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[DS] Has No Plan B, Transparency & Prosecution, There Is Simply No Other Way, Except 1 – Ep. 3225


Watch The X22 Report On Video The people around the world are rising up, the economy is imploding and the green new deal is destroying everything else. French farmers dumped waste in front of state buildings. People see the lies, they see the inflation, the people are not fooled. Argentina

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[DS] Plan Has Failed & Only Has A Couple Of Moves Left, 2024 Will Be A Globalist Defeat – Ep. 3224


Watch The X22 Report On Video Germany is now pledging 100 million to compensate climate change, this will destroy Germany. EVs have almost 80% more problems. MSNBC is saying Trump will destroy the climate agenda, he will, he will show the people the truth. Biden destroys his own economic narrative

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