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Hello from potter county pennsylvania
« on: November 18, 2015, 04:33:04 PM »
Hi everyone , i would like to say that i have been listening to dave often for close to 2 years now , i dont know how i found him but i did , i listen and read many different things , and i will say that daves reports are one of the very few that are explaining the truth in detail ,  i have listened to hundreds of his reports and i have not heard one thing yet that i disagree with , its so amazing like an echo inside my mind , he says he started this to vent off some steam and i can really relate and understand that , and i am so glad he did , he has a sort of talent for it too , its almost like what charlie chaplin is to comedy dave is to journalism , i think we should all understand how dave has risked everything to tell the truth , we can sit in the comfort of our homes and listen to him , i wish dave and the people that assist him well , anyway about me , i am from a small rural town , i have been disobedient for all my life , i do what i can to survive , but it strikes me how most people regurgitate false information and they think it is the truth , and the older i get the more complicated things are but i also see things more clearly , and it is sad to see most people , even my family members that are completely brainwashed and do not realize it , and then there are those who are actually intelligent but are compromised because of their job but choose to look the other way , but i still have faith in human nature , i believe people do want to do good , but that brings up the big question , what are peoples limits where they say enough is enough , how far will this all go , and i hate to say it , but deep down inside me i think its gonna have to get pretty ugly before things will get better , i hope i am wrong , but i always figured that the reason we all stayed relatively safe in america for the past 100 years is because we had 2 generations of veterans from 2 world wars running alot of the country , you see , they knew the horrors of war and they understood the word power and how important decisions were and they understood collateral damage from these decisions , these were men , and they accepted responsibility , these men were an obstacle to the central bankers , and now these men are dying off and there is not too many people out there with a backbone to stand up to the criminals in charge , and also the fact that because of laws and regulations it is increasingly difficult to navigate thru to oppose or be heard , it is almost impossible to do anything anymore , but dave is right , we are the enemy , we are what the agenda is about , they want global enslavement and complete obedience from us , why ? Money and control , and from our position we can not get our heads around this simple question why ? Well thats because we are normal people , our ancestors were probably all farmers or from some form of agrarian society and that kind of society is all about family and love thy neighbor style of ideology , so as repulsive as it is we must try to think like these criminals in charge and try to understand what they are thinking , get inside their heads so we can stand together , because thats their biggest weapon is divide and conquer , and thats what main stream television is all about , to keep us all locked into the team spirit mentality , also we hear the magic word (debate) on all mainstream media stations 100 times per day , they want us to debate with each other , thats because they know we will argue and argue with each other to the point of violence , then someone calls the cops and 3 people get arrested , and that is playing right into there hands , thats exactly what they want , and this is why i am worried about our future , i apologize for ranting for so long but i am searching for like minded people , i would be happy to chat with anyone about any topic .......


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Re: Hello from potter county pennsylvania
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2015, 06:48:46 PM »
Welcome to "The People" leedabo77. Glad to have you with us and looking forward to seeing you in the threads.