TPP/TTIP Has A Backup Plan, It’s Called CETA – Episode 1073

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Backup Plan To TPP Is CETA
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Deutsche warns that corporate earnings are going to be a disaster going into 2017. TPP and the TTIP are having trouble, but to the central bankers and corporations it does not matter they have a backup plan called CETA. CDC now has a rapid response SWAT team to combat Zika. George Soros warns Europe, each country must come inline with the EU or face extinction. US sends B-1 bombers to South Korea. Rodrigo Duterte tells the US to remove troops from the Philippines. China and Russia launch a huge naval drill in the South China Sea. Libyan Unity Government is losing the battle over the oil fields and ports. The push to segregate Iraq and Syria implemented. The Syrian peace deal does not cover terrorist groups, Russia and Syria will bomb those groups. al Sham says they reject the peace deal. US making the case to allow US troops to fight in Iraq and Syria. France and Germany are combining forces and created a EU op team outside countries armed forces. France might postpone their elections because of the terror threat.

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Current News – 09.12.2016


Deutsche Warns Companies Will Sharply Cut 2017 Earnings Expectations Next

  • TTIP – Transatlantic partnership for trade and investment – seems lifeless. German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said: “The talks with the United States de facto failed.” French Prime Minister Manu Waltz said that negotiations are “downright stagnant.” Belgian and Austrian ministers have said the same.
  • But the lobbyists who wanted this charter for corporate rights, never give up. TTIP was removed from the scene with boos, but another contract is expected to soon be activated, and whose likely impact will be almost identical,. It is in the final stage, requiring only final approval.
  • The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement CETA, is seemingly a deal between the European Union and Canada.
  • The agreement allows any corporation that operates there, regardless of where it has its headquarters, to sue governments before an international tribunal. It threatens to tear apart laws that protect us from exploitation, and is an obstacle to the passing of laws on both sides of the Atlantic. Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)
  • Only after negotiations were concluded between representatives of Europe and Canada, and the text of the agreement was leaked, it was published by the European Commission. It is 1600 pages long. It has neither content nor explanatory text. As for transparency, fairness and clarity, we see none of that.
  • Like TTIP, CETA threatens to cement privatization, by making impossible the re-nationalization  or the attempts by cities to take control of declining public services  . SETA uses broad definitions for both investment and expropriation which could allow corporations to sue governments when they consider that their “expected future profits” are threatened by new laws.
  • SETA places restrictions on the methods by which governments can protect their people. It seems to prohibit for example, the adoption of rules that would prevent banks from expanding into the state of “too big to fail.” It seems to threaten our planning laws and other protective measures based on common sense.
  • SETA claims that its a trade agreement, but many of its provisions have little to do with trade.
  • Some Bulgarian MPs are worried by SETA



CDC deploys new rapid response teams to fight Zika

  • They rush to areas where the disease is reported and help local efforts to identify other patients and health care workers who may have been in contact with an infected person. They also provide extra hands in the collection and analysis of blood samples.
  • medical SWAT teams went to Salt Lake. They have also deployed to Texas and the Miami area,


George Soros Warns Europe: Accept Refugees Or Face Extinction

  • The refugee crisis in Europe was already pushing the European Union toward disintegration
  • Rather than uniting to resist this threat, EU member states have become increasingly unwilling to cooperate with one another.
  •  First, the EU must take in a substantial number of refugees directly from front-line countries in a secure and orderly manner.

    Second, the EU must regain control of its borders. 



U.S. to send B-1 bombers to South Korea in wake of nuclear test

  •  the United States reportedly planned to send two nuclear-capable supersonic bombers to the South in a show of force against NK


Duterte Demands US Withdraw Special Forces From Southern Philippines: “They Have To Go”

  • One week after Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte (do tare tay) caused the biggest diplomatic scandal yet for his relatively new administration, when he called president Obama “son of a bitch”   , backtrack and offer tacit apologies to the US president  Duterte once again made waves on Monday when he called for the withdrawal of U.S. military from a restive southern island,
  • “These special forces, they have to go,” Duterte said


Russia sees IMF’s next loan tranche promise to Ukraine as ‘unfounded’

  • Kiev owes Moscow $3.075 billion in repayment and servicing of external bonds owned by Russia following the expiration of the so-called grace period on December 31, 2015, r

“The conclusion circulated by the IMF states that all conditions for obtaining the next tranche were met by Ukraine. This statement, in our view, is unreasonable


Chinese, Russian Navies Launch Largest Ever Joint Drill In South China Sea; Send Message To Washington 

  •  China’s navy announced earlier that China and Russia will hold eight days of naval drills in the South China Sea off southern China’s  province starting from Monday.
  • The “Joint Sea-2016” exercise will feature surface ships, submarines, fixed-wing aircraft, ship-borne helicopters and marines,  The two countries will carry out defense, rescue and anti-submarine operations, as well as “island seizing” and other activities, it added.
  •  marines will participate in live-fire drills, island defense and landing operations in what will be the largest operation ever taken together by the two countries’ navies, the statement said.


No reason for Kirkuk to remain with Iraq, says governor

  • There are no logical reasons for the disputed province of Kirkuk to remain with the Iraqi state
  •  “We have not received a single dinar from the so-called petrodollar money that the Iraqi government owes Kirkuk, so why would we stay with Baghdad. This is why the people of Kirkuk should make a decision in the referendum and decide whether they want the province to be an independent region or return to the Kurdistan Region,” he said.
  •  Under the terms of a compensation system called the petrodollar, Kirkuk should receive $2 for each exported barrel of oil.


Libya’s Unity Government Suffers Fresh Blow as Army Seizes Oil Ports

Russia says to sign TurkStream pipeline deal with Turkey in October

  • Russia plans to sign an agreement with Turkey next month on the implementation of the Turkish Stream gas export pipeline project,


Syrian Ceasefire Begins at 16:00 GMT on Monday – Russian Defense Ministry


  • Ahrar Al-Sham has officially rejected a nationalwide ceasefire proposal pushed by the United States and Russia.
  • Ahrar Al-Sham is one of the largest Syrian militant groups.


Russia to target ‘terrorists’ through Syria ceasefire deal

  • Russia said on Monday it would continue to target “terrorist” groups during a ceasefire in Syria, which came into effect at 5pm UK time on Monday.


Rebels launch new offensive in Golan Heights as ceasefire begins

  • Minutes after the commencement of the nationwide ceasefire, the Islamist rebels launched a new offensive in the Golan Heights region


U.S. special operations troops in Islamic State fight frustrated with limited role

  • Special operations troops say they should be doing more in the war against the Islamic State group, complaining of strict rules of engagement and White House limits on troop numbers in Iraq and Syria.
  • When know the US is already in combat in Iraq and Syria, but it Looks like they are preparing the US soldiers to do more in these countries especially Syria. If the US special op teams take up the slack because the moderate rebels are now fewer numbers and a US soldier is killed by Syria or Russia what does this mean, how will this escalate.


False Flags

“There Will Be More Attacks” French PM Warns 15,000 Being Radicalized 

  •  French PM Manuel Valls  said there were at least 15,000 people “on the radar of police and intelligent services who were in the process of being radicalized,” but argued that Sarkozy’s plan to “systematically place French citizens suspected of having militant links in special detention facilities” was the wrong solution.
  • French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said  there would be new attacks in France 


Germany Prepares For Domestic Troop Deployments As “Catastrophic” Terrorist Attack Deemed “Conceivable, Even Probable” 

  • Plans to utilize soldiers for counter-terrorism efforts within domestic borders is a very controversial concept for a country only seven decades removed from totalitarian rule.  Such efforts weren’t even allowed until a court decision in 2012 which expanded Article 35 of the German constitution to allow armed forces to be deployed within domestic borders but only in response to a terrorist attack of “catastrophic proportions.”


France & Germany mull new defense plan to ‘trigger EU ops more easily’

  • Paris and Berlin are planning to strengthen Europe’s defenses by establishing a joint military headquarters and completely unifying the EU’s armies, allowing the bloc “to trigger EU operations more easily,”
  • A six-page document outlining the plan prepared by French Defense Minister  and his German counterpart,  will  be distributed among the delegations of an upcoming EU meeting in
  • The proposal includes setting up a “joint and permanent EU military headquarters” to oversee various European deployments overseas. The French-German paper also mentions building a common satellite surveillance system and forming all-Europe logistics and medical commands.
  • Most notably, there would be “a tighter circle” of EU countries for some military projects or missions, when gaining unanimous agreement from all members has proven impossible, the newspaper’s report added.
  • It also discusses establishing a European officer school or introducing a unified European curriculum for national military schools in order to promote what the paper called “corporate spirit.”


France may cancel next presidential elections

  • The French PM Manuel Valls claimed while speaking at the National Assembly that the government considers possibility to cancel the next presidential elections in 2017  Valls stated that such scenario is quite legitimate given emergency state in the country.