U.S. Government & CDC Are Not Disclosing Everything About Ebola – Episode 482

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youtube_cdc_lying_economic_collapse2August factory order plunge most on record. President Obama reports that the economy is recovering and looking good. Chinese renminbi is now directly tradeable with the Euro. Russian and Iran decide to use their own currencies and bypass the dollar. CDC not giving all information regarding Ebola. Report filed that emergency response teams have been a given a heads up for October Ebola crisis.  Argentina believes the central bankers/US Government are coming after her next. US stopped importing oil from Nigeria. Turkey approves operations in Iraq and Syria. U.S. moderate rebels (paid mercenary terrorists) bombed a school with a children.

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Current News – 10.02.2014


August Factory Orders Miss, Plunge Most On Record

Source: zerohedge.com

President Obama Explains How Great The Economy Is Doing Since He Took Over – Live Feed


Source: zerohedge.com

Chinese renminbi is now directly tradable with the euro

  • The Chinese central bank, People’s Bank of China, issued a press release announcing the authorization of direct trading between the renminbi and the euro on the inter-bank foreign exchange market.
  • The European Union is already China’s biggest trading partner and this is a major step in further increasing trade and investment ties with the EU as there is now a direct exchange rate between the two currencies, without the need to use the US dollar as the conduit.
  • The renminbi is quickly marching down the path of internationalization as the Chinese currency is now directly exchangeable with the US dollar, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Japanese yen, British pound, Russian ruble, and Malaysian ringgit.

Source: hangthebankers.com

  • Russia and Iran have agreed to use their own national currencies in bilateral trade transactions rather than the U.S. dollar.

Source: worldbulletin.net


No Obamacare Bailouts for Insurers Without Congressional Approval, Says GAO

  •  the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the administration can’t bail out insurers without permission from Congress.
  • So, if Congress doesn’t go along with the idea of gathering money from profitable health exchange insurers and handing it to unprofitable ones, the risk corridors idea is a non-starter.

 Source: reason.com

Police State

US Homeland Security Secretary to Form Panel on White House Protection

  •  The US Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson has announced he would form a panel of experts to carry out a review of the White House safety.
  • The panel’s findings are to be announced on December 15, Johnson said Wednesday.
  • The official explained that the panel’s main focus would be on the White House grounds, but also noted the experts might provide recommendations regarding wider issues,

Source: en.ria.ru


Man with Ebola flew roundabout trip to US

  • The first reported case of Ebola in the United States is spooking airline investors and raising the prospect that some frightened travelers might stay home despite repeated reassurances from public-health experts.
  • The Ebola man’s 28-hour trip from western Africa He flew on two airlines, took three flights, and had lengthy airport layovers before reaching Texas on Sept. 20.
  • Still, federal officials say other passengers on the flights are at no risk of infection because the man had no symptoms at the time of his trip.

Source: wfaa.com

American Ebola News Wrap: Up To 80 Potential Cases In Texas, 1 In Hawaii


  • ‘Nobody is touching each other. Nobody is shaking hands’
  • “Nobody is touching each other. Nobody is shaking hands. Everyone is saying, ‘Get away from me; Ebola is going around the school,’

Source: wnd.com


Source: breitbart.com


  • Liberia plans to prosecute the airline passenger who brought Ebola into the U.S., alleging that he lied on an airport questionnaire about not having any contact with an infected person, authorities said Thursday.
  • Among other questions, the form asked whether Duncan had cared for an Ebola patient or touched the body of anyone who had died in an area affected by Ebola.
  • Neighbors in the Liberian capital believe Duncan become infected when he helped bundle a sick pregnant neighbor into a taxi a few weeks ago and set off with her to find treatment.
  • The 80 people include 12 to 18 who came in direct contact with the infected man, as well as others known to have had contact with them, she said.
  • new details are surfacing about Thomas Eric Duncan and his voyage to the United States. Before coming to America to visit family, Duncan worked at a FedEx from which he was dismissed, after which he decided to “just go” to Texas.

Source: hosted.ap.org

Growing concerns over ‘in the air’ transmission of Ebola

  • Canadian scientists have shown that the deadliest form of the ebola virus could be transmitted by air between species.
  • In experiments, they demonstrated that the virus was transmitted from pigs to monkeys without any direct contact between them.
  • The researchers say they believe that limited airborne transmission might be contributing to the spread of the disease in some parts of Africa.
  • What we suspect is happening is large droplets – they can stay in the air, but not long, they don’t go far. But they can be absorbed in the airway”

Source: bbc.com

Ebola in the US: “Disaster Teams Were Notified Months Ago They Would Be Activated in October”

  • A public tweet from a large government supplier of emergency response products specializing in “high risk events” says that Disaster Assistance Response Teams were told to prepare to be activated in the month of October. The shocking revelation, made on the Goldenstate Fire/EMS Twitter page, suggests that not only did someone know that the Ebola virus would be reaching America, but that they knew exactly when it would happen.
  • “What we are now hearing is just the tip of the iceburg (sic) as we enter October,

“DART teams were notified months ago they would be activated in October. Timing seems weird. Source: current DART member.

The fact that the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) is involved suggests that either the Ebola virus, or the vaccine, or both, have been weaponized.

  • Moreover, the President updated several Executive Orders over the last several years authorizing, among other things, forced quarantines and round-ups in the event of a pandemic emergency and the appropriation of private resources like food, water and human labor.
  • That a major government supplier of emergency equipment has come out in the open to claim that their sources had foreknowledge of an emergency Disaster Response mobilization to occur in the United States in October of this year is an astonishing development considering what has transpired in the last 72 hours.

Source: globalresearch.ca


Governments seize colloidal silver being used to successfully treat Ebola patients

  •  World Health Organization (WHO), which recently blocked multiple shipments of nanosilver solution measuring at 10 parts per million (ppm) from entering the region,WHO officials also reportedly called off a trial at an Ebola isolation ward where local health authorities were set to begin administering the silver, which the U.S. government previously demonstrated is highly effective against Ebola.
  • Authorities block small shipment of nanosilver three times
  • According to the Natural Solutions Foundation (NSF), efforts to ship nanosilver into Sierra Leone have thus far failed. The organization has been trying to deliver a shipment of 200 bottles of nanosilver 10 ppm, and 100 tubes of nanosilver gel, to no avail.

Source: naturalnews.com

DOCUMENT: defense-threat-reduction-agency-silver-nanoparticles-neutralize-hemorrhagic-fever-viruses

Argentine president hints at US plot to remove her

  •  President Cristina Kirchner believes she faces an even bigger problem. Relations with the US have hit rock bottom and she says Washington may even want to get rid of her.
  • “If something was to happen to me, nobody should be looking to the east, but to the north after the things that are being done in diplomatic offices,” President Kirchner said in a speech,
  • She said earlier that she had received threats from the Islamic State
  •  Argentina deposited a $161 million interest payment, according to the Economy Ministry. Rather than paying the hedge funds as Griesa had instructed, this money was intended for other local creditors, as the country continues to look to restructure its debt.
  • “By making this deposit, Argentina confirms once again its unshakeable commitment to meet its obligations to bondholders,” the ministry said in a statement.

Source: rt.com

Argentinian Central Bank Chief Resigns Following President’s Speech

  • Argentina’s Central Bank Governor Juan Carlos Fábrega resigned from his position Wednes
  • She also accused elements of Argentina’s economic elite of seeking a “return to the past, when Argentina was on its knees begging for money at exorbitant interest rates.”

Source: en.ria.ru

Nigeria’s Boko Haram ‘leader’ appears in new video: AFP

  •  A man claiming to be Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau has appeared in a new video, contradicting Nigerian military reports that he had been killed

Source: reuters.com

Nigeria: For the First Time, U.S. Shuns Nigeria’s Oil

  •  the US for the first time failed to import a single barrel of crude oil from Nigeria.
  • This may spell doom for the Nigerian economy.

Source: allafrica.com


Hong Kong student leaders agree to talks with government

  • Student leaders whose pro-democracy protests have gripped Hong Kong agreed Friday to meet the government to discuss their demands, but said the resignation of the city’s leader was “a matter of time”.
  • “The Hong Kong Federation of Students is going to have a public meeting with the Chief Secretary for Administration Ms Carrie Lam,” the group said in a statement after Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying extended the offer late Thursday.

Source: dailystar.com.lb

Russia’s gas supplies to Slovakia fall due Czech reverse pumping

  • Since September 8, gas pipeline operators in Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Romania, and Italy have separately reported on declines in Russian gas supplies
  • Lower gas supplies from Russia to Slovakia  a growth of gas pumping by the Czech Republic into Slovakian underground storages in a reverse mode, Russia’s National Energy Security Fund Deputy CEO Alexei Grivach told PRIME Thursday.

Source: en.itar-itass.com

US, Poland, Ukraine refuse to take part in international Contact Group meeting in Geneva

  • Americans, Poles and Ukrainians refused to take part in the inter-parliamentary Contact Group for Ukraine, which was to meet on the sidelines of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Geneva on October 3,
  • “As for the position of overseas partners, it is becoming more evident who really seeks to restore peace in Ukraine and who opposes this process,” he said.

Source: en.itar-itass.com

Russia and Iran Lock NATO Out of Caspian Sea

Moscow Opposes Idea of Training Camp for Syrian Opposition Fighters in Georgia

  • The creation of a training camp for Syrian oppositionfighters in Georgia will damage security in South Caucasus, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday.
  • “Moscow noted recent media reports about plans to create a US training camp for Syrian opposition fighters in Georgia,” the ministry said in a statement. “

Source: en.ria.ru

US to sell arms to Saudi Arabia, UAE

  • The United States plans to sell arms to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates amid the US-led airstrike campaign against ISIL in Iraq and Syria.
  • The US considers selling Patriot missile batteries to Saudi Arabia, worth $1.75 billion, as well as $900 million worth of long-range artillery to the UAE, the Pentagon said Wednesday..
  • The agency also said that selling 12 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) Launchers to the UAE would “improve the UAE’s capability to meet current and future threats,” adding it would strengthen the country’s security for “its critical infrastructure.”

Source: presstv.ir

Syria calls on UNSC to issue clear condemnation of Wednesday’s carnage in Homs

  • The death toll from a double blast that rocked Ekrima neighborhood in Homs city on Wednesday while schoolchildren were leaving school stood at 33, most of them children. 102 others were injured.
  • “All the indications that have been compiled so far confirm that the masterminds and perpetrators of this crime are affiliated to terrorist organizations that some Western countries and their pawns in the region like to call ‘moderate opposition,” added the letters.
  • The international community, having failed to issue a clear condemnation of the atrocities committed by terrorist organizations in Syria, has encouraged them to commit such “vile acts,” said the ministry.

Source: sana.sy

Cyber Attacks

House Intel Chief Wants To Increase Cyber Attacks Against Russia

  • The United States should be conducting more disruptive cyber attacks against nations like Russia, according to Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.
  • “I don’t think we are using all of our cyber-capability to disrupt” actors in Russia targeting U.S. interests, he said at The Washington Post’s cybersecurity summit on Thursday.
  • Rogers cited attacks out of Russia on the U.S. financial sector, specifically against JP Morgan Chase in August, as an example of nation states targeting U.S. companies and financial interests.

Source: defenseone.com