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NOT A TYPICAL TUESDAY In addition to being election day, it's the day after the day of the announcement of the announcement. Huh? In typical Donald Trump fashion standing in front of tens of thousands in Ohio, we all received not exactly what we expected but precisely what we needed. The leader of the Republican party taking center stage while simultaneously recognizing the importance of the moment. It's the presumption of pretty much everyone that he will run for president for a third time. When Donald Trump burst onto the political scene in 2015 it was simply inconceivable that could be considered anything other than a joke, a complete joke... Read More....

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Trump Confirms The Path Forward,Much Has Been Exposed,More Than Anyone Thought Possible – Ep. 2903


Watch The X22 Report On Video The [D]’s are doing everything they can to keep the illusionary economy from imploding right before the midterms. They know that the R’s are going to win. Their plan to coverup everything they did has been exposed. Durham is doing exactly what he needs

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