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Did You Notice What Was Happening, Truth, Behold The Power – Episode 1943

It Was All Harvested, FISA Goes Both Ways, Sky Is Falling – Episode 1942

We All Have A Part To Play, The Raid Has Begun, Conspiracy No More – Episode 1941

Chatter, Chandler Naming Names, Nothing Can Stop This – Episode 1940

Clues Have Been Given, Up Is Down, Left Is Right, Trust The Mission – Episode 1939

Dark To Light, Prepared, Strong, Ready, [DS] Fell Right Into The Trap – Episode 1938

One Question Destroys The MSM, What’s Coming Will Shock The Nation – Episode 1937

Define Game Theory, Are You Ready For The Streisand Effect – Episode 1936

Forever Message Sent and Received, We Have More Than We Know – Episode 1935

More Coming…..