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OmniPresident - Part 3

NOT A TYPICAL TUESDAY The mid-term elections until now has been quite the experience. I don't want to relitigate the red wave that was never going to happen, so just take a quick listen to Mark Levin to better understand the reality of the mid-terms versus the reality of 2024 where two thirds of the senate seats will have to be defended by democrats. Mark Levin on Supposed Red Wave But beyond that, this article will try to shed some light on the range of happenings, but first.... SOME PURELY POLITICAL HOUSEKEEPING Someone needs to inform Mitch McConnell that he and his pathetic uniparty friends have been had once again by Donald Trump. Read More....

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Horrible Things About To Happen To Many Corrupt Politicians,Consequences,Wrays Of Light – Ep. 2961


Watch The X22 Report On Video The people in Sweden are now hoarding food. The inflation and high fuel costs are making it very difficult for the people, some people are resorting to stealing food. The global warming hoax has failed, it just disappeared. The [CB]/[WEF] to centralize the system

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