This Is Not A Game, Indictments, Arrests, Declass, Truth Activated – Episode 1812

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This Is Not A Game, Indictments, Arrests, Declass, Truth Activated - Episode 1812
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Retail sales rebound a little bit in January, but this is after revising numbers. Trump is now de-funding the [DS] and The [CB] by getting rid of wasteful programs. The Fed is now looking at retail data to explain why they are not raising interest rates. The Fed moved from looking at GDP, unemployment and stock market to retail because they know retail is weak, this way it can be used as a cover story for why they are keeping the rates stable. A Judge ordered Epstein information to be unsealed. JW files an ethic complaint against Schiff. Dark Money was used to push Dossier, it was funded by the DS. Illegals are now being quarantined because of disease. Marco Rubio tweets out a flub. Peace talks ongoing with NK. Q drops more posts. This is not a game. Snowden trapped in Russia, March Madness is here. Truth is activated, be prepared for what happens next.

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Current News – 03.11.2019

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  • After December’s narrative-destroying-“outlier” collapse in retail sales, January saw a modest rebound (+0.2% MoM) but against a downwardly revised December (from -1.2% to -1.6% MoM).


  • Under the headline data, things improved more with core retail sales up 1.2% MoM in Januray (but again with a dramatic downward revision in Dec).

Sporting Goods and building materials rose by the most…

  • Sporting goods, hobby, musical and book stores: +4.8%
  • Building material and garden equipment: +3.3%
  • Food and beverage stores 1.1%
  • Health and personal care stores: 1.6%
  • General Merchandise stores: 0.8%
  • Miscellaneous store retailers: 0.1%
  • Nonstore (Online) retailers: 2.6%
  • Food service and drinking places: 0.7%

But not everything was rosy with drops in the following sectors:

  • Motor Vehicles and parts dealers -2.4%
  • Furniture and home furnishings -1.2%
  • Electronics and appliance stores -0.3%
  • Clothing and accessories stores -1.3%
  • Gasoline Stations -2.0%
  • But the headline point is that the last two months have seen the biggest decline since March 2009...


Trump to cut $4 billion in domestic programs, elimination of Legal Services Corporation

  • President Trump’s fiscal 2020 budget proposes a massive nearly $4 billion cut in programs the White House calls useless and bloated including the popular Legal Services Corporation that uses federal money to provide free legal help to the poor that the administration believes is a local issue.
  • Of 10 targeted programs, four would be eliminated, fulfilling a 2016 Trump campaign promise to kill wasteful agencies.
  • Many of programs and agencies have been sharply criticized for years for misusing American tax dollars, including for Netflix subscriptions. One, the Bureau of International Labor Affairs, helps unions in Colombia organize, said the White House
  • The highlights of the savings, provided in advance to Secrets, total $3.966 billion.
  • Federal Land Acquisition would be reduced $187 million.
  • Essential Air Services would be reduced $30 million.
  • Jobs Corps would be reduced $703 million.
  • Senior Community Service Employment Program would be eliminated, saving $400 million.
  • Bureau of International Labor Affairs to be reduced $67 million.
  • Educational and Cultural Exchanges to be cut by $336 million.
  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers to be cut by $1.2 billion.
  • Education and Research Centers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to be reduced $146 million.
  • Letcher County Prison eliminated, saving $505 million.
  • Legal Services Corporation eliminated, saving $392 million.
  • Trump calls for cutting National Science Foundation funding by $1 billion


Think about what Trump is doing, all of these programs were setup by the corrupt government, Trump is now defunding many of their programs, remember much of this money is siphoned off

Powell says Fed will watch January retail sales data for rebound

  • Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the central bank would be watching retail sales data, which came out Monday, for signs that American consumer spending bounced back from a surprisingly weak end to 2018.
  • “So we’ll be looking to see, there’s also evidence, by the way, that spending has popped back up in January,” Powell said in the interview, which CBS noted was conducted last Tuesday. “But that’s a surprisingly weak reading.”



  • Bloomberg  economics’ global GDP tracker has been downgraded to its slowest pace since the financial crisis, with world economic growth slumping to 2.1% on a quarterly basis. That’s down from 4% in the middle of last year.
  • economists aren’t the only ones lowering their outlook on global growth. Last week, the OECD joined the IMF in slashing its 2019 growth forecast, cutting its projection for aggregate global growth to just 1%, just over half of its previous outlook of 1.8%.
  • Jerome Powell said the US economy is “in a good place”, a raft of economic data,



It seems the case of Jeffrey Epstein is not over, Mike Cernaovich tweeted out the following

Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against Adam Schiff Over His Shady Contacts with Glenn Simpson, Michael Cohen

  • “Rep. Schiff has an ethics problem. His and his staff’s irregular communications with anti-Trump witnesses reflect poorly on the credibility of the House and its committees’ investigations,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It has long been apparent that Rep. Schiff can’t be trusted to lead the Intelligence Committee, so we hope that Democrats on the Ethics Committee stop protecting Mr. Schiff and take action.”


Dark Money Org Gave $2 Million To Group Working With Fusion GPS, Steele

  • A dark money group based in California contributed $2 million to The Democracy Integrity Project, the organization that has contracted with Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to investigate President Donald Trump.
  • The Democracy Integrity Project’s founder, a former staffer for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, has acknowledged to the FBI that the group provides information to the press, lawmakers and investigators.
  • Fund for a Better Future is the second Democracy Integrity Project donor to have been identified. George Soros gave $1 million to the group.
  • A dark money group with links to several high-profile liberal activists contributed $2 million to The Democracy Integrity Project, an organization founded by a former Dianne Feinstein staffer that has contracted with Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to investigate President Donald Trump.
  • Fund for a Better Future (FBF) donated $2,065,000 to The Democracy Integrity Project (TDIP) in 2017, according to IRS filings
  • According to FBF’s most recent audit, the organization has four main donors, none of whom are identified.
  • One other prominent TDIP donor has been publicly identified.
  • George Soros contributed $1 million to TDIP


  • As of March 7, US immigration officials have quarantined at least 2,287 migrants carrying everything from mumps to chickenpox,

  • “We are seeing migrants arrive with illnesses and medical conditions in unprecedented numbers,” said US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan last Tuesday. He added that changing demographics on the southwest border – which has seen more immigrants from Central America traveling long distances, has raised health concerns and overwhelmed border officials.


Geopolitical/Police State

  • In a world in which most western liberal democracies are slamming Trump for demanding a wall be built on the US southern border to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the US, Europe is about to erect a metaphorical wall targeting legal US travelers, because starting in 2021, U.S. citizens will need a visa to visit most European countries.
  • Similar to other countries and regions in the world Europe has recently decided to improve their security level to avoid any further problems with illegal migration and terrorism,” the EU said.
  • U.S. citizens traveling to Europe for less than 90 days currently only need a passport, but the European Union announced Friday that starting in 2021 they will need a visa to visit most European countries. The decision follows an EU announcement in June of 2018 that it was in favor of imposing visas on U.S. citizens in the five countries, and the creation of a European Travel Information and Authorization System, or ETIAS, that will require “pre-travel screening for security and migration risks of travelers benefiting from visa-free access to the Schengen area”, i.e. Americans. 
  • To obtain the visas in 2021, U.S. citizens will need to have a passport, which is valid for three months beyond the period of intended stay in Europe, a credit or debit card and an email account, the EU said. There is an exception to the new rule for minors, who will still only need their normal passport.
  • The official added that the “ETIAS authorization is not a visa” and while that may be correct, without the authorization Americans won’t be allowed in so it’s effectively the same.


Whoops! Senator Rubio blames Venezuelan power outages on journalist’s name

  • U.S. Senator Marco Rubio blamed the recent power outages in Venezuela on an explosion at the German Dam in the Bolivar State.
  • The problem? There is no German Dam. Rubio mistook journalist German Dam’s name for an actual site in Venezuela.
  • “Today another transformer explosion at the German Dam in Bolivar State caused another massive blackout,” tweeted Rubio on Saturday.


Venezuelan Army introduces air surveillance over power lines after blackout

  • The Venezuelan Army has introduced an air surveillance system over the country’s power lines to protect its energy system and prevent further incidents,


Thousands show support for Maduro at ‘anti-imperialist’ march (video)

  • Thousands of supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro took to the streets of Caracas on Saturday, to show support for the Venezuelan leader during a march.



U.S. North Korea envoy says diplomacy still very much alive with North Korea

The U.S. special representative for North Korea, Stephen Biegun, said on Monday that “diplomacy is still very much alive” with North Korea, 




May 2018 Puzzle Periodical – Shall We Play a Game? Computer Tic-Tac-Toe

This month’s NSA Puzzle Periodical pays tribute to the 1983 motion picture “WarGames.” In the movie a supercomputer is programmed to play Tic-Tac-Toe.
Shall We Play A Game?
How many Tweets has POTUS ‘forwarded’ in the past 12-hours? 10,11
Primary topic(s)? steele dossier, ohr docs, clinton, fusion gps, , schiff., HR1, Border
March Madness.  Dick Vitale he loves using brackets, there is even a site called predictor.  But for our brackets I don’t think this site will work
Do you have your [ ] filled in?

Stroke, Page, Comey, Clinton, Obama Schiff, Brennan, Clapper etc….
From 2016, but as relevant as ever

The CIA Is Investing in Firms That Mine Your Tweets and Instagram Photos

Yet among the 38 previously undisclosed companies receiving In-Q-Tel funding, the research focus that stands out is social media mining and surveillance; the portfolio document lists several tech companies pursuing work in this area, including Dataminr, Geofeedia, PATHAR, and TransVoyant.

Those four firms, which provide unique tools to mine data from platforms such as Twitter, presented at a February “CEO Summit” in San Jose sponsored by the fund, along with other In-Q-Tel portfolio companies.

The investments appear to reflect the CIA’s increasing focus on monitoring social media.

Social media also offers a wealth of potential intelligence; Cohen noted

Why did @Snowden only attack NSA? He worked for the CIA, remove NSA, make them not trustworthy, CIA the only agency collecting data
Where did @Snowden work prior to NSA? CIA
Why did @Snowden pick ‘RUSSIA’ as his SAFE-PLACE? Sold info to them
What events occurred directly after release of NSA_pack(s)?
How do you avoid data privacy laws?
Charter of NSA? Global survelliance
Charter of Agency?  CIA is foreign survelliance
Define ‘Surveillance state’.
A surveillance state is a country where the government engages in pervasive surveillance of large numbers of its citizens and visitors.
Matters of NAT SEC?
Accepted Reality?
Why was the NSA targeted? To get rid of them
Why was the Agency protected/sheltered?


A serial leak of the agency’s cyberweapons has damaged morale, slowed intelligence operations and resulted in hacking attacks on businesses and civilians worldwide.

From this article it seems The NYT was in on the CIA agenda to get rid of the NSA
Parades or Restraints?  Q is asking, is Snowden a hero or not. Should have parades or should he go to prison

Connect the dots?
@Snowden released code words (NSA_key(s)).
@Snowden travels to RUSSIA.
Shadow Brokers release actual code (NSA_key(s)).
Shadow Brokers ORIG in RUSSIA.
Can you make the connection why @Snowden went to RUSSIA? Safe, selling info to Russia via the CIA
Can you make the connection who provided the source code to SHADOW BROKERS?  The Shadow Brokers (TSB) is a hacker group who first appeared in the summer of 2016.[1][2] They published several leaks containing hacking tools from the National Security Agency (NSA)[3], including several zero-day exploits.[1] Specifically, these exploits and vulnerabilities[4][5] targeted enterprise firewalls, antivirus software, and Microsoft products.[6] The Shadow Brokers originally attributed the leaks to the Equation Group threat actor, who have been tied to the NSA’s Tailored Access Operations unit.[
“The Shadow Broker is an individual at the head of an expansive organization which trades in information, always selling to the highest bidder. The Shadow Broker appears to be highly competent at its trade: all secrets that are bought and sold never allow one customer of the Broker to gain a significant advantage, forcing the customers to continue trading information to avoid becoming disadvantaged, allowing the Broker to remain in business.”[12]
Define ‘Spook’.   –A spook is the agent tasked with “erasing an issue”. Differing from a spy, a spook does not exist on paper anywhere. They are black op “kites” at a moments notice they can be cut loose with absolutely no repercussions on an agency,  
Define ‘Shadow’.  –  follower. someone who travels behind or pursues another. spy. a secret watcher; someone who secretly watches other people.
Do ‘Spooks’ hide in the ‘Shadows’? Yes
Connect the dots?
@Snowden released code words (NSA_key(s)).
@Snowden travels to RUSSIA.
Shadow Brokers release actual code (NSA_key(s)).
Shadow Brokers ORIG in RUSSIA.
Can you make the connection why @Snowden went to RUSSIA?
Can you make the connection who provided the source code to SHADOW BROKERS?
Define ‘Spook’.
Define ‘Shadow’.
Do ‘Spooks’ hide in the ‘Shadows’?
Who was Agency DIR from 2012- 2016?  Brennan   served as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from March 2013 to January 2017 
[JOHN PERRY BARLOW]  founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Freedom of the Press Foundation.
How did we know (prior to)? How did Q team know that John Perry Barlow was going to be murdered, most likely because of the keystone and angelfire.  Drop box was comprised so any drops the CIA would know and trace
Note: Gina Haspel participated in a torture program that involved beating an (innocent) pregnant woman’s stomach, anally raping a man with meals he tried to refuse, and freezing a shackled prisoner until he died. She personally wrote the order to destroy 92 tapes of CIA torture.
After Trump congradulated Gina Haspel becoming the CIA director in 2018, Snowden went after her, trying to descredit her, the question is why. Gina was “Russia expert” & London Station Chief most likely she knows everything about the U1 & SpyGate what Snowden did
Banking on HRC to win? yes
You never thought she would lose.
Banking on BRENNAN to bring you home? yes
You never expected a new DIR to be appointed.
Agency rogue elements still in control of OP?
GINA (EX_UK_DIV_) open attacks?
WHAT DO YOU HAVE LEFT TO SELL TO RUSSIA TO RETAIN YOUR SAFETY AND SECURITY? most likely nothing, the people that were keeping him safe, feeding him info are now gone, he is alone


John Perry Barlow POST January 27, 2018
John Perry Barlow DEAD February 8, 2018.
This is not a game.
Most likely Brennan had Barlow 187 . CIA had knowledge of everything, Barlow was most likley knew way to much and the CIA comprised dropbox, social media etc…. So they were watching and collecting data on Barlow