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Deutsche Warns Market Ready To Rollover
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Initial and continuing claims continue to surge. New home sales collapsed.The Dow hit 20,000 and the debt is about to hit 20 Trillion all at the same time. The stock market fueled by debt. Trump’s expected Ambassador says the EU will collapse. Deutsche Bank reports the global economy is about to rollover and world trade will decline. Be prepared for the inflationary depression. Trump is pushing forward with his executive orders. EPA creates rogue twitter accounts to bypass the gag order. White House debunks the case they told the EPA to take down climate change page. Mexico says it will not pay for the wall. Net neutrality is under fire as Trump appoints Ajit Pai. Secret service agent says she will not take a bullet for Trump. Trump says he is for torture but will look to Mattis and Pompeo to decide. Tulsi Gabbard visits Syria and comes back with horror stories about the US and terrorists and says it needs to stop.Corporate media pushing the idea that Trump will create safe zones in Syria in his next executive order, no executive order has been seen. The doomsday clock has been moved to two and a half minutes to midnight, the elite are pushing their agenda to trap Trump in a war and collapse the economy.

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Current News – 01.26.2017


Initial, Continuing Claims Jump Despite Surge In Fed’s National Actvity Index 

  •  initial and continuing claims (adjusted) data has bee trending (albeit noisily) higher since troughing at the moment of the election

  • Being the most real-time index of activity (and not a survey of hope), one has to wonder why this is deteriorating when The Fed’s National Acitivty Index says everything is awesome…

Source: zerohedge.com

New Home Sales Collapse In December As Trump Rate Surge Hits 


  • With soaring mortgage rates and plunging mortgage applications, it should be no surprise that new home sales crashed in December. Analysts expected a modest 0.7% decline but sales crashed 10.4% – the most since March 2015 -this is the lowest since Feb 2016.
  • First annual decline since February…

  • Home sales in The Midwest crashed 41% sequentially and 29% YoY.


Source: zerohedge.com

Wholesale Inventories Surge At Fastest In 14 Months (Thanks To Automakers) 

  • Great news – Q4 GDP just got another technical boost as advance wholesale inventory rebuilding surged by 1.0% MoM and 2.60% YoY in Dec 2016 (the biggest surge since Oct 2015),

  • The YoY surge was dominated by a 7.7% spike in motor vehicle inventories but perhaps worryingly December saw auto inventories decline 1.0% MoM.

Source: zerohedge.com

Is It Just A Coincidence That The Dow Has Hit 20,000 At The Same Time The National Debt Is Reaching $20 Trillion?

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average provides us with some pretty strong evidence that our “stock market boom” has been fueled by debt.  On Wednesday, the Dow crossed the 20,000 mark for the first time ever, and this comes at a time when the U.S. national debt is right on the verge of hitting 20 trillion dollars.  Is this just a coincidence? 

Dow Fueled By Debt

  • We would never have gotten to 20,000 on the Dow if Barack Obama and Congress had not gotten us into an extra 9.3 trillion dollars of debt over the past eight years.

Source: theeconomiccollapseblog.com

Trump’s Expected Ambassador To EU Says “Short The Euro, Collapse May Come In 12 To 18 Months”

  • Partial Transcript
“I am not certain there will be a European Union in which to have negotiations… The one thing I would do in 2017 is short the euro. I think it is a currency that is not only in demise, but has a real problem and could in fact collapse in the coming year or year and a half.”
  • That aside, it is refreshing to hear such discussions. The breakup of the Eurozone or EU is a very distinct possibility.

Deutsche Warns Global Economy About To Roll Over, Says “Sell”

  • DB’s European equity strategist Sebastian Raedler highlighted that, according to the latest flash PMIs, global growth momentum hit a six-year high in January.
  • And with global macro surprises close to their all-time high – much of which has been predicated on the relentless debt-creation by China which just got instruction to slow down dramatically in the current quarter – the DB strategist says they are likely to roll over from current elevated levels, resulting in a slowdown in global growth in the coming months. 
  • Finally, there is no more “cash on the sidelines” – cash holdings for US mutual funds are close to a 5-year low, suggesting that little money remains on the sideline waiting to come into the market.

Source: zerohedge.com

Are You Ready For An Inflationary Depression?

  • We are heading into a new depression. It is not coming. It is already here but we are only in the beginning so it may not be easy for many people to see just yet. Once it is easy to see it will be too late for any meaningful actions to mitigate the effects.We have 20 trillion in debt, over 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities and over a quadrillion in derivatives held by the banks.Our GDP is only about 17 trillion a year and world GDP is only about 60 trillion.It does not take a math wiz to realize that even if we are not paying any interest at all on this massive debt, there is no way to ever pay it all back short of some type of default.

    That is what depressions do. They wipe out all of the misallocation of resources and bad debt and provide a reset for the economy.

    The amount of debt, brought on by decades of unrestricted credit creation, is the largest in history. That means we are in for a very bad ride in the near future.

    Much of the money that people think they have is really only made up of digits in some computer somewhere. The banking industry has already taken this money for its own use. To eliminate the need to ever give it back to the rightful owners they must destroy these digits. That is what the new bail-ins are all about. They can at some point just wipe all of those digits out of existence and say tough luck suckers.
    In the end the inflationary depression will end with the currency collapsing and people losing everything they have that is not fully owned. Eventually we will see deflation as prices fall due to the destruction of the monetary system. At this point most people will be financially devastated. Those that make it to this point with their wealth in tact will be the new wealthy class.

    So how can a person survive something like this? If you have a years supply of food, it does not matter what the current price is, you will have the means to feed them.

    If your home is paid for, your car is paid for and you have a supply of energy or a way to produce it yourself, it will not matter to you how fast prices are changing or how much money you bring home every week.

    Those that survive on credit will be devastated as their access to credit is cut off and they become unable to continue making payments on their possessions.

Source: projectchesapeake.wordpress.com

Source: zerohedge.com


All of Trump’s executive actions so far

  • President Donald Trump has spent his first days using his executive authority to rewrite American policy and undo a string of decisions made by former president Barack Obama. Here’s a running list of the new president’s executive actions:
  • 1. Providing “relief” from the Affordable Care Act
     This order allows the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the heads of other departments and agencies to waive or delay the implementation of any ACA provisions that would impose a financial burden or any state or a regulatory burden on any individuals.
  • 2. Freezing all regulations
    The action, given in a memorandum from White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, delays all regulations with the exception of health, safety, financial or national security matters allowed by the Office of Management and Budget director.
  • 3. Reinstating the “Mexico City” abortion policy
    The president reinstated the so-called “Mexico City Policy”, which blocks the use of U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund foreign non-governmental organizations that perform or promote abortions.
  • 4. Scrapping the Trans-Pacific Partnership
    Trump’s next executive action withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which former President Barack Obama negotiated with 11 other pacific nations. The deal was never ratified by the Senate,
  • 5. Freezing the federal workforce
     The order does not apply to military personnel and the head of any executive department may exempt positions that include national security or public safety responsibilities.
  • 6 & 7. Advancing the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines
     The DAPL action instructs an expedited review and approval of the remaining construction and operation of the pipeline by the Army for Civil Works and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  • 8. Expediting Environmental Reviews on Infrastructure Projects
     The action states that infrastructure projects in the U.S. “have been routinely and excessively delayed by agency processes and procedures.” The action instructs the Chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality to create expedited procedures and deadlines for environmental reviews and approvals for high-priority infrastructure projects.
  • 9. Promoting “Made-in-the-USA” pipelines
     It establishes that all steel and metal used in such pipelines be completely produced in the United States, from the initial melting stage to the application of coatings.
  • 10. Reviewing domestic manufacturing regulation
    Trump issued an action that instructs the Secretary of Commerce to contact stakeholders to review the impact of Federal regulations on domestic manufacturing. After the review, the Secretary of Commerce is instructed to create a streamlined Federal permitting process for domestic manufacturers.
  • 11. Increasing border security measures
  • Begin planning, designing and constructing a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, including identify available federal funds and working with Congress for additional funding
  • 12. Pursuit of undocumented immigrants
  • Prioritize certain undocumented immigrants for removal, including those with criminal convictions and those who have only been charged with a crime
  • Hire 10,000 additional immigration officers at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, subject to the availability of existing funding,
  • Prohibit federal funding, with the help of the attorney general, to “sanctuary” jurisdictions, where local officials have declined to help enforce federal immigration laws
  • Reinstate the Secure Communities program, which was terminated in 2014 and enables state and local law enforcement to effectively act as immigration agents

Source: politico.com

Trump Mandates EPA Research Must Undergo Political Review Before Release

  •  AP reports the Trump administration is mandating that EPA scientific studies and data must undergo review by political staff before being released to the public.
  • It’s not abnormal for administrations to restrict access to government scientists. In 2013, a statement by the Society of Environmental Journalists called the EPA under former-President Obama “one of the most closed, opaque agencies to the press.”
  •  Ericksen, confirmed Wednesday the review also extends to content on the federal agency’s website, including details of scientific evidence showing that the Earth’s climate is warming and man-made carbon emissions are to blame.

“Obviously with a new administration coming in, the transition time, we’ll be taking a look at the web pages and the Facebook pages and everything else involved here at EPA.”


Source: zerohedge.com

The Anti-Trump Resistance: US Govt Scientists Defy Trump With “Rogue” Twitter Accounts

This account is not maintained by any EPA employees and will only distribute information obtained from legitimate but anonymized EPA sources

Hello. This is the Alternative Environmental Protection Agency Twitter Account activated to circumvent censorship.

Source: zerohedge.com


  • Spicer: Federal agencies instructed to ‘adhere to their own policies’
  • The White House seemed to debunk media reports Wednesday that the Trump administration instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to remove the climate change page from its website.
  • “No, there is nothing that has come from the White House. Absolutely, not,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Wednesday when asked if there was a broader mandate going out to federal agencies about stopping all speech on climate change. Later Spicer told FOX News’ John Roberts that federal agencies have been told to “adhere to their own policies.”
  • Reuters was the first to report that Trump’s team instructed EPA’s communications team to remove links containing scientific global warming research, as well as detailed dates on emissions.
  •  whether the site gets an overhaul or not, some EPA critics argue the agency became overgrown under the Obama administration, and its policies created more roadblocks for job growth than they did for reversing rising temperatures – and it is time for change.

Source: foxnews.com

Pena Nieto Snubs Trump: Tells White House Won’t Attend Meeting

  • Things just got more “complicated” in US-Mexican relations, when on Thursday morning the feud between the US and Mexico deepened after president Pena Nieto said he cancelled a planned summit with Donald Trump over the US president’s insistence that Mexico pay for his proposed border wall between the two countries.    
  •  Enrique Peña Nieto reiterated that Mexico would not put a single peso towards the new US president’s signature project.

    He left up in the air the question of the 31 January meeting with Trump in the White House – saying his decision would depend on an evaluation by a team already in Washington and officials at home.

  • Negotiating NAFTA with Mexico is Trump could get the funds to pay for the wall. 
  • Nieto just may have to pay for that wall after all.

Source: zerohedge.com

Top U.S. Secret Service Agent Rages: “I Wouldn’t Take A Bullet For Trump”

  • In a series of recent Facebook posts Kerry O’Grady, reportedly one of the nation’s top Secret Service agents, said she would not be willing to take a bullet for the President.
  • Despite her senior security role, she has made her disdain for Trump and his incoming administration clear to her Facebook followers, who included current and former Secret Service agents and other people who were employees at the time of the posts.

  • In her initial post O’Grady raged about how she is “horrified and dismayed” by Trump and his supporters moving “our civil rights into a period of bigotry, misogyny and racism that this country has not tolerated for decades.”
  • She quickly followed up with another post, in which she claimed she’d rather go to jail than to take a bullet for President Trump:

Source: zerohedge.com


  • On Monday, President Trump selected Ajit Pai, the Federal Communications Commission’s senior Republican member, to head the FCC, and the mainstream media lost its collective mind.Various media outlets are reporting that Pai wants to “destroy” net neutrality, is an “obstructionist,” is “critical of basic privacy online,” and plans to “dismantle net neutrality.”Nothing could be further from the truth.To fully understand what Pai’s stance on “net neutrality” actually is, we need to clear up the confusion that has been surrounding the term for years.

    Net Neutrality vs. Net Neutrality

    In November 2014, net neutrality became the subject of much heated debate among politicians and the public after then-president Barack Obama announced that he wanted to “keep the internet free and open” for everyone.

    Obama wanted to push the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to implement rules for net neutrality, and in his plea he used terms like “fairness” and “freedom”.

    He expressed the need for more government control to ensure equal Internet access for everyone.
    He claimed that abandoning the principles of net neutrality “would threaten to end the Internet as we know it.”

    Whenever a politician talks about “more government control”, “fairness,” and “rules,”
    become skeptical,
    Obama (perhaps intentionally, perhaps not) misrepresented what “net neutrality” actually is versus what reclassifying consumer broadband service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act (which is what he pushed) actually is.
    The most controversial part of the FCC’s decision reclassifies fixed and mobile broadband as a telecommunications service, with providers to be regulated as common carriers under Title II of the Communications Act. This decision brings Internet service under the same type of regulatory regime faced by wireline telephone service and mobile voice, though the FCC is forbearing from stricter utility-style rules that it could also apply under Title II.

    Back then, Pai, said the agency was replacing Internet freedom with “government control,”and that the FCC was seizing unilateral authority to regulate Internet conduct and determine what service plans are available to consumers:

    “The Internet is not broken. There is no problem for the government to solve,” he said.

    First, Pai has consistently supported the basic principles of net neutrality—the common sense view that ISPs should not be allowed to block specific legal websites or devices, intentionally slow some traffic to benefit others, misrepresent their network management practices or otherwise behave in conduct long-considered anti-competitive in American law.
    So, why are so many “news” outlets reporting that Pai wants to “destroy” net neutrality?

    Net neutrality is being used as a wedge to push for public utility treatment for the Internet. It isn’t about true net neutrality – it is about reclassifying broadband service under Title II of the Communications Act, which allows the FCC sole authority to regulate ISPs as an essential public utility

Source: dailysheeple.com

Police State

Lying Once Again, Trump Declares Torture ‘Absolutely’ Works

  • President Donald Trump doubled down on his embrace of torture on Wednesday, saying that it “absolutely works.”
  • Trump said that he asked top intelligence officials whether waterboarding and other forms of torture work, and “the answer was yes, absolutely.”
  • Ultimately, he said he is “going to go with” the opinions of Defense Secretary James Mattis and CIA Director Mike Pompeo as to whether to reinstate torture.

Source: commondreams.com



  • Turkey designates both Islamic State and the Nusra Front, now known as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, as terrorist groups and acts in line with that policy,

Source: jpost.com


Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Returns From Syria with Renewed Calls: End Regime Change War in Syria Now

  • Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02) returned to Washington, DC after a week-long visit to Damascus, Aleppo, and Beirut to see and hear firsthand the impact of the war in Syria directly from the Syrian people. She heard stories of suffering, pain, courage and hope from people all across the country. She met with refugees, 
  • Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard released the following statement upon her return:
  • “My visit to Syria has made it abundantly clear: Our counterproductive regime change war does not serve America’s interest, and it certainly isn’t in the interest of the Syrian people.
  • “As I visited with people from across the country, and heard heartbreaking stories of how this war has devastated their lives, I was asked, ‘Why is the United States and its allies helping al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups try to take over Syria? Syria did not attack the United States. Al-Qaeda did.’ I had no answer.
  • “I return to Washington, DC with even greater resolve to end our illegal war to overthrow the Syrian government. I call upon Congress and the new Administration to answer the pleas of the Syrian people immediately and support the Stop Arming Terrorists Act.

Source: antiwar.com


  • President Donald Trump is expected to sign yet another Executive Order regarding his plan to suspend the U.S.’s “refugee” program and a tightening of procedures for vetting individuals entering the United States under a refugee visa.
  • However, tucked away in the document, according to mainstream news sources like Reuters and Newsweek, is a provision to create “safe zones” in Syria. He campaigned to not get involved in the middle east why would he put a safe zone section in their  
  • The Elite want a safe zone, this was part of the plan in Syria

Source: activistpost.com

False Flags

ISIS Video Unveils New Weaponized Drone Program 

  • In new video footage circulating around various social media sites, ISIS supporters have been openly boasting about a weaponized drone program which the terrorist organization has been using to target Iraqi forces in Mosul.  While the video appears to be, in part, CGI-enhanced propaganda, other portions reveal actual IED attacks on armored vehicles and human targets.

The general described them as “really, a lot of commercial, off-the-shelf kind of things we’ve seen” — though they’re “clearly not the capacity or capability” that the coalition has.

ISIS Drone

ISIS Drone



Source: zerohedge.com

Other News

“Doomsday Clock” Advances To Two And A Half Minutes To Midnight, Trump Blamed

  • For the first time in 64 years, atomic scientists reset their symbolic “Doomsday Clock” to its closest time to midnight on Thursday, saying the world was closer to catastrophe due to threats such as nuclear weapons, climate change and Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president.
  • The “clock’s” hands were moved to two minutes and 30 seconds to midnight, from three minutes.
  • “The Doomsday Clock is closer to midnight than it’s ever been in the lifetime of almost everyone in this room,”  The last time the “clock” was set this close to midnight was 1953, marking the start of the nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union. While the clock was unchanged last January, the Clock was changed in 2015 from five to three minutes to midnight, the closest it had been since the arms race of the 1980s.

 Donald Trump, made disturbing comments about the use and proliferation of nuclear weapons and expressed disbelief in the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change …The board’s decision to move the clock less than a full minute — something it has never before done — reflects a simple reality: …”

Source: zerohedge.com