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The [CB]/DS are putting their plans in full force, they are going for it all and they are not going
The [DS]/CB are now making their move to reset the entire global economic system. Dark Winter is a cover story
The [CB]/[DS] are now making their move, time has run out, they are now putting all the chips on [JB],
The [DS] and the [CB] are now making their move to take back the system. [JB] has already made the
Trump and the patriots have complete control of the economy and the fed. The [CB]/[DS] cannot allow this, they will
The economy continues to improve. the unemployment number has come down to 7%. The economy is seeing a very strong
The economy is snapping back, jobless claims are down, the market is up, precious metals are up, the markets know.
Election day is over but the election is not. The markets are already predicting the winner, the Chinese yuan dropped
The patriots have done it, the economy is in a V recovery. The markets shot up right before the elections
The people can see that Trump has complete control over the economy. The market moved up right before the elections,