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OFFICIAL CHANNELS AND ACCOUNTS (scroll down see the pirated accounts)

Join The x22 Report Censorship Free Private Server – > Click Here

Don’t Forget To Download The Free Iphone & Android Smartphone App For The Private Server

Go To The App Store & Type In X22Report

Truth Social

Handle @x22report

Access – Truth Social App

Direct Link –

Rumble Account (video)

Rumble has an app for iphone and android, go to the app store and type in rumble


New Account


The Official CloutHub Account (video)

IBM was the video host for Clouthub. Clouthub was not responsible, IBM broke the contract and suspended all channels

Clouthub  video platform Is back

Channel 122->

Clouthub has an app for iphone and android, go to the app store and type in clouthub

X22 Report account is @x22report

The Official Bitchute Account (video)

The Official Telegram Account


X22 Report Official Channel –

X22 Report Official Chat –

All Others are fake

The Official Gab Account

The Official Gab TV Account

The Official Minds Account

Official Podcast Accounts


Apple Podcast:

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Player FM:

X22 Report is not on YouTube
X22 Report is not on Facebook
X22 Report is not on Instagram
X22 Report is not on Gettr
X22 Report is not using Paypal

(PayPal Terminated X22 Report 8 year relationship)

Reason: Violated Terms of Service.

X22 Report can no longer accept donations via PayPal. I will be looking into alternatives

(YouTube Suspended X22 Report ) The only official YouTube Channels for X22 Report are the following

(Twitter Suspended X22 Report )The Official Twitter Account

The Account X22 Report On Twitter Is A Fake Account

*************************     PIRATED ACCOUNTS DOWN BELOW     ***************************

The following YouTube Channels are pirated, which means they do not have permission to reproduce the report and they have nothing to do with X22 Report.

X22 Report and X22 Report Spotlight Are Suspended

All X22 Report Channels on YouTube Are Stolen (pirated).  They are reproducing the videos without permission

There are new X22 Report Channels Popping up all over the place, they are all pirated channels