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Forwarded from We The Media (IET)
Scream it everywhere. Share this post everywhere. WE DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE AND ANYONE GOING TO THE CAPITOL TOMORROW IS A LEFTY TERORRIST....every one of us ain’t that stupid. We know what you did last time.
Forwarded from Candace Owens
RT @ SKMorefield: @CandaceOwens: with an Econ 101 lesson for AOC
"It's so important that we communicate these ideas to young people because that's exactly who AOC is preying upon, who Democrats prey upon ... people who are naive, who want to believe in this utopian society that can never exist."
Forwarded from Disclose.tv
NEW - WHO team probing #COVID19 origins to scrap interim report on its recent mission to Wuhan amid tensions between Beijing and Washington (WSJ)

An international group of scientists calls for a new probe:


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Forwarded from News Blast (ENoCH elENoCHle)
RSBN suspended from Youtube for 2 weeks and Trump's CPAC speech removed from their channel.
Forwarded from Breaking911
JUST IN: Ebay is now removing listings of “offensive” Dr. Seuss books

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Latest from DC, there is nobody there
Update, those people sitting on the lawn left, nobody is there
Forwarded from Breaking911
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REPORTER: Trump donated his salary back to the government. Will Biden consider donating a portion of his salary back to the government?

PSAKI: “I’m happy to talk to him about that.”
Forwarded from TheStormHasArrived17💀 (TheStormHasArrived17)
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General Flynn: “...understand what’s about to happen. It ain’t happening on March 4th. It’s gonna happen over a period of time... “ 😎