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Time is running out for Greece as more people rush to the ATM to take out their money.  Greece in continues talks with Germany. US Government bails out students and allows their students loans to be wiped clean. Real Estate prices flat and falling. Major investment companies purchase thousands of homes which takes them off the market. Obamacare popularity hits all time low. TPP will undercut healthcare in the US and in other countries.US wages war on free speech with a court order to produce anonymous comments from Reason.com. US sending more troops and military assets to Iraq, Lebanon and Ukraine to preposition them for the upcoming war. US opens its 5th base in Iraq. US and coalition forces making their move to oust Assad.

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Current News – 06.10.2015


Tick-Tock,Tick-Tock Tsipras or There Could Be a Graccident

  • The Greek government must make a $1.9 billion debt repayment to the International Monetary Fund by the end of this month.

Source: sputniknews.com

As Seen In Greece: “I Rushed To The Bank” And The Return Of ATM Lines?

  • Fears of a default last week drove another increase in withdrawals. More than €500m left the system on Friday, the day Greece missed a €300m payment due to the IMF, saying it would bundle up four separate loan instalments and instead make a single €1.5bn payment at the end of June.

Source: zerohedge.com

The Job Market Will Get Much Worse, JPMorgan Warns

  • Michael Feroli, a JPMorgan economist, said the economy will produce even fewer jobs in the future. In the absence of new jobs, will mass death be the only thing that straightens out the job to population ratio?

Source: zerohedge.com

Student Debt Cancellations Begin: Government To “Forgive” $3.6 Billion After Corinthian Closure

  • The White House is exploring more “efficient” ways for students to discharge debt in bankruptcy and the “cancel all student debt” calls have begun in earnest.  90% of students at for-profit schools have taken out loans to pay for their education.

  • The federal government will erase much of the debt of students who attended the now-defunct Corinthian Colleges, officials announced Monday, as part of a new plan that could cost taxpayers as much as $3.6 billion.
  • This precedent set by this decision is precisely what we warned about nearly two months ago. In essence, this means that if the government continues to crack down on for-profit schools, the ensuing debt cancellations will run into the tens, if not hundreds of billions.


Officials said that under the emerging plan, the government will consider forgiving any loans made directly by the government—those held by the majority of the 43 million Americans with student debt—so long as the borrower can document a school persuaded him or her to take out the loan under conditions that would violate state laws.

The Education Department plans to use a provision of a decades-old federal law that allows borrowers to have loans discharged if they can prove their schools broke a state law—such as by using false advertising or other deception—to lure them to apply and borrow funds.

The central bankers know there are no jobs, they know the students coming out of college were told by colleges that after 4 years they will receive a job, the US government told students to go back to school to get a job. So students took out student loans to go to college to receive an educationto get a job. There are no jobs so the students with the help of laywers make the case of how the colleges deceived them, the debt will be written off and the tax payers will bail out the student loans. This will become a never ending cycle.

Source: zerohedge.com

This Time Is Different: Miami Condo Prices Flatline For First Time In Six Years

  •  the growth rate fell to 16% in 2014 from 20%+ in the two previous years. The primary driver for the Downtown Miami Condominium market is foreign investment. Due to the recent advance of the U.S. Dollar vs. most South American and European currencies, the advantageous buying power of foreign investors has been diminished significantly since 2011 
  • The trend has continued in recent months , many developers are now having a difficult time locating buyers as “whole countries” are priced out of the market.

Source: zerohedge.com

Cerberus said to buy 4,200 houses in biggest U.S. bulk purchase

  • Cerberus Capital Management is buying about 4,200 U.S. houses, expanding its foray into home rentals in the industry’s largest bulk purchase.
  •  The purchase will make Cerberus one of the top 10 owners of U.S. houses as the institutional rental industry built from the housing crisis consolidates.
  • Cerberus, with about $25 billion under management, became a landlord this year when it acquired Five Ten Capital, a company with more than 1,500 houses. The New York-based firm entered the industry more than two years later than Wall Street peers such as Blackstone Group LP and Colony Capital Inc., who started buying when home values were depressed in 2012 and went on to build national businesses to manage the scattered properties.
  • Some of the BLT houses Cerberus is buying are occupied by tenants with Section 8 vouchers from the U.S. government’s housing-assistance program, two of the people said. Section 8 vouchers are generally for families who earn less than 50 percent of a metro area’s median income, according to the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department.

Source: chicagotribune.com

BRICS Bank, AIIB Can Benefit Latin America, Caribbean – LAC CommissionDaria

  • BRICS Development Bank and China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) can help South and Central America countries develop their infrastructure, the executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) told Sputnik.

Source: sputniknews.com


Obamacare Hits Record Unpopularity

Source: economicpolicyjournal.com

U.S. proposes to extend work permits of foreign students

  • The Obama administration has proposed to provide six-year work permit to certain category of foreign students in the U.S.
  • What does the new regulation say
  • A student who graduates from a bachelor’s degree programme involving science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects could work for up to three years after graduation in student status, then go on to get a master’s degree and work for three more years after that.

Source: thehindu.com

Revealed Emails Show How Industry Lobbyists Basically Wrote The TPP

Source: gotslaves.info

Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal Undercuts US Health Care System

  • The United States’ Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, negotiated with 11 other countries, undermines the US health care system, the consumer rights advocacy group Public Citizen said Wednesday.
  • Peter Maybarduk, Public Citizen’s Global Access to Medicines Program director, says US President Barack Obama’s secretive negotiation process, “acting at the behest of pharmaceutical companies, has subjected Medicare to a series of procedural rules.”
  • “That would limit Congress’ ability to enact policy reforms that would reduce prescription drug costs for Americans — and might even open to challenge aspects of our health care system today,”
  • Preliminary analysis conducted by Wikileaks has revealed that the negotiating countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Japan and other Latin American and Southeast Asian countries, would suffer similar consequences as the US health care system.

Source: sputniknews.com

TTIP Trade Deal Set to Trigger Wave of Privatization – German Activist

  • The agreement is expected to authorize the privatization of public infrastructure, healthcare, etc. Thus, the municipalities would lose their powers to some extent and become limited in their ability to self-govern,”

Source: sputniknews.com

The War on Free Speech – U.S. Department of Justice Subpoenas Reason.com Over Comment Section

  • The United States Department of Justice is using federal grand jury subpoenas to identify anonymous commenters engaged in typical internet bluster and hyperbole in connection with the Silk Road prosecution. DOJ is targeting Reason.com, a leading libertarian website…
  • Many aspects of the First Amendment have been neutered in practice. For example, the right to assemble peacefully and effectively is often prevented in practice by the need to secure permits and other hindrances (see “free speech cages” and “protest zones”) . Meanwhile, on college campuses, where activism is historically most vibrant, many schools have embraced the Orwellian concept of “free speech zones” in order to prevent free speech.
  • California Student Banned from Handing Out Constitutions on Campus

Administrators further clarified their level of respect for students’ free speech rights, making comments like, “This isn’t really the ’60s anymore,” and “people can’t really protest like that anymore,” according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. 

Why is the government using its vast power to identify these obnoxious asshats, and not the other tens of thousands who plague the internet?

Because these twerps mouthed off about a judge.

Last week, a source provided me with a federal grand jury subpoena. The subpoena1, issued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, is directed to Reason.com in Washington, D.C.. The subpoena commands Reason to provide the grand jury “any and all identifying information”2 Reason has about participants in what the subpoena calls a “chat.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.24.01 AM


The grand jury subpoena specifies that it is seeking “evidence in regard to an alleged violation of: Title 18, United States Code, Section 875.” In other words, the U.S. Attorney’s Office is looking for evidence of violations of the federal law against interstate threats. That’s the same statute that was at issue in the Supreme Court’s decision in Elonis v. U.S. last week, in which the Court decided that to be a “true threat” in violation of Section 875, the speaker must have some level of knowledge or intent that the hearer will take the threat seriously.

  • So: the government has used the grand jury to subpoena a news magazine for the identity of anonymous commenters who have engaged in political rhetoric that is clearly protected by the First Amendment. 

Source: libertyblitzkrieg.com


US to Sell $1.9Bln Aegis Missile Defense Systems to South Korea

  •  The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Republic of Korea for Aegis Combat Systems and associated equipment, parts and logistical support for an estimated cost of $1.91 billion,” the proposed sale of the Aegis missile systems will enhance the US foreign policy and national security.
  • In March 2015, US defense contractors and South Korea signed two major deals for Stinger missiles and air-to-air launchers for Apache helicopters. US defense contractors also signed a $769 million contract to upgrade the South Korea’s Patriot advanced missile defense system.

Source: sputniknews.com

Donetsk envoy: self-proclaimed republics’ amendments to constitution conform to Minsk-2

  • Draft amendments to Ukraine’s Constitution presented by the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk (DPR, LPR) on June 8 have been drawn up in strict compliance with the Minsk agreements of February 12, 2015,

Source: tass.ru

Donetsk notes movement of heavy weapons in Artyomovsk, Krasnogorovka

  • redeployment of heavy weapons in the area of Krasnogorovka ,

Source: tass.ru

NATO to Boost Ukrainian Military Medical Assistance

  • The project was designed to facilitate quick access to medical help and boost long-term medical services provided to the Ukrainian military, as well as bolstering medical rehabilitation in the country.

Source: sputniknews.com

26 million civilians at risk in Yemen: Red Cross

  • The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRChas warned of a worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen, saying 26 million civilians are at risk in the impoverished country, which has been under Saudi airstrikes since March 26. 
  • severe shortages in food, water, fuel and medical aid in Yemen. 

Source: presstv.ir

Rival Libyan factions urged to agree quickly on power-sharing deal at Berlin meeting

Source: usnews.com

Islamic State Nears Libya’s Oil Ports as UN Seeks Urgent Accord

  • Islamic State strengthened its hold in central Libya, seizing territory near the country’s largest oil terminal,
  • Islamic State has been able to consolidate as Libya,

Source: bloomberg.com

US State Department approves sale of 6 military aircraft to Lebanon

  • The U.S. State Department has approved a deal to sell six military aircraft to Lebanon, along with other military hardware and support equipment as part of a proposed $462 million arms deal.
  • The proposed deal includes six A-29 Super Tucano planes, which are military aircraft specialized in light attacks, counter insurgency, close air support and reconnaissance missions, 

Source: dailystar.com.lb

Israeli Commander Warns Syria, Lebanon Borders Teeming With Terrorist Activity — ‘We Have to Prepare Our Forces for War’

Source: algemeiner.com

Islamic State already in Russia

  •  the Islamic State has been invading Russia. The active penetration started in late 2014,

Source: english.pravda.ru

US Will Send 400-1000 More Troops To Iraq; Open New Military Base

  •  around 500-1000 additional U.S. trainers to help Iraqi forces in the fight against Islamic State, citing an unnamed U.S. official.

Source: zerohedge.com


Thousands of US paratroops head for Iraq. Tehran braces for onset of ISIS terror attacks on cities

  • The United States this week began transferring to Iraq and Gulf bases elite units of the US 82nd Airborne Division. military sources report that the first batch of 500 officers and men will be deployed in Baghdad and the Kurdish republic’s capital of Irbil, followed by another 500 in July  .
  • US is about to open its 5th military base in Iraq.
  • Dempsey said there will be no radical change to the U.S. approach in Iraq.

Source: debka.com


  •  After the documents were released that the US created and supports ISIS when asked the question to the US intelligence the response was no comment. 
  • In other words, when asked whether or not the United States has actively supported al-Qaeda, ISIS, and/or other terrorist organizations, the DIA answered that it could not confirm that the United States has NOT funded al-Qaeda and ISIS. Obviously, this is because the United States has indeed funded these organizations

Source: activistpost.com

US State Department Confirms US Citizen Killed in Syria

  • The United States verified that US citizen Keith Broomfield died in Syria, US State Department spokesperson Jeff Rathke said 

Source: sputniknews.com

US Senate panel denounces ‘war crimes’ in Syria

  • The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has approved a bill that condemns violence in Syria and calls on the State Department to report to Congress on war crimes and crimes against humanity in the country.
  • The bill denounces the use of chemical weapons, the targeting of civilian populations with barrel and cluster bomb and missiles and what it says are “gross human rights violations” carried out by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad and violent extremist groups.

Source: dailystar.com.lb

Syria demands UN take immediate steps against Qatari regime for its support for terrorism

Source: sana.sy

  •  ISIS militants blew up a pipeline feeding natural gas from easternSyria to the suburbs of the capital Damascus early Wednesday morning,  the pipeline was near the T-4 military airport
  • “This pipeline was used to carry gas into the suburbs of Damascus and Homs to generate electricity and provide heating in individual homes,”
  • Blowing up gas pipelines demonstrates that “the name of its game for now is denial of key resources to the regime,” Sayigh wrote recently.

Source: dailystar.com.lb

Removing Assad is the best way to defeat Isil in Syria

Source: telegraph.co.uk

Cyber Attacks

Cyberattack targeted Iran nuclear talks venues: Kaspersky Lab

  • A computer virus was used to hack into venues linked to international talks on Iran’s nuclear program, Russian computer security company Kaspersky Lab said on Wednesday.
  • The Wall Street Journal said the virus was widely believed to be used by Israeli spies and Kaspersky had linked it to “three luxury European hotels” used in the negotiations involving Iran and six world powers.

Source: news.yahoo.com

Russian hackers likely behind ‘IS group cyber attack’ on French TV network

  • A cyberattack on French television network TV5  may have been carried out by Russia-based backers, investigators said Tuesday.
  • The “CyberCaliphate” attack that threatened French soldiers and shut down the Paris-based television network for hours was probably launched from computers in Russia,

Source: france24.com

False Flags


  • Australian intelligence is reporting ISIS may have enough radioactive material to build its own “dirty” bomb, and the 40-nation bloc of NATO is expressing concern.
  • Most of the at-issue materials are normally only available to governments, the Independent reported. But the recent sweeps of ISIS across Syria and Iraq have given terrorists access to much of this off-limits material, and fears are growing the group may have finally accumulated enough to construct its own devastating and “dirty” bomb, the news outlet said.

Source: wnd.com