Theresa May Calls For Snap UK General Election On June 8 – 04.18.17

  • After a kneejerk move lower on headlines regarding a statement, Cable is surging now that UK PM May has surprised the nation with a snap election on June 8th…
    As we detailed earlier, in a stunning development, Theresa May announced she would seek an early general election for Britain on June 8 to obtain a direct mandate to take the country through the Brexit divorce with the EU. The decision, which comes just three weeks after the prime minister began the formal Brexit process, has shocked British politicians as they returned from their Easter break.
  • That said, the announcement has come as two polls over the weekend put the Conservatives 21 points ahead of Labour, a lead that is likely to greatly increase its existing working Commons majority of 17, which hardly means a major shock for the general direction the UK is heading.

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