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Liberty Dogood, Chamorro American
« on: December 27, 2015, 08:12:10 PM »
Hello to the Liberty Front from the crumbling empire!

First I would like to say that my motivation for engaging is Edmond Burke. It was his inspirational ideal that "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" that forced me to put my principals and beliefs into actions. I cannot stand on my principals if they are only thoughts, and so...

I, like the rest of you here, am apart of the 13% of Americans "awake". My parents both served in the United States military industrial complex for 20 years. I have lived most of my American privileged life overseas until 2007. I had the misfortune of returning to my national home as its cracks began to show and the fire in the basement was no longer containable. The idea of America made me proud and naively patriotic... I woke up from that dream by looking around at the state of things before me. She has certainly lost her grace and has none to shed on her citizens. It is our Duty as Americans to protect the homeland when she can no longer protect us.

It is troubling that The People struggle to unite in the face of our burning home. Instead of putting out the fire, we quarrel and point fingers, as the once beguiling promise goes up in flames. Many of my family and friends remain asleep, living in the layer of so-called convenience only to keep their vague notion of liberty and the American dream alive. It is difficult to find Men and Woman with minds, principals and the strength to fight the good fight for Liberty and Justice.

I am here to talk about the real issues and options we have to unleash the dynamic human spirit that refuses to submit to the tyranny of ANY man or woman who acts against the American People's Liberty and interests. I am a free, critical thinking, opinionated American who wants all Americans to prevail so that I and my children have a future "worth living". I am interested in impeaching Obama (while there is still time), absolving the power and authority to the State that We the People have granted them, and them- so petty and arrogant- have abused.  I am here for social connection to real Americans, whose fire still burns inside them to live up the gifts, blessings and rights we have inherited.

My awakening began in a court room three years ago. Today I am still fighting battles, determined to win the war. Police officers blatantly lied under oath and falsified police reports in order to convict me of a civil ordinance violation. The revelation of their resolve to take these deliberate actions for something so petty terrified me. Imagine what is happening in matters of greater gravity and consequence! So I drew my line in the sand and started studying the law. I, like so many Americans, am priced out of legal representation. Still, I am literate, and that is all that is required to know the law. Our ancestral framers had the foresight to establish the law in such a way. During the course of pleadings, appearances and illegal  proceedings on the part of the judge and government attorney; I learned that I do not live in a land under the Rule of Law. These snakes have taken the place of decent and moral human beings. It is my mission to change the world around me- I will remove these snakes from the garden in my backyard. It will not be easy, but nothing worth having ever is...

Beyond that, I have learned what real money is, what dignity and freedom are and how I plan to live the rest of my life. Dave and his guest interviews have been integral to this awakening and emergence of my greater self, and for that I thank you Dave.

In recognition and gratitude, I am here, apart of The People, to re-establish a more perfect Union. Please feel free to talk to me about any issue of The People. I look forward to a healthy and challenging debate concerning the Prosperity and Liberty for our futures.


Liberty Dogood

"It is the duty of every citizen to question authority." ~ Ben Franklin