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The stock market decline over 1000 points, this is the push to bring the economy to its knees, this plan Read more
There is a battle going on now between the old [CB] economic system and the new patriot economic system. The Read more
The [CB]'s plan is not working, they have nothing left and they are completely exposed. With all the warning the Read more
The small business owner approval rate hit an all time high of 64%.  This is about helping small business, medium Read more
The US economy is booming, Trump is pushing the Fed to lower rates during an election year. Trump has been Read more
The UK is reporting that the confidence has now hit a 11 year high since the BREXIT referendum, the UK Read more
The USMCA is going to bring the jobs back to the US that NAFTA stole, Lt. Gov says this is Read more
The [CB] has shifted away from the trade wars to explain why their system is imploding, they have no moved Read more
Trump economic plan has accelerated, the people are going to receive the benefit and it will take effect this September, Read more
The patriots economy is doing incredible, using all their weapons against them, Trump and the patriots were able to make Read more