X22 Report Status


Dec 7, 2022 – (Resolved) The Secure Server was updated today which caused a problem with the database. The tech team is working on the problem and backing out the update. This problem effects the X22 Report App on the phones. The App will ask you to sign on, once the system is backup and running the app will automatically sign in. The Tech team is working as quickly as possible.

Nov 20, 2022 – The email system has been reinstated, the company removed many email addresses because of inactivity, if you are not receiving emails anymore, please signup to the email alert system again.

Nov 18, 2022 – The email system that X22 Report uses has been suspended by the company because of complaints, they are now investigating the account

Oct 28, 2022 – (Resolved) – The private secure server is having login issues after an upgrade. The phone app was upgraded at the same time and is having the same issue. The techs are working on the problem to solve this problem.

June 26, 2022 – Podbean has now censored the X22 Report. X22 Report will be moving to a new player and distribution podcast system.  For those who joined Podbean to listen please come to the X22 Report site to listen to the audio version of the podcast. The distribution to other platforms will continue (example: apple podcasts) .

Dec 23, 2021 – Video export problem. The software I use was updated and there was a glitch where it removed the white spaces when exporting the video. The manufacture of the software has fixed the  problem.

Sep 29, 2021  – X22 Report outage was caused by a routing server configuration error, problem identified and fixed. Outage time 2 hrs

Feb 15, 2021 – Parler is back online, here is the official account ->https://parler.com/profile/X22ReportOfficial

Feb 12, 2021 – Clouthub Video Platform is back online, here is the official account – >https://www.clouthub.com/x22report

Jan 16, 2021 – X22 Report web server will be upgraded on Jan 16 between 10pm-11pm EST. There might be 15-20 minute of downtime

Jan 16, 2021 – New Podcast Player installed on the website. Apple, Spotify and more suspended X22. To Listen to the the X22 Report Podcast please visit the x22report.com site and either play the podcast or download to your mobile device, tablet or computer.

Jan 15, 2021 – Apple, Spotify and all others terminated X22 Report. Megaphone was recently purchased by Spotify and now Megaphone terminated X22 Report. Megaphone was the player that was used on the X22 Report website. All Podcasts are now hosted locally until further notice. What does this mean. You will need to come to the X22 Report to hear the Podcast, the podcast player will have a different look and feel to it but the functionality is the same.

Jan 15, 2021 – X22 Report has been suspended on Twitter, the account currently on Twitter is NOT THE X22 REPORT

Jan 11, 2021 – X22 Report created a group on clouthub

Jan 11, 2021 –  Parler Has been suspended by Amazon

Jan 8, 2021 – Twitter suspended X22 Report

Dec 17, 2020 – Paypal Terminated X22 Report

Nov 16, 2020 – Update on the email alert system – Trust is now at 90%, 90% of the people are receiving the correct email. Does this mean you are receiving the email immediately? No. Why? The email system is still throttled, which means it is letting out emails slowly to build the trust, by the end of the week the throttle will be removed and emails will start to flow normally.

Nov 13, 2020 – Update on the email alert system – Trust is now building among the ISP providers, we are now at 72.09%.  You still might receive emails that the links do not work, or they may bring you to the wrong report. If this happens just go to the home page to find the latest report or click here

Nov 12, 2020 – Update on the email system: You might receive older email alerts with links that do not work, please disregard these emails.  Why are you receiving these emails? This is part of the trust process, by slowly sending emails to your isp (yahoo, aol, msn, outlook etc) it allows the isp to trust the sender. After a couple of old emails you will start to get the current  email alerts. Please be patient, X22 Report has no control over how each isp operates. Since the email system has been moved we need to build trust again. The best course of action is to come to the X22Report site M-F and Sunday around 7:00pm EST to listen to the reports until you start receiving the emails on a regular basis. If you are already receiving the emails you are good to go. If you have subscribed to the private server, please sign in and check the private server or your iphone app ~7:00pm EST to see if the video is released.  Why approximately? Depending on the processing time of the video, the longer the video the longer the processing time.

When we initially moved the email alerts system we were getting a successful delivery rate of  42% , we are now up to 66.2% and climbing. We are adding more ip addresses to speed up the process.

Nov 11, 2020 – Update on the email system not sending to certain domains, since the email system was switched to a new email system there are a new set of ip addresses, the isp providers (yahoo, aol, msn, outlook etc) might see these as spam emails, this does not mean the email  will go into your spam/junk folder, they just block them, the work around is to warm up a new ip address, how does this work, the email system will send emails slowly to build up trust, so you might not see emails for a couple of days or even a week while we build trust for the new ip address, once trust has been established you will see the emails start to flow back into your inbox. Please be patient, the best course of action is to come to the X22Report site M-F and Sunday around 7:00pm EST to listen to the reports.
**** Your email is still subscribed to the X22 Report email system so there is no need to be added back

Nov 10, 2020 – Email system is up and running, we are now working on issues of emails not being sent to certain domains, for example yahoo & other seem to be blocking the emails, workarounds are now being worked on.

Nov 10, 2020 – Episode email 2325 was sent out in the morning with invalid links because the episode was not yet published, the email was sent by accident. If you received an email for episode 2325 before 7:00pm EST please disregard. All emails for episode 2325 after 7:00pm EST on Nov 10 will have the links that work.

Nov 9, 2020 – X22 Report moved the Twitter news from the Home Page to a separate page called Twitter News.  This function was using too many resources on the home page. You can find Twitter News on the Resource menu

Nov 8, 2020 – X22 Report moved the email alert system and it is backup and running

Nov 6, 2020 – GetResponse the email system X22 Report used to send email alerts was suspended. See Why

Nov 6, 2020 – IBM the video backbone of Clouthub.com censored the X22 Report and other channels. Clouthub was not responsible. X22 Report will not be uploading videos to Clouthub.com until a new video provider is found. Some reports on the site have links to clouthub so they will say private on them, IBM is reviewing all videos before they will publish them. To see the videos go to the X22 Report official platforms

Oct 30, 2020 – Spotify has banned the X22 Report

Oct 28, 2020 – Menu item on home page called Everything X22 was created. Here you can see the X22 Status, Official Accounts, Spotlight Interviews, and All X22 Reports. If you are on the desktop version you will see the menu item on the menu bar. If you are using a phone or tablet you will see 3 lines on the top left, click and a menu will dropdown or scroll all the way to the bottom to access the menu.

Oct 28, 2020 – Resources menu was created, under this menu you can find Twitter News, Qanon, Border Wall and the Paris Climate Accord.  If you are on the desktop version you will see the menu item on the menu bar. If you are using a phone or tablet you will see 3 lines on the top left, click and a menu will dropdown or scroll all the way to the bottom to access the menu.

Oct 15, 2020 – YouTube censored X22 Report and suspended the account. At this time X22 Report does not have a channel on YouTube. All the channels you see are pirated, which means they copied the video without permission. Here are the X22 Report official platforms