces launched it. International organizations have not carried out any authoritative investigation.”

  • China proceeded to point out the obvious, that the entire US attack on Syria was a false flag

The US has a record of launching wars on deceptive grounds. The Bush government asserted the Saddam regime held chemical weapons before the US-British coalition troops invaded Iraq in 2003. However, the coalition forces didn’t find what they called weapons of mass destruction after overthrowing the Saddam regime. Both Washington and London admitted later that their intelligence was false.



US, UK and France’s missiles failed to enter anti-air defense zones says Russian Defense Ministry

  • None of the missiles that were launched by the US and its allies entered Russian air defense zones that protect facilities in Tartus and Khmeimim, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
  • Warplanes and vessels of the US Air Force, together with French and UK allies, “launched a missile strike on civilian and military facilities” in Syria early Saturday morning, the ministry said in a statement. None of the cruise missiles launched by the US and its allies reached the Russian air defense zones that shield the facilities in the port city of Tartus and the Khemimim air base, it added.


Pentagon Is Concerned About Results Of Syria Strike, Prepares To Launch Internal Probe – Sources

The Pentagon says that 105 cruise missiles were launched at 3 targets in Syria adding and all of them hit their targets.

The Russian Defense Ministry says that 71 missiles were intecepted adding that there were 8 targets of the US-UK-French missiles strike.

  • The Pentagon’s statement that all the 105 missiles hit their targets raises eyebrows because videos showing at least a few missile interceptions are available online.


Trump’s “Hybrid Plan”: WSJ Attempts To Explain Questionable Results And Targets Of US-led Strike On Syria

These claims immediately raised three main questions in the public:

  • Why 76 missiles were launched at one target?
  • Why the damage delivered to “Barzah Research and Development Center” is so minor?
  • Why there was no disperce of chemical agents clouds as a result of the strike if the missiles hit “chemical weapons” facilities?The attack involved the following means and launchers:
  • The USS Monterey CG61 fired 30 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Red Sea.
  • The USS Laboon DDG58 fired 7 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Red Sea.
  • The USS Higgins DDG76 fired 23 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Persian Gulf.
  • The USS John Warner SSN785 fired 6 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Mediterranean.
  • The French frigate LANGUEDOC fired 3 Storm Shadow/SCALP EG cruise missiles from the Mediterranean.
  • B-1B strategic bombers fired 19 AGM-158 JASSM air-launched cruise missiles.
  • British Typhoon and Tornado fighter jets fired 8 Storm Shadow/SCALP EG air-launched cruise missiles.
  • French Rafel and Mirage fired 9 Storm Shadow/SCALP EG air-launched cruise missiles.


  •  the Syrian Army declared the the rebel enclave of Ghouta – ground zero of last weekend’s alleged chemical weapon scandal – has been retaken.
  • In an ironic twist, according to Syrian forces the last group of militants has left their last stronghold the city of Douma in the Damascus suburbs – less than 24 hours after Western coalition members the US, the UK, and France fired over 100 missiles at targets inside of Syria in a response to an alleged chemical attack in the city.
  • And, according to state media, the Syrian army command has announced that Eastern Ghouta is now free of militants, the AP reports. According to the SANA news agency, the Syrian army is determined to eradicate terrorism in Syria, regardless of what power backs the terrorism, in order to restore security and stability in the country.


Syrians speak out about torture, violence in militant jail in Douma

  • Syrians, freed from al-Tawba (Repentance) jail run by the Jaish al-Islam militants in the city of Douma, told Sputnik about inhumane conditions, torture, violence and living in fear of being killed at any moment.Immense hatred in militant jailThe detainees were living in inhumane conditions in al-Tawba, feeling the constant fear of torture and violence. Moreover, they had to do backbreaking work digging trenches and tunnels.
    All the former detainees confirm that the soldiers and officers of the Syrian military had undergone severe torture in the militants’ jails.

VIDEO: Biggest rebel tunnel in Douma exposed

  • The Syrian Army has uncovered the biggest tunnel used by Jaysh al-Islam rebel group in its stronghold of Douma after the city had completely fallen to the government troops.
  • The tunnel, located under the National Hospital with several branches, is supported by metal pillars and equipped with electricity, rooms, parking lots and all kinds of supplies.
  • The 15-meters deep tunnel took nearly 2 years to be completed, said one of Douma residents who accompanied the camera crew.
  • Huge quantities of weapons, underground artillery and workshops were discovered in the network of tunnels.
  • Last Saturday, the Syrian Army officially declared the city of Douma fully liberated  after the last batch of militants left to Syria’s north as per an evacuation deal with the Syrian government.



Assad to Russian MPs: Syrians ‘No Longer Afraid of NATO’ After Missile Attack

  • According to the president’s [Assad’s] point of view, this [the attack] was aggression and we share this position. He has highly appreciated Russian weapons, which showed supremacy over the arms of the aggressors,” Assad was quoted as saying by a Russian MP.Another MP, Sablin, said, citing Assad, that as Syrian air defenses had demonstrated their efficiency, the Arab Republic’s citizens were “no longer afraid of US/NATO/Coallition forces.”



Damascus residents rally in support of Syria’s armed forces

  • Residents of Damascus held a rally at the capital’s Umayyad Square, Monday, to show their support for the Syrian military in the wake of the US-led airstrikes on Syrian government targets.


Russia responds to US strikes by sending Syrian military more weapons, vehicles

  • A Russian naval vessel was photographed on Sunday crossing through the Bosphorous Strait, the Bosphorous Observer’s Yoruk Isik reported.
  • According to Isik, the Russian Alligator class landing ship was en route to the Port of Tartous in western Syria.
  • Isik added that the vessel was carrying heavy equipment, including the BTR 80 armored personnel carrier, Ural 4320 tanker, ambulances, and Kamaz trucks.
  • This naval transport by Russia comes just 24 hours after the U.S., the U.K., and France fired over 100 cruise missiles into Syria.


So Lets recap, if this was the deep state controlling Trump was this benefit they were seeking

  1. They would need Trump to fund the moderate rebels which he discontinued, fund the kurd army which he discontinued, Trump is not funding the kurds, terrorists, the deep state did not get this
  2. The strikes didn’t hit Russia, its bases or troops. The Strikes didn’t hit Syria bases, troops or assets, no missiles hit Russia, Syria, no war was started, missile were intercepted
  3. trump waited days before launching missiles allowing the Russian to prepare the s400 missile system, move ships, move military assets and harden the defense zones, same goes with Syria, Assad sees the power of russian defense system, no longer worried about missiles hitting targets.
  4. It allowed the The Pentagon, White House to Observe    the Russian defense missile system in action
  5. Allow the moderate rebels, Syrian democratic forces and terrorists groups to gain more ground like we saw with Obama, they were informed to get ready missiles were headed in and prepare to mount an offensive. syria gained momentum, gained terroritory after the strike
  6. Allow the deep state to gain the upper hand. what  was gained by the deep state, not much. Russia bringing in more military asssets, the people are rallying around Assad, weapons, tunnels being discovered, the false flag chemical attack area (GZ) still intact, investigation underway.
  7. US, UK, France scrambling to maintain international legitimacy after illegal attack on Syria at the UN

Strikes on Syria Likely Sign of Imminent US Withdrawal – Opposition Group

  • The US-led airstrikes against Syria earlier in the day are most likely the last show of force before an inevitable withdrawal, a spokesman for the Moscow platform of the Syrian opposition
  • “Despite the arrogance shown by Western aggression against Syria, the coming days and weeks will prove that this aggression is a sign of the complete withdrawal of the USA from Syria, militarily and politically,” Dlykan said.


Deep state then sends a message to Trump and patriots

  • Macron, one of Trump’s allies in the recent joint strikes on Syria, said he had convinced Trump to keep the troops in place for the unspecific “long term.”

“Ten days ago, President Trump was saying ‘the United States should withdraw from Syria’. We convinced him it was necessary to stay,” Macron said.

  • This stunning claim was immediately denied by The White House, which proclaimed:

“The US mission has not changed – the president has been clear that he wants US forces to come home as quickly as possible,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement cited by Reuters.


  • Recall that just on March 29, Trump said that based on allied victories against Islamic State militants, “We’ll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon. Let the other people take care of it now. Very soon, very soon, we’re coming out. We’re going to get back to our country, where we belong, where we want to be.”
  • , Nikki Haley, said that the United States “would not pull its troops out of Syria until its goals were accomplished.” The US currently has over 2,000 troops in Syria, as well as a number of contractors.
  • It is our goal “to see American troops come home, but we are not going to leave until we know we have accomplished those things,” Haley said and listed three aims for the United States: ensuring that chemical weapons are not used in any way that pose a risk to U.S. interests, that Islamic State is defeated and that there is a good vantage point to watch what Iran is doing.


Chemical weapons attack ‘could easily happen’ in U.S., Nikki Haley warns

  • U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said a chemical weapons attack “could very easily happen” on American soil.
  • The deep state just threatened Trump/Patriots and the American people by pushing a chemical false flag attack on the US


Washington: Syria Must Declare All Chemical Weapons Stockpile,

  • Washington wants the Syrian government to admit the chemical weapons use and to declare the entire stockpile of chemical weapons, the US State Department says. 


US-led Strike On Syria: Most Of Missiles Spent On Empty Target. OPCW Report Says No Chemical Weapons There

  • So, the Pentagon says that the Barzeh facility has recently (prior to the strike) been used by the Assad government to manufacture and research chlorine and sarin.
  • There is a problem. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) conducted a round of inspections in Barzeh and fouund no chemical weapons there (source):

US-led Strike On Syria: Most Of Missiles Spent On Empty Target. OPCW Report Says No Chemical Weapons There

A screenshot from the OPCW’s document released on March 13, 2018


Russia says UN delaying fact-finding mission visit in Syria

  • A senior Russian diplomat said on Monday that the mission from the international chemical weapons watchdog cannot access the site of an alleged chemical attack near the Syrian capital without an appropriate U.N. permit.
  • Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov’s remarks could indicate a possible attempt to bog down the team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, though both Russia and the Syrian government have welcomed the OPCW visit in the wake of the West’s airstrikes in Syria over the weekend.




Yes! Trump did it Again. And a Disinfo Op Uncovered! #NewQ #QAnon


And what did they end up hitting last night?

 Who was actually using these buildings,


Moreover, it’s looking more and more like POTUS and Putin (and, by proxy, Assad) were definitely coordinating:

Trump mad the comment to Putin, we have new smart missiles headed your way, were new ones developed, were the bombers, ships and other launching devices refitted with a newer version. Europe fired their storm shadow missiles

What are Storm Shadow missiles?

Storm Shadow missiles are long-range air-launched cruise weapons that weigh around 900lbs each, but can be heavier.

They can travel as far as 180 miles when launched.

These missiles are some of the most sophisticated air-launch weapons in the world.

They are designed to hit well-defended static targets like facilities, bunkers and bridges.

How does the cruise missile work?

As the missile detaches from the bomber, its wings fold out and it enters a pre-programmed low and fast terrain-hugging attack altitude, allowing it to cut under radar and air defences.

As it enters its final approach, Storm Shadow jettisons its nose cone to reveal a high-resolution infra-red camera.

The target recognition hardware then compares what is coming up on the ground with the stored image of the target.

  1. Russia shot down all other missiles accept the missiles that hit the syrian targets or allegdly the deep state targets

Remember the terrorist forces were told to attack when the bombing begun.  The terrorist, rebel cells revealed their positions and assads forces eliminated them.  

  • Trump said the mission was to eliminate ISIS, the terrorist forces that are working with no name(mccain), he told us that they have the exact location.



Mentioned a dead cat bounce on March 15 Post 948, the deep state might think they have the upper hand right now.

Trump is the front guy, taking all the hits, there are many patriots working with him to remove the deep state,, l leave you with the following, take a listen again.

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