A Conversation with Paul Manafort

2 thoughts on “A Conversation with Paul Manafort

  • September 8, 2022 at 10:58 am

    President Trump gave me Q security clearance, due to corruption in the CIA,FBI and government. He knew the day would come, I would follow all the bread crumbs. I had to sign an agreement and pass security clearance, to research and archive all the sensitive “declassified” information. There are no coincidences why I exposed the drug(andrenochrome)derived from adrenalized blood.I suffer with the most painful disease, known to mankind RSD/CRPS. I’m in constant fight or flight. I’ve endured twenty two years, of pain and trauma surgeries, requiring many ‘units’of blood. I exposed all the names, of government swamp and Hollywood elites, in Epstein’s flight log. I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms, of Epstein island, caught on security camera ch11. I spent painful and sleepless nights, researching and archiving all the “declassified” documents and files. I have more than you could possibly know. President Trump is well aware I am being “knowingly” ignored. The news articles trashing “QAnon” are intentional disinformation. This was a military intelligence operation. I was chosen to serve my country and expose my enemy, both foreign and domestic. I have more courage than anyone will ever know. I exposed a worldwide, demonic, trafficking/pedophile ring, from the Vatican to the royal family. This was never really about democrat vs republican.The “swamp” got caught and I have everything. President Trump told me to trust the plan and justice is coming.



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