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[DS] Election Rigging Comes Into Focus, Panic, March Madness, Patriots Have The Conn – Ep. 3294


Watch The X22 Report On Video Germany is imploding, they should have listened to Trump, he was right again. The [CB]/[WEF] are panicking because the world is going against their climate hoax. The fake news is trying to control the market narrative. Paxton cancels the omnibus bill. The [DS] chances

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The [DS] Players Are Being Exposed & Removed, The Path Is Set, Time To Take It All Back – Ep. 3293


Watch The X22 Report On Video Macy’s is now closing 15o stores. Store closures will continue. Inflation is hitting the everyday person hard, especially when you they start shrinking the products. CNN took the bait, they make an argument that Trump is not the reason the market is going up.

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