Trump Has Turned The Tables On The Deep State, He Is Now Going After Them – Episode 1293

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Trump Has Turned The Table On The Deep State, He Is Now Going After Them
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Eurozone economic confidence declines and the economies of the European nations has not improved since the great recession. Consumer confidence is declining. Personal spending tumbles on a year to year basis. Millions of Americans just got a boost int their credit scores, and the central bank is hoping this will allow more people to go into debt. Case Shiler is reporting a surge in home prices in their 20 cities. The corporate debt bomb is ticking and it worse than ever. Trump calls for nuclear option so the government is not shutdown. In Dubai a gold backed cryptocurrency has been launched. The corporate media is pushing the fake news of Russian collusion and they are trying everything to get Trump out of office. Trump’s lawyer is now being subpoenaed to appear in front of congress. Kushner is now changing his stance on climate change. State Dept is trying to go around the President’s order on the border. The deep state plans are unravelling and they struggling to stop it. Trump has turned the tables on them.After Trump meets with Saudi Arabia, Putin is now meeting with them to setup the oil deal with Russia and China. South Korea President shocked to find out that there are more THAAD systems than the government is reporting. Russia says unidentified planes are supporting the IS in Afghanistan. McCain says Russia is worse than the IS. The deep state setting up a system to take control of Syria.

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Current News – 05.30.2017


Eurozone economic confidence slips from decade high

  • Optimism in the euro area’s economy declined unexpectedly in May from its post-financial crisis high, according to data from the European Commission. The decline came on the back of weak services’ and retail sectors.

  • The European Commission’s index of executive and consumer sentiment fell to 109.2 in May from a revised 109.7 in April. Economists expected the index to climb to 110.
  • The services confidence indicator dropped to 13.0 from 14.2 in April while the retail trade confidence index fell to 2.0 from 3.1.


Consumer Confidence Drops To Weakest Since Feb As ‘Soft’ Data Slump Continues

  •  The Conference Board’s consumer confidence has slipped to its weakest since Feb as ‘hope’ fades…

  • Plans to buy homes, cars, and major appliances all fell in May to the lowest levels of the year.
  • And the collapse of hope continues…


Personal Spending Growth Tumbles To 7-Month Lows After Dramatic Revisions 

  •  April saw personal spending rise 0.4% MoM (as expected) and personal income rise 0.4% MoM (as expected). However, year-over-year growth in spending (+4.3%, weakest since Sept 2016) and income (+3.6%, weakest since Jan 2017) both signaled a rolling over
  • Major (upward) revisions to spending data seems to have exaggerated April’s demise…

  • huge downward revisions to income and spending was re-engineered higher…


  • And this is the economic data that The Fed et al. uses to judge whether rate-hikes are appropriate – more noise, less signal.


Millions Of Americans Just Got An Artificial Boost To Their Credit Score

  •    Fair Isaac, the company behind the crucial FICO score that determines every consumer’s credit rating, “will stop including in its FICO credit-score calculations any record of a consumer failing to pay a bill if the bill has been paid or settled with a collection agency. The San Jose, Calif., company also will give less weight to unpaid medical bills that are with a collection agency.” In doing so, the company would “make it easier for tens of millions of Americans to get loans.”
  • Then, back in March of this year, in the latest push to artificially boost FICO scores,  “many tax liens and civil judgments soon will be removed from people’s credit reports, the latest in a series of moves to omit negative information from these financial scorecards. The development could help boost credit scores for millions of consumers, but could pose risks for lenders
  • The outcome of these changes was clear for the 12 million people impacted: itwill make many people who have these types of credit-report blemishes look more creditworthy.





US Home Prices Rise At Fastest Pace In 3 Years To Record Highs

  • US home prices (in the 20-city Case-Shiller universe) rose at 5.89% YoY – the strongest growth since July 2014.

  • This has pushed the national home price index to new record highs…


  • Perfect time to hike rates and deflate yet another bubble?


The Corporate Debt Bomb is Ticking

  • Corporate profits are rolling over again.
  • Two years ago, corporations posted their first year negative profit growth since the Great Crisis. We had a bounce from those depressed levels, which suckered a lot of investors into believing that fundamentals were improving.
  • That period is now ended. Year over year profits are rolling over HARD.

  •  profits are rolling over at a time when corporate leverage is nearing all time highs.
  • As the IMF has noted, the median Net Leverage to EBITDA for S&P 500 companies is close to 1.5. The last time we were anywhere NEAR these levels was at the absolute PEAK of the Tech Bubble in 2000.


Trump Calls For Senate ‘Nuclear Option’ To Avoid Shutdown, Claims “Dems Would Do It”

  • In the latest in a series of breathless tweets, President Trump tweeted on Tuesday calling for the Senate to end the filibuster and allow legislation to pass with a simple majority, saying it would allow his agenda to pass “fast and easy.” 
  • “The U.S. Senate should switch to 51 votes, immediately, and get Healthcare and TAX CUTS approved, fast and easy. Dems would do it, no doubt!”

“The reason for the plan negotiated between the Republicans and Democrats is that we need 60 votes in the Senate which are not there! We either elect more Republican Senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%. Our country needs a good ‘shutdown’ in September to fix mess!” he wrote at the time.


Gold-backed Currency Launches in Dubai

  • New gold-backed currency OneGram launched
  • Backed by one-gram of gold, uses blockchain technology
  • OneGram is first in wave of new Shariah, tech-savvy gold products
  • Gold investors should prepare for tightening in supply
  • Bitcoin and shariah gold demand suggest change in retail investor thinking
  • Technology, shariah gold and bitcoin point to changing views
  •  a new gold-backed currency has been launched, here in Dubai. It is a new currency known as OneGram (OGC) backed by one gram of gold and can be used for digital payments. There is a fixed number of OGCs and digital transaction fees (minus admin costs) will be reinvested to buy more gold. According to the managers,
  • A new safe-money standard?
  • The size of the bitcoin market might be minuscule compared to gold, and gold’s market size minuscule compared to that of the dollar, but times are changing. The increased accessibility to these sound-money, safe-haven assets is a sign that the most powerful financial group in the world – the people on the street – are harnessing ways to gain control of their investment portfolios.



White House Slams “False & Unverifiable” CNN Claims Of Intercepted Russian Trump Threats

  •  CNN reports that Russian government officials reportedly talked about having possibly “derogatory” information about President Trump and some of his top aides during the 2016 presidential race.
 “This is yet another round of false and unverified claims made by anonymous sources to smear the President,”


REPORT: Kushner ‘Modifying’ His Stance On The Paris Climate Accord

  • White House adviser Jared Kushner seems to be “modifying” his stance on the Paris climate agreement,
  • “Instead of urging the president to keep the United States in the Paris climate accord, as he sought to months ago, he has come to believe the standards in the agreement need to be changed,”


Red Alert: State Dept. Betrays Trump Promises… Issues Sickening Orders at Border

  • An internal power struggle between President Donald Trump and the U.S. Department of State could be heating up — at least if a surprising new report is accurate.
  • The New York Times has revealed that the State Department has just lifted the restrictions on the number of refugees allowed to enter the U.S., in a move that seems to fly in the face of Donald Trump’s campaign promises to voters.
  • In an email sent just days ago, a State Department official named Jennifer L. Smith quietly told private agencies involved in refugee assistance that foreigners could now enter the country “unconstrained by the weekly quotas that were in place.”
  • That quota had previously been around 830 incoming people per week. The unexpected change could nearly double the number of refugees to about 1,500 per week.
  • In other words, Obama-aligned groups within key agencies could be trying to sabotage Trump’s plans. That move would not be unprecedented, as personnel from the previous administration who still work in the Department of Justice and the FBI have reportedly resisted the new president’s agenda at every turn.
  • The timing of the email also suggests that the State Department did not want Trump supporters to notice the change


Mike Dubke Resigns as White House Communications Director

  • After just three months on the job, White House communications director Mike Dubke is out.
  • Dubke resigned on May 18, according to Axios’s Mike Allen,
  • Mike Dubke formerly worked at American Crossroads, a Super PAC formed by Karl Rove. Dubke to Rove to the press = Leaks


Trump Blasts Germany In First Tweet Of The Day 

  •    Angela Merkel to announce one day later that Germany can no longer “completely rely” on the US, Trump escalated the dispute with Germany over trade and defense while the German Chancellor met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a demonstration of her ability to pivot from the U.S. to strengthen alternative global alliances.
  • “We have a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany, plus they pay FAR LESS than they should on NATO & military,” Trump said in his first tweet on Tuesday. “Very bad for U.S. This will change”


‘EU is falling apart’ Brussels economist says Merkel’s utopian vision of Europe ‘has died’

  • Fredrik Erixon, who was voted one of the most influential economists in Europe, has warned Angela Merkel and her Brussels gang cannot stop the end of the European project.
  • The economist, who has advised the British government in the past, said the hope the election of Emmanuel Macron brought to the EU was misguided.
  • However, Mr Erixon said: “Despite the victories of the Dutch Prime Minister and Emmanuel Macron, as much as I like to share their positive view about European cooperation and empowering the EU with more authority, I think the era of an ever-closer union has ended.
  • “The notion of the ever-closer union has been very, very strong for more than 60 years, but it has died.
  • “It didn’t end with Brexit nor did it end with Trump’s scepticism about the EU.
  • “It ended far earlier than that – 15 years ago when France and the Netherlands voted against the constitutional treaty. 


Geopolitical/Police State

Putin meets Saudi Prince after oil production deal extension

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has met Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Moscow. It’s the first meeting since the world’s two largest oil producers agreed last week to extend a deal to cut production. “We’re grateful for your initiative to work together on joint actions between OPEC countries and non-members,” added the Russian President.Putin said that after a lull in business between the two, this year trade between Russia and Saudi Arabia had grown 130 percent.



North Korea Warns It’s Working On Explosive ‘Package Of Gifts’ For The US

  •  North Korea issued a warning to the U.S. in the wake of its latest successful missile launch.
  • Kim Jong Un warned Tuesday that North Korea is preparing “to send bigger ‘package of gifts’ to the Yankees” after testing a new short-range Scud variant Monday morning. The test marked North Korea’s third successful missile test in three weeks.
  • In the past three weeks, the North has tested three new weapons systems, including the new liquid-fueled Hwasong-12 medium long-range ballistic missile, the solid-fueled Pukguksong-2 (KN-15) mid-range ballistic missile, and a Scud variant that appears to have late-stage guidance capability. North Korea also tested a new surface-to-air missile system.


S. Korean president ‘shocked’ to find 4 unaccounted US THAAD launchers in his country

  • The newly-elected president of South Korea ordered a probe into why the country’s defense ministry failed to report to him the import of four more rocket launchers for the US anti-missile system in addition to the two confirmed publicly.
  • “President Moon said it was very shocking,” to hear the four additional launchers had been installed without being reported to the new government or to the public
  • Moon’s office announced a probe into an undisclosed entry of four THAAD launchers, which were brought into the country in addition to two units,
  • Moon has been critical of many policies of his predecessor, including the decision to deploy the THAAD system. He said Park failed to get a parliamentary approval for the move

South Korean President Said Summit With DPRK is Needed – Spy Chief Nominee

  • National Intelligence Service (NIS) director-nominee Suh Hoon told a parliamentary confirmation hearing that he talked with Moon, when Moon was a presidential candidate, about the need for an inter-Korean summit meeting.

    Though they failed to discuss details, they agreed on the need for such a meeting, Suh said.





  • We would like to draw attention to reports, which are received regularly, of “unidentified” aircraft that have been seen providing support to local ISIS militants in various parts of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (IRA).
  • unmarked aircraft were spotted air-dropping consignments of weapons and other supplies to ISIS groups in at least three northern provinces of Afghanistan
  • NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and US Defence Intelligence Agency Chief Vincent Stewart said they had no evidence to corroborate these allegations.
  • This begs the logical question that has to be put to the above NATO and US officials: what do they know about the identity of these so-called unidentified aircraft flying over Afghanistan,


John McCain publicly defends his ISIS army, calls Russia greater threat

  •  McCain gave ISIS the support and cover  , allowing the jihadist terror group to run amok in the Middle East, and even spread throughout Europe fulfilling the globalist chaos agenda.

  • McCain coming out in defense of ISIS should come as no surprise.
  •  Sen. John McCain told ABC TV that Russia is a bigger security threat than Islamic State,

“I think ISIS can do terrible things and I worry a lot about what is happening with the Muslim faith,” h

But it’s the Russians who tried to destroy the very fundamental of democracy,

So just to clarify, Russians are worse than lawless terrorists killing hundreds of people (including 8 year old girls) in the name of their god, paid for by Qatari and Saudi funds?



U.S. Wants Control Over Anbar and Beyond – Iraq and Syria Will Prevent It

  • The U.S. is casting its net over the desert between Iraq and Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to install military bases and power-structures that will guarantee major influence in the area for the foreseeable future. A part of that plan is to develop Sunni proxy forces that will keep the government forces of Damascus and Baghdad out of the area. Another part is to privatize important infrastructure to keep it under direct U.S. control.

As part of an American effort to promote economic development in Iraq and secure influence in the country after the fight against the Islamic State subsides, the American government has helped broker a deal between Iraq and Olive Group, a private security company, to establish and secure the country’s first toll highway. 



  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has slammed US threats to use force the Syrian Army adding that the situation “is rather alarming as it directly affects Syria’s sovereignty.”


Is The Deep State Having ISIS Relatives Killed?

  • Over the course of the past week, US warplanes have repeatedly targeted the town of Mayadeen, in the ISIS-held part of Syria. The casualties have been overwhelmingly civilian in nature, and many reports suggest those civilians were mostly relatives of ISIS fighters.