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The patriots have control over the economy, the [DS]/[CB] are now lost in their own narrative and nobody is buying
The [CB] are now pushing through with their plan, they can no longer wait, they know this is the only
The [DS][CB] are now pushing their economic agenda. They have tried for four years to bring the economy down, it
Each economic sector is now forming a V, the economy is recovering. Watch The X22 Report On Video ...
The [CB] establishment are pushing their agenda. They have told us for a long time that the world will be
There is one common goal with the economy. It is to unify the people under Trumps economy. Watch The X22
The [CB] have run out of time, the changed the inflation calculation, the IMF is signaling its time for another
Jobless claims have dropped, continuous jobless claims have dropped. More and more states are opening up and businesses are coming
Trump is ready to push the economy forward. The [CB] cannot stop what he is about to do, separate the