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We Know, Locked And Loaded, All In Place, Picture Worth Many Sentences
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Bayer is firing 12,000 employees this announcement comes after GM is laying off 14,000 employees and closing plants. Jobless claims soar. The elite don’t want you to realize certain loop holes in the economy.  Trump is attacking the Fed, the entire plan revolves around keeping the economy alive long enough to blame the Fed for the collapse.  He needed to individuals that already knew how to manipulate the system and use them to the very end. The plan revolves around bringing down the Fed and hurting as few people as possible. The deep state is now trying to come after Trump from all different angles. The bill to protect Mueller did not pass, Flake postpones the meeting on the judges, Schiff is tweeting out of fear. Goodlatte corners Comey says closed door meeting, video tape release to public, you got your transparency.Mueller past is filled with criminal activity.Trump retweeted the photo from a fan page that show many behind bars. Q responds to this tweet that a picture is worth many sentences.

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Current News – 11.29.2018

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  • German pharmaceuticals and chemicals giant, Bayer, announced plans to cut 12,000 out of 118,200 jobs worldwide, or roughly 1 in 10 jobs, in hopes of cutting costs and regaining investor favor after a series of legal setbacks over its purchase of Monsanto earlier this year.
  • As the FT reports, the proposed reorganization include a plan to exit the market for animal health products, as well the company’s Coppertone sun care and Dr. Scholl’s foot care product lines; Bayer also plans to sell the group’s 60% stake in service provider Currenta..

Source: zerohedge.com

  • Initial jobless claims are up almost 10% in the last three months, spiking to 234k last week – the highest since March 2018.


Source: zerohedge.com

  •  pending home sales plunged 2.6% MoM in October (well below the expected 0.5% MoM bounce).
  •   Pending Home Sales fell 4.6% YoY – the 10th consecutive month of annual declines…

  • Pending sales fell in three of four regions, led by a an 8.9 percent slump in the West as the Midwest and South also declined. Signings in the Northeast rose 0.7 percent.
  • Finally, and most problematically, economists consider pending-home sales a leading indicator because they track contract signings; purchases of existing homes are tabulated when a deal closes, typically a month or two later.

Source: zerohedge.com

Facts That Privileged Americans Don’t Want Us Yo Know

    • Our Own Country is the World’s Second Biggest Tax Haven
    • While the privileged American tax cheaters are taking money from their own country, they’re not shy about taking from the rest of the world. According to the Financial Secrecy Index of the Tax Justice Network, the U.S. is second only to Switzerland as a tax haven. Their report states: “Financial secrecy provided by the U.S. has caused untold harm to the ordinary citizens of foreign countries, whose elites have used the United States as a bolt-hole for looted wealth.”
    • Record Low Unemployment? Yes, Because One Hour of Work Counts as Employed
    • Part of that ‘booming’ economy is a low unemployment rate. As noted recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics bases the official unemployment rate on employees “who did any work for pay or profit” during the week being surveyed. That includes part-time workers who are employed for just one hour a week.
    • The unemployment rate also fails to include those who have given up looking for work—4% more Americans than in the year 2000.


Source: zerohedge.com



Former Harvard law professor,Dershowitz: Cohen Guilty Plea an Example of Mueller “Creating” Crimes

 Meanwhile, Brennan, Clapper Simpson & Ohr and many more, all who lied to Congress, where are those indictments???

Flake’s Revenge – Senate Cancels Votes on 21 Federal Judges After Jeff Flake Blocks Committee…

  • Outgoing U.S. Senator Jeff Flake  has followed-through on his vow to block more than 20 judicial nominees; forcing the Senate Judiciary Committee to abandon six federal circuit court nominees, and 15 federal district court nominees.

WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) announced Wednesday that he is canceling votes on nearly two dozen of President Trump’s judicial nominees that were expected to come up in the Judiciary Committee this week.

The cancellation of the committee’s Thursday business meeting comes as Senate Republicans are in a standoff with outgoing Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), who has vowed to oppose all court picks until he gets a vote on legislation protecting special counsel Robert Mueller.

The notification from the Judiciary Committee didn’t specify when, or if, the committee votes on the nominations would be rescheduled. Six circuit court nominees had been expected to get a vote, as well as 15 district court nominees

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

Mueller protection bill falls short in Senate

  • A group of senators failed Wednesday to secure a vote for their bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from being fired by President Trump,
  • Sens. Cory Booker and Chris Coons, both Democrats, and Jeff Flake, a Republican, fear Mr. Trump is angling to fire Mr. Mueller to derail what could be an damaging report on the 2016 elections, Russian meddling and Trump campaign figures’ behavior.
  • They sought to force to the floor a bill that would have raised the standards for firing Mr. Mueller, making it almost impossible for the president to oust him.

Source: truepundit.com

The outgoing senate is trying their best to stop or pause everything, but it will not work

Trump continues with this attack on Mueller, Clinton, Comey and the rest


Goodlatte seems to be following the advice of Gowdy, he just made an offer to Comey, this is what he tweeted.


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: be6798 No.70055 
Blunt & Direct Time.
Adam Schiff is a traitor to our country.
Tick Tock.
Hope the $7.8mm was worth it.
Enjoy the show.

This projection and mirror, hes afraid

Who is Robert Mueller?
Robert Mueller Outs Himself as a Rogue Dirty Cop Who Manipulates His Victims Into Lying to Support His Bogus Case(s)

  • KEY POINTS:  Robert Mueller was deliberately selected to lead the FBI during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  It was by purposeful design that his tenure as FBI Director began on September 4, 2001, just 7 days before the 9/11 false flag terror operation.  And, that he remained in that job for 12 corrupt years until September 4, 2013 to ensure that the FBI would never professionally investigate the greatest crime and act of terrorism ever perpetrated on US soil.  In fact, Mueller’s 12 years are marked by an overwhelming body of evidence which proves his willful neglect, dereliction of duty, official misconduct and misprision of felony.  Clearly, Mueller’s greatest crime to date was overseeing the institutional cover-up of the 9/11 government conspiracy to commit acts of terror, murder and destruction against the American people and property.
  • What other crimes against the Republic is Mueller closely associated with?

It was attorney Jeffrey Marty, who at American Lookout.com, compiled a long list of scandals casting shadows over Mueller. The following are a few of the better-known:

  • Some $12 billion in $100 bills was dispatched to the Iraq war theater, and vanished.
  • The IRS deliberately targeted Christian and conservative organizations to cause them trouble.
  • Fast and Furious saw the government traffic guns into the hands of Mexican cartel criminals.
  • The Department of Justice spied on AP reporters.
  • Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation got millions for speeches while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.
  • Hillary Clinton dealt to Russia control of 20 percent of the uranium capacity inside the U.S.
  • Of course, there was Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and all the government records, including classified, that ended up there.
  • The HSBC money-laundering scandal.

Source: stateofthenation2012.com


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 32989a No.3715238 
Keep your eye on the ball.
Midterms & Memes.
[ ]
Remember, POTUS already ordered the DECLAS.
[RR] pushed back hard
-OIG tasked to review [determine ‘sensitive info’]
-OIG works w/ HUBER (important to remember)
-HUBER reports ‘directly’ to SESSIONS (important to remember)
Was the DECLAS already cleared for release?
Was the gambit played by [RR] to stall & delay post election banking on [D’s win House]?
POTUS AF1 [RR] > An enemy who feels safe [& in control] is an enemy who…..
POTUS AF1 [RR] > Mueller END
[Important to remember]
How do you navigate around installed BLOCKADE?
[MUELLER] designed to take-in evidence needed to ‘expose’ DS [DOJ block re: Mueller ‘evidence’ ongoing investigation].
[MUELLER] designed to limit POTUS’ ability to maneuver.
[MUELLER] designed to ‘stall-for-time’ until MIDTERM ELECTIONS to TERMINATE all HOUSE / SENATE ongoing investigations.
[MUELLER] designed to ‘safeguard’ D_PARTY_BASE false narrative re: RUSSIA COLLUSION [POTUS CHEATED – EVIL – SKY FALLING] in effort to DIVIDE and MOBILIZE for future protests, riots, threats, violence, FF’s, etc.
[MUELLER] designed to provide FAKE NEWS w/ ammunition to sway public opinion, obstruct foreign + domestic agenda, fuel impeachment/removal, fuel anti-POTUS [DIVISION] [prevent UNITY], etc..
[MUELLER] designed to demonstrate to foreign players that OLD GUARD still pulls strings.
[MUELLER] designed to mobilize D_PARTY for MIDTERM VOTE WIN.
[MUELLER] designed to push D_PARTY backers to DONATE [GOFUNDME – D_PARTY].
[MUELLER] designed as PUBLIC OUTCRY EXCUSE should criminal charges be brought against them [‘we are being ‘politically’ attacked because MUELLER…].
How do you REMOVE installed BLOCKADE?
How do you navigate around installed corrupt [FBI][DOJ]?

Trump on sharing photo of Rosenstein behind bars: ‘He should have never picked a special counsel’

    • When asked in an interview with the New York Post why he shared the image of Rosenstein behind bars, Trump said, “He should have never picked a special counsel.”
    • The image also depicts former Presidents Clinton and Obama, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey,  former Attorneys General Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta and Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, for Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and special counsel Robert Mueller, along with Rosenstein.

 The deep state is trying to convince the public to only listen to the elites, the establishment when you hear the new of the declas, the unsealed indictments etc.  Joe M tweets out the following.

Why we stopped trusting elites

  • For hundreds of years, modern societies have depended on something that is so ubiquitous, so ordinary, that we scarcely ever stop to notice it: trust. The fact that millions of people are able to believe the same things about reality is a remarkable achievement, but one that is more fragile than is often recognised.
  • At times when public institutions – including the media, government departments and professions – command widespread trust, we rarely question how they achieve this. And yet at the heart of successful liberal democracies lies a remarkable collective leap of faith: that when public officials, reporters, experts and politicians share a piece of information, they are presumed to be doing so in an honest fashion.
  • The notion that public figures and professionals are basically trustworthy has been integral to the health of representative democracies. After all, the very core of liberal democracy is the idea that a small group of people – politicians – can represent millions of others. If this system is to work, there must be a basic modicum of trust that the small group will act on behalf of the much larger one, at least some of the time.
  • This isn’t just about politics. In fact, much of what we believe to be true about the world is actually taken on trust, via newspapers, experts, officials and broadcasters. While each of us sometimes witnesses events with our own eyes, there are plenty of apparently reasonable truths that we all accept without seeing. In order to believe that the economy has grown by 1%, or to find out about latest medical advances, we take various things on trust; we don’t automatically doubt the moral character of the researchers or reporters involved.

Source: theguardian.com

Sen. Chuck Schumer Signals A Deal On Border Wall And Leftists AREN’T Happy

  • Late Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced that he and his fellow Senate Democrats were open to inking a deal with President Donald Trump to provide partial funding for the president’s border wall.
  • Instead of demanding the border wall be excluded from funding in a budget fight set to take place next month, Schumer told reporters that he’s willing to allocate as much as $1.6 billion for the border wall which would run along the United States’ southern border as part of a program to deter illegal immigration.
  • The pledge to allocate $1.6 billion is not a hard promise for Schumer to make. The Senate has already agreed to spend $1.6 billion for the border wall as part of an earlier budget plan, funding mostly Homeland Security projects. But President Donald Trump recently told Congress that he wants more — at least $5 billion in funds

Source: truepundit.com

Geopolitical/Police State

Assange Never Met Manafort. Luke Harding and the Guardian Publish Still More Blatant MI6 Lies

  •   Ecuadorean government of President Moreno continues to churn out its production line of fake documents regarding Julian Assange, and channel them straight to MI6 mouthpiece Luke Harding of the Guardian.
  • Amazingly, more Ecuadorean Government documents have just been discovered for the Guardian, this time spy agency reports detailing visits of Paul Manafort and unspecified “Russians” to the Embassy. By a wonderful coincidence of timing, this is the day after Mueller announced that Manafort’s plea deal was over.
  • The problem with this latest fabrication is that Moreno had already released the visitor logs to the Mueller inquiry. Neither Manafort nor these “Russians” are in the visitor logs.
  • This is impossible. The visitor logs were not kept by Wikileaks, but by the very strict Ecuadorean security. Nobody was ever admitted without being entered in the logs.   To go in, you had to submit your passport (no other type of document was accepted). A copy of your passport was taken and the passport details entered into the log. Your passport, along with your mobile phone and any other electronic equipment, was retained until you left, along with your bag and coat. I feature in the logs every time I visited.
  • THis  propaganda will be used to continue the  “Big Lie”  the same way as the non-existent Russian hack of the DNC servers.

Source: craigmurray.org.uk


Source: zerohedge.com


No signs of US, allied ships heading to volatile Sea of Azov

  • Ukraine’s president urged NATO on Thursday to send warships into the Sea of Azov, but the U.S.-led alliance has shown no interest in forcing its way into waters under Russian control.

Source: stripes.com




We know.

The anons found out where this pic located! A msg to someone who either was there recently or is there now. Hyatt Regency – Chongqing, China.

Image result for Hyatt Regency - Chongqing, China.

This post was meant for the cabal, not us. Q is letting them know that “we” (Qs group) knows it all.

[H]yatt [R]egency [C]hongqing.   (chong ching)

Trump leaves press pool behind at National Christmas Tree lighting

  • President Trump on Wednesday departed the National Christmas Tree lighting event without White House staff notifying a pool of reporters assigned to monitor the president’s movements of his whereabouts following a logistical mixup.
  • Members of the protective press pool — a group of reporters assigned to remain with the president and document his activities — indicated shortly after 6:30 p.m. that Trump had returned to the White House without any warning or comment from staffers.
  • Reporters were briefly held at the Ellipse outside the White House without any immediate indication of where the president had gone. They were later notified that Trump had returned to the White House via motorcade without the press pool in tow.
  • Members of the press pool protested the situation on Twitter.
  • Olivier Knox, the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) president, said he looked into the situation, and concluded the incident was the result of a “logistical glitch.”
  • The White House initially did not provide an explanation for leaving the media behind, despite several questions from the press pool.
  • The president and first lady attended the national Christmas tree lighting on Wednesday night. They sat in the front row for most of the festivities, and the two appeared on stage briefly to light the tree and wish the crowd a merry Christmas.
  • Trump, who has had a contentious relationship with the media, previously abandoned his protective press pool between his election and inauguration, though he has not done so since taking office.
  • The then-president-elect left behind the group of journalists tasked with covering his movements in November 2016 to go out to dinner, and did so again in December 2016 in order to play golf.

Source: thehill.com

A picture is worth many sentences.
A picture is worth many (prison) sentences.” Think MEME
Has POTUS ever made a statement that hasn’t been proven to be correct (future)?
Think timing.
Think Senate lock.
Think SC lock.
Locked & (who is) Loaded.

The Countdown

Drops on Nov 20th.

Drops on Nov 25th (5 days)

Drops on Nov 29th (4 days)

Will there be drops on:

Dec 2nd (3 days)

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