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« on: August 11, 2016, 03:29:33 PM »
just to say that i hope to read and share my views on topics of interest, yes know about growing food, weapons both old and modern, sword, crossbow, Rifle, most weapons from WW2 up to the SA80 and LSM, AKS 47,, knives,
due to being in the RNR, TA, and Army Cadet Force, as a instructor many years ago.
and even did Judo, karate and coached  kick boxing  !!!

now research into alternative energy, fuels, building shelters , and ways to keep the environment clean,
what people in power forget is that if we damage or pollute, the environment we all are in danger..

example www3 will be weapons of mass destruction not feet on the ground by conventional forces, as this is now to costly and you need to protect your forces and their supply lines 24/7     just my view,,of course others will have theirs as it should be in a free world,,provided we protect the weak and venerable young and old,, even our animal friend, pets and local wild life