Yellow Alert – High Probability Of False Flags Events


Alert, Alert, Alert.  There is a high probability of a false flag events happening between June 28th – August 30th.   On July 18th Wall Street Prepping for ‘Quantum Dawn 2’ Cyber Drill.  This drill is a real time cyber drill that is organized by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association.  They will bring together major financial institutions and banks to see how well the industry might withstand a cyber attack. The test is scheduled for Thursday at 9:00am. All companies that are participating will log on to a system that was developed by DHS.  The test will end around 2:30pm.  In the past when a drill takes place the real event is put in place. For example during 911 there was a FEMA drill, during the Boston Bombing there was a bomb drill.  CISPA is pending in the Senate and this is the perfect opportunity to stage an event to get CISPA passed. The Quantum Dawn 2 Cyber Attack drill can be used to lock down the internet or be used to rob the people of their money and blame it on another country to get us into war with Syria.

In July NYC is conducting a chemical drill in the New York subway system.  The NYC police department will be releasing harmless gas into the subway system to handle chemical terrorist attacks. This event will be conducted over three non-consecutive days this summer.  This event could be used to get us into war with Syria. The government has been using the propaganda of chemical weapons which has not been working on the people to help with the war effort.

The armed D.C. march on July 4th that was planned by Adam Kokesh with loaded weapons has been cancelled.  The new “Toy Gun” march is scheduled for July 3rd which will begin at 9 a.m. at the Arlington Memorial Bridge and end at the National Mall. The next day there is a

scheduled march on state capitals by gun owners with or without loaded weapons. A statement by activist Adam Kokesh is calling upon the American Revolutionary Army to march on all 50 state capitals to put the federal government on notice. These two events could be exploited by someone shooting a gun and hitting someone and the entire march would turn into a blood bath.  Martial law could be enacted and the government would come down hard on those who owned guns.  The gun bill that didn’t pass in the senate during the Boston Bombing is still pending along with the UN arms treaty. This would be the perfect opportunity for the government to pass both and start gun confiscation and to show others that the government will push down any type of uprising.

National Scout Jamboree 2013 False Flag Insider Warning sometime in July.  There is FEMA mass casualty terror drill that has been kept a secret from the public. This drill will consist of chemical and biological weapons and the actors in this drill will have unexplained symptoms.  The National Scout Jamboree is a perfect place to stage this and to contain this event. This event could also be used to get us into war with Syria since the chemical weapons of mass destruction on the Syrian people propaganda did not work. Other biological drills have been staged for the following areas around the country. On July 15th there is a biological drill in Wisconsin. On July 16th there is biological drill in Colorado and on August 26th there is a biological drill in California.


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    1. if you are in US when it happens ….
      you will be included.
      don’t worry that you be left out.

  1. Obama and his puppet masters/illuminati have a plan that is almost entirely in place now. The bills/orders and stuff has been passed now they are waiting for the dollar collapse and call martial law. Hitler will seem like a drop in the bucket compared to what’s coming. check out the free movie on youtube Iron Mountain- Road to Tyranny. It is all like in the movie and in our face yet everyone thinks conspiracy people are crazy. Ask yourself this why is DHS buying billions of hollow point rounds and 2,700 urban tanks. Or why the IRS is going to federal gun ranges shooting with AR15 semi auto’s what could the reason possibly be? It’s to use against the American people. Please wake up to this!

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