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The patriots have gained total control the economy, the foundation has been set and built. Trump has control over the Read more
The new stimulus package has been approved, the people are going to be helped during this transition. Colleges and Universities Read more
Trump and the patriots continually pushed the D's to get the stimulus money, after weeks of stalling the deal has Read more
The [CB] have been pushing their agenda to shutdown the economy, this has failed. Trump is now pushing to change Read more
Trump and the patriots have prepared the economy, those who do not wish it to open are trying to keep Read more
The patriots have now countered the [CB], they tried to bring the US economy to its knees and it has Read more
The [CB] has now pushed the country to the edge, the patriots are now countering it with currency from the Read more
Trump and the patriots are preparing the economy to open, everything is in place, Trump has control of the country Read more
Trump and the patriots have positioned the economy, it is ready to be opened. But the DS/[CB] players are trying Read more
The patriots are now changing the landscape of the US economy, the regulations that were holding the US from moving Read more