Trump: Fed Is “Making A Big Mistake” With “Ridiculous” Rate Hikes – 10.11.2018

  • Here we go again… After roiling stock markets in Asia and Europe last night when he blamed the longest stock-market losing streak of his presidency on the Federal Reserve and its “crazy” interest rate hikes, President Trump again lit into the central bank in a Fox News interview Thursday morning where he said the Fed has gotten “a little too cute” with its interest rate hikes. “It’s ridiculous what they’re doing,” he added.
    He added that he’s “paying high interest rates because of the Fed” and that Powell & Co. are “making a big mistake” and that he’d like the Fed to “not be so aggressive.”BREAKING: Trump says Fed ‘making a big mistake’ by being too aggressive.
  • But Trump quickly turned his attacks on the Obama Administration, accusing Democrats of “having it easy” and insisting that the economy is still doing “great” because “we have more people working in the US today than at any time in the history of our country” (though he did say he could “work with the Democrats” on infrastructure spending).

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