Ep 2364b – Trump Puts The Breaks On Money Laundering, Think National Emergency

17 thoughts on “Ep 2364b – Trump Puts The Breaks On Money Laundering, Think National Emergency

  • December 28, 2020 at 7:29 pm


  • December 28, 2020 at 7:42 pm

    Your video just taken down during Ron Paul part. Blacked out had to start video over.
    Noticed all past videos on Bitchute gone.

    I was prevented from logging into my YouTube account. I can’t comment, noticed everything related to China censored from whatever I can access.
    I can look at YouTube videos I am allowed to. I have to hunt for videos now.
    Authentication error when I try to log in.

  • December 28, 2020 at 7:57 pm

    Nothing will happen. It will go into the 6th like a lion, and come out like a lamb. Spineless Repubs will shrink like they always do.

  • December 28, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    Firing Squads and Gas Chambers?
    Gas Chamber for Georgie would be ironic justice?

  • December 28, 2020 at 9:12 pm

    Hey Dave you keep forgetting one very KEY POINT. God is leading Trump to do what God wants him to do. God put Trump and Pence in the White House through the Patriots. God is doing great things through President Donald John Trump. Please, please, please give God the credit. Why are you afraid to give God credit. Trust God my Friend he has your Back!

  • December 28, 2020 at 10:00 pm

    nashville was an op…look at video, FBI statements, ATT/NSA connection, no fly nashville during time of attack, collecting dominion evidence at that site, rumor has it that it was an energy beam weapon, any bomb or missile debris…too many coincidences…lol

  • December 28, 2020 at 10:30 pm

    Hey Dave
    You always say thanks alot at the end of your report..!!,but THANK YOU !!..You are amazing!!…and your reports are the only source I trust!!..

  • December 28, 2020 at 11:26 pm

    Pence got Gen. Flynn fired … I don’t trust him.

  • December 29, 2020 at 12:26 am

    I’m experiencing the same problems with the videos I had a week ago.(the signal is constantly interrupted, 5 seconds of x22 report, 20 seconds of silence, as if the signal is buffering.) It’s very frustrating. Yet when I watch you tube this rarely happens. What’s going on Dave? I think whoever your, or my, internet provider is, are deliberately interfering with the signal. I get my news from you, or other alternative media sources. Any way, the signal was fine last night, I was able to listen to the whole report, uninterrupted. Tonight, it’s 5 seconds of report, 20 seconds of silence, repeatedly. Just thought I’d tell you what’s going on here.

  • December 29, 2020 at 2:45 am

    Just a precision .
    The Ukraine Story was not released on december 25th… it’s on september 16th 2019!
    It change nothing but we have to be careful about what we share.

  • December 29, 2020 at 7:19 am

    Dave, how come I can never but once in a rare while see your “written” reports. There is a brief description under your videos but thats all. Maybe cause I’m on a cell phone??

    Now the rare time that I can see you whole written report there is a “continue” button to click on. Is the website designers forgetting to add this?

    Your reports are very good, as I want to verify information before sharing. Thank you

  • December 29, 2020 at 8:21 am

    Hey Dave:

    1) There’s a lot of Patriots laying Vegas Odds that Pence will Stab Trump in the back, citing that a) Pence is a Globalist, and b) he got that envelope, along with many others at HW’s funeral.
    Even Mike Adams is stating Pence will screw Trump over, and, he’s prepping for Civil War.

    I dont know, Dave…. I wanna believe. I really do.

    I’m still certain that you can turn the tables on the Federal Reserve.

    Just hear me out on this: every time we’ve had a central bank system operating…Uncle Sam ALWAYS does the WRONG THING to set it up for operation. And what is that wrong thing Uncle Sam Does??

    In order to Start and Continue each cycle of the monetary system, Uncle Sam issues IOU’s in the form of Treasuries, to the Bank,…so that The Fed has basis to lend to Member Banks.

    The Tables need to be turned, there… It should be the Bank always in Debt to the Government, not the other way around, like we’ve had it all this time.

    The way to turn those tables is Very simple.

    Uncle Sam takes all his Tax Power off the People…concentrates it, while growing it to….250 times its size….and throws it DIRECTLY at the Federal Reserve, period.

    (…roughly 2.3 Quadrillion!!)

    …and Have Uncle Sam tell the Fed to pay it in GOLD, and/or SILVER, and/or Platinum, and/or Refined Nuclear Warhead Material (Yes. That’s a precious metal, as well), and/or Rhodium ONLY…

    And further tell the Fed, that they have 96 hours to come up with it…or be completely destroyed by the IRS impounding the Bank.

    Now…you know that’s something the Federal Reserve cannot do…and it would seem THEY’RE COMPLETELY SCREWED! It’d be the BEST WAY to “Kill the Bank” wouldn’t it?

    Or would it?

    Keep reading on, Dave…and I’m going to show you the slickest way to get rid of the National Debt….without breaking a sweat!

    Remember, There’s ALWAYS offers in compromise. Jesus was the substitution for our lives for payment of the sin of the world…

    IRS also has “offers in compromise” when it comes to taxpayers needing to settle up back tax debt. (…illegal as the whole IRS system may be to many Patriots, still!)

    What the Federal Reserve can do, is issue an “offer in compromise,” so to speak… an IOU or Promissory note of their OWN, back to Uncle Sam. What the Fed is doing is literally BORROWING THE MONEY, from Uncle Sam, to “pay the Tax.”

    Now, I know you’re at this point, thinking,

    “What the hell is THIS?! That’s completely RETARDED! NO! I don’t want to read any further. The crooks are getting away with Bloody Murder on us…and we gotta make them pay for their crimes! Because…our children and grandchildren are going to be yoked with this Ginormous Illegal debt…and if we don’t make them bastards pay NOW…We’re all gonna die enslaved, and we’ll never have “sound money” like our forefathers intended, and we’ll Never be Free from the Deep State, the Mainstream Media, the Corrupt Politicians, the Globalist Cabal…Sorry, you lose! thanks for playing…GET LOST!”

    Dave…have I figured out your mindset, yet?

    I’m willing to bet that possible reaction, that you, and other Patriots may have, possibly even Trump, Sidney, Flynn, Byrne included…(should they ever read these words…)

    … centers around the idea that PAIN on the Traitorous, Treasonous Rat Bastards…must be meted out upon them…because they screwed us for so long…we’ve got to get them…before they get us again…

    The one central source of the Rat Bastards’ power is Debt. If you don’t defeat that first…using the tools you have at your disposal…in the RIGHT WAY….you will NEVER defeat them, and they will ALWAYS come back to screw you over.

    So, I’m continuing this letter to you.

    Yes… We are making the Bank borrow the money to pay the Tax imposition. YES…we want the Bank to Pay in Precious Metals ONLY. And YES…2.3 Quadrillion!!

    And YES…neither Uncle Sam, nor the Fed, has even a 100th of the Amount required in precious metals to even make an exchange like this were it ever possible.

    But that’s not the point…the point is to correct the setup between the Bank and the Uncle Sam. Further, to have Uncle Sam correct the setup in such a way, that A permanent revenue stream can be had without taxing people on their incomes.

    And not only that, a setup that allows busted junk notes to be filtered out from the system, eliminating them from circulation, instead of banks using them at the Fed, to do 9:1 fractional reserve rules, to relend back out, because the Fed would use it to attempt paying down the debt, it would owe to Uncle Sam, Whereby, once in Uncle Sam’s hands the debt becomes extinguished.

    The terms of this IOU the Fed would present to Uncle Sam: 1000 years to pay it back, using as-received busted commercial notes, on a variable schedule… And as Downpayment on this IOU, all the US BONDS and Treasuries (issued as IOU’s to the Fed) that the Fed has on their balace sheet!

    (At this moment, the Fed has around 25-30% of the National Debt on its Balance sheet, maybe more…another 25% of the National Debt is held by the Government itself, in the form of “Intergovernmental Holdings” the non-public part of the debt that has to be dealt with in a certain way, which I’ll get into with you later, Dave, because that maneuver would set up the impetus for Uncle Sam to impose the Tax on the Fed)

    Now, with that IOU delivered to Uncle Sam’s Treasury, with the Downpayment of 25-30% of the National Debt along with it…

    Uncle Sam can do one thing: accept the Note…extinguish the Debt…and REDEPOSIT the Note back into the Bank, with a certain annual interest rate of..0.025% (which is about 5.75 trillion/yr, upon the note) Now, instead of the Treasuries…or the busted notes …this IOU redeposited, becomes the Floor that all future good bonds, and commercial notes, or privately held Treasury Certificates can sit upon.

    And the reason WHY the 2.3Q Amount doesn’t cause the dollar to hyperinflate…as long as it’s inside the bank ZONE…it doesnt affect the dollars circulating OUTSIDE that zone… (its almost like the Genie in Aladdin: Humongous Cosmic Power…itty-bitty little living space.)

    Dave, there’s a Lot more to discuss with you about this idea I have…such as: How do savers in regular banks reap rewards of this setup? How can Today’s Bondholders reap maximum benefit, and how can the Several States reap benefits too? That’s what Id like discussing with you in maybe the next letter.

    I’m still pessemustic about Pence doing what we think is the right thing. Redpill78 says that its against the Law for him to accept electors based on Fraudulent Elections…but that didn’t stop Thomas Jeffferson from accepting Electors out of Georgia’s bad Elections in HIS TIME, to make himself President. And now Georgia is in the Crucible of history again. We’ll see whether or not Pence reads himself out of his Vice-Presidency by accepting the Biden Electors from those Spurious States….because, if he does what we fear he will do… it’ll probably be because Ryan and Romney struck a back-room deal with him… I dont know, Dave…I really don’t know…hope I’m wrong on that.

    29 Dec 2020

  • December 29, 2020 at 9:05 am

    Sending as many listeners your way as I can! Why is information repeated on A and B today? It’s ok to only put 1 out if you don’t have enough for 2.

  • December 29, 2020 at 9:59 am

    Dave,,, sometimes I have to laugh when you’re saying; “They don’t know what’s happening” I’m pretty sure they have someone listening to you and reporting back. Just something I find funny…. lol

    Keep up the fight. WWG1WGA


  • December 29, 2020 at 10:35 am

    Can you help save Canada from our Chinese Prime Minister Trudeau he can not be trusted he and both all of our parties have been traitors to your country and ours . Please come to our hour of need and remove these evil people. Amen

  • December 29, 2020 at 10:47 am

    I have always thought that the United States of America was being controlled by the CIA and FBI. The news media was controlled by the CIA and the the people by the FBI. It did not matter which party was in power they were corrupt and were involved in drug smuggling and genocide. The military complex was fueling this by constantly going to war. The military would leave a country and leave crates of weapons behind like in Lebanon 🇱🇧. Both parties are guilty of genocide and drug trafficking and human trafficking.

  • December 29, 2020 at 2:51 pm

    Pakistan ring familiar?
    Awan family and their ability to see/read/alter
    any of congress materials. They had free reign
    per DWS. It’s all coming together. They have their fiefdoms
    all around the world.
    All of the ‘help and life saving means’ we send to these
    countries are just a front for the corrupt politicians and they
    warehousing of what they have stolen from the TAXPAYERS FOR DECADES.


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