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The [CB]/[DS] are moving forward with their plan to reverse everything Trump put into place.
The [CB]/China the invisible enemy believe they in are in charge of the economic system.
The [DS]/[CB] believe they are in control of the next economic system.
The time has come, Trump and the patriots have built the foundation for the next economy. An economy without the
] The [CB]/[DS] economic plan failed before it began. The plan they are pushing is the same old garbage, it's
The [DS]/[CB] are now prepared to bring the economy down, [JB] is now putting all the policies back into place
The [DS]/[CB] are now moving to undo everything Trump has done over the 4 years
The [DS]/[CB] are moving forward with their plan, to push the global reset plan.
The economy was built up by Trump he built the structure to move our system forward beyond the [CB]. That