US Government Is Now Ready To Start Phase II, Operation Remove Assad – Episode 733

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US Ready To Remove Assad
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Greek stock market reopened. S&P downgrades the Euro zone. Energy companies are laying off because of oil price drop. Spending slows and is the weakest since Feb. Manufacturing declines, the economy is collapsing.GM sales implodes but the government steps in to purchase the autos. Construction spending declines, new construction comes to a screeching halt.IMF changes its mind and says the continuation of sanctions will hurt the Russian economy. The US will issue more green cards than three states combined. States pushing mandatory vaccination for children. Ukraine using propaganda that Russia will attack Baltic Region. The US Government is starting Phase II, operation remove Assad. US will retaliate against Assad if he attacks the FSA.

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Current News – 08.03.2015


Greek Stocks, Economy Collapse, Suffer Worst Declines In History

  • The Athens Stock Exchange reopened on Monday .Shares opened lower by nearly 23% and the country’s banks traded limit-down, which makes sense because they are, after all, largely insolvent.


S&P Dares To Go There: Downgrades European Union To Negative Outlook

  • Just a few short years after they dared to downgrade the US,
  • We are sure this will be met by S&P office raids throughout Europe, litigation over somethhing or other, and denials broadly from any and every unelected member of EU’s  


Layoffs Surge As Oil Price Outlook Remains Sober

  • Royal Dutch Shell announced July 30 that it expects to eliminate 6,500 positions.
  •  British utility Centrica said it plans to cut fully 6,000 jobs
  • Chevron Corp. of the United States expected to eliminate 1,500 positions.
  • Saipem, for example, says it plans to cut 8,800 jobs


Univita of Florida / 3 related companies – 1,002

Roberts Hawaii – 102 Layoff Notices

Southeast Homecare LLC – 217

Walter Energy – 194, Warns 545 of Future Layoffs

Ingram Micro – 540

Real Personal Spending Growth Weakest Since Feb, Savings Rate Rises

  •  personal spending rose just 0.2% – meeting expectations – but slowing its growth dramatically from the 0.7% revised May data. And the bad news, real personal spending was unchanged in June, its weakest growth (or lack of it) since February.



ISM Manufacturing Slumps To 3-Month Lows Led By Plunge In Employment

  •  ISM Manufacturing data has been ‘leaked’ early and is reportedly printing 52.7 in July, down from 53.5 prior and missing expectations. This is theweakest print since March as the Q2 bounce is now officially dead.


Here Is The Reason Why GM’s July Car Sales Smashed Expectations

  • GM impressed everyone once again when it reported that in the month of July it sold 272,512 cars in the US, or a 6.4% jump compared to a year earlier. This was an impressive beat to consensus expectations of just a 0.6% increase.

  • What caused this jump?
  • On one hand the relentless surge in reckless debt-financing for car purchases continues to be a major factor, and as Housing Wire reports (what we have covered extensively in the past) “auto debt accounted for 81% of the increase in overall non-mortgage debt among mortgage holders over the past 4 years.”
  • the government itself which is buying GM cars hand over fist, thereby engaging in yet another indirect bailout of the formerly bankrupt automaker,
 Fleet deliveries in July were down 20 percent year over year, as the company continues to execute its plan to reduce sales to rental customers and grow commercial and government deliveries.Government sales were up 38 percent, with deliveries to state and local governments up 59 percent.


Construction Spending Growth Slumps To 2015 Lows 

  • construction spending growth tumbled to just 0.1% in May – the weakest since Nov 2014.



IMF Says Western Sanctions Could Cut 9% off Russia’s GDP

  • Sanctions linked to the Ukraine crisis could end up costing Russia 9 percent of its gross domestic product, the International Monetary Fund said on Monday 




  • The most significant of all immigration documents issued by the U.S. is, by far, the “green card.” When a foreign citizen is issued a green card it guarantees them the following benefits inside the United States: lifetime work authorization, access to federal welfare, access to Social Security and Medicare, the ability to obtain citizenship and voting privileges, and the immigration of their family members and elderly relatives.
  • Under current federal policy, the U.S. issues green cards to approximately 1 million new Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) every single year. For instance, Department of Homeland Security statistics show that the U.S. issued 5.25 million green cards in the last five years, for an average of 1.05 million new legal permanent immigrants annually.
  • If Congress does not pass legislation to reduce the number of green cards issued each year, the U.S. will legally add 10 million or more new permanent immigrants over the next 10 years—a bloc of new permanent residents larger than populations of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina combined.


HPV Vaccine Mandated for All Rhode Island Middle School Students

  • If the Rhode Island child is middle-school age, it is now mandatory to receive a Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. The jab would most likely be a Gardasil shot, made by Merck – studied for less than two years in about 1,200 children under age 16 before it became licensed and fast-tracked by the FDA.
  • As naturopath Rosanne Lindsay recently wrote:

In June, California became the first state to mandate vaccination for all children attending public and private schools. Similar mandates will apply to all adults working in daycare settings. There are currently 58 bills in 24 different states that would limit your rights when it comes to vaccines, or lose your job. A proposed Federal law will attempt to jab the entire nation.

  • The Associated Press has reported that starting this coming school year, middle school students must receive the jab unless they have medical or religious exemptions (both are difficult to obtain):

    Tricia Washburn, chief of the office of immunization for the Rhode Island Department of Health, said the Centers for Disease Control found no safety concerns with the vaccine.

    “The bottom line is that HPV is the most sexually transmitted disease in the U.S.” she said. “We are interested in protecting the public health. We feel it shouldn’t be treated any differently than any of the other vaccines recommended by the CDC.”

    Actually, this vaccine in particular should be treated differently than other vaccines. By different, I mean extra banned – or for a person to have the secured freedom to opt-out. It has been shown to be deadly, injurious, and unnecessary given how the immune system can overcome warts. (Quick facts about HPV) By the summer of 2009, this fast-tracked vaccine already caused more than 15,000 thousand reports of vaccine reactions, including more than 3,000 injuries and 48 deaths.

    Virginia and Washington, D.C. have likewise joined in mandating the HPV shot.



Ukraine’s GDP to shrink by over 7% in 2015 — economy minister

  • Ukraine’s GDP is expected to shrink by more than 7% this year,
  • Ukraine has been registering a decline in industrial output for the consecutive 38 months while inflation has reached 57%, the economy minister said.


Kiev hopes to sign agreement on gas supplies with Gazprom in October — Naftogaz CEO


Contact Group’s sub-groups will meet in Minsk in afternoon — Belarusian foreign ministry

  • Contact Group on Ukrainian settlement’s sub-groups will hold meetings today in Minsk 
  • After meetings of four sub-groups, the Contact Group will hold talks. On agenda are issues of Shirokino demilitarization, finalizing the agreement on withdrawing weaponry of less than 100mm caliber, discussing political part of the roadmap of peace process and humanitarian and economic issues.


East Ukraine War: Fears Grow As Right Sector Leader Dmytro Yarosh Wants To Begin ‘New Phase’ Of Ukrainian Revolution

  • “We are an organized revolutionary force that is opening the new phase of the Ukrainian revolution,” Dmytro Yarosh, Right Sector’s leader, said during a rally last month in Kiev. The rally hosted up to 5,000 Right Sector activists, the Financial Times reported.


Ukraine President Hints Putin Could Attack Bulgaria, Romania

  • Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has suggested his Russian counterpart VladimirPutin could go as far as he is allowed to, if he embarks on an offensive into Europe, including the Black Sea countries.This is an apparent reference to Bulgaria and Romania, which Kiev has repeatedly warned might become a target of what it calls “Russian aggression” 


Ukraine Says Pro-Russia Rebels Are Building a Dirty Bomb


US Marines declare F-35 fighter jet ‘ready for combat’

  • The head of the US Marine Corps confirmed that 10 of its often-problematic F-35B fighter jets are ready for combat. The branch’s own model can take off from warships and aircraft carriers, and land like a helicopter
  • The Marine Corps plans to send the first squadron of F-35B jets to Iwakuni, Japan, but Friday’s announcement means the jets could respond to a crisis anywhere in the world.


NATO agrees plan to strengthen Iraq’s army

  • NATO will help Iraq reform and strengthen its security forces
  • Training will be held in Turkey and Jordan, meaning NATO will not need a new agreement with Iraq to base troops there.


US-led air strikes on ISIS targets killed more than 450 civilians — including 100 children: report

  • The air campaign against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has killed more than 450 civilians, according to a new report, even though the US-led coalition has so far acknowledged just two non-combatant deaths.   including those of more than 100 children.
  • More than 5,700 air strikes have been launched in the campaign, which nears its first anniversary this Saturday with its impact on civilians largely unknown.


Special Forces disguised as ISIS fighters operating in Syria – military sources

  • It is reported that up to two SAS squadrons of men, around 120 personnel in all, are operating inside the borders of Syria as part of Operation Shader, which aims to destroy equipment and munitions used by the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).
  • The troops are operating under US command as part of the Coalition Joint Special Operations Task Force.
  • The soldiers operate mini-drones, scouting the way ahead for targets, assigning and operating in so-called ‘kill-boxes’ – areas of territory in which no coalition airstrikes will take place during the soldiers’ time there.


Talks on ‘Turkish Stream’ on hold till November – media

  • According to the Russian president’s spokesperson, that is when Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan are planning to meet.

  • Talks have not been officially stopped, but were de facto halted since mid-June, The fact that Turkey currently has no cabinet of ministers is the main obstacle to the negotiations.


Turkey’s Erdogan Claims Putin Changing Stance on Syria

  • Turkish President said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has changed his long-standing approach of full support to Syrian leader Bashar Assad


Amid Escalating Violence In Turkey, Erdogan Says Putin Ready To “Give Up On Assad” 

  • “He is no longer of the opinion that Russia will support Assad to the end. I believe he can give up Assad,” Source:

ISIL Could Exploit Destabilization Caused by US Aid to Syrian Opposition

  • Washington aiding Syria’s opposition will lead to further destabilization in the country, creating a situation that could be exploited by the Islamic State (ISIL) extremist group, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday.


US plan to topple Assad ‘at new stage’: Former CIA contractor

  • Former CIA contractor Steven Kelley says the Pentagon is entering a “new stage” to get assad


Obama Authorizes “Defensive” Airstrikes Against Assad Regime In Syria 

  •  President Barack Obama has authorized using air power to defend a new U.S.-backed fighting force in Syria if it is attacked by Syrian government forces or other groups, raising the risk of the American military coming into direct conflict with the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.
  • Though the new rules allow Pentagon strikes to defend the U.S.-allied force against any regime attacks, 
  • Obviously, this looks like a rather transparent effort to make it effectively impossible for Assad to avoid open conflict with the US.


US says may take ‘additional steps’ to defend Syria allies

  • The White House said on Monday that it is willing to take “additional steps” to defend US-allied fighters in Syria, warning the government of Bashar al-Assad not to impede their actions.


Deadly Explosion in Syria’s Idlib Caused by US Missile, Not Plane Crash

  • Original media reports of a deadly explosion caused by a military aircraft crashing near the northwestern Syrian city of Jericho in the Idlib Governorate were incorrect as the city was hit by a US cruise missile
  •  Syrian media reported at least 25 people killed and dozens injured in an explosion in a residential area.
  • “The reports of a Syrian fighter aircraft crashing in Idlib were false. A cruise missile of the international coalition led by the United States hit [the city],


Syria’s Western-backed Political Opposition Again Selects President

  • Syria’s western-backed political opposition, the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, reelected Khaled Khoja for a second term as its president