Ep 2537a – The Infrastructure Deal Is An Inflation Bomb, Trump “Don’t Do The Infrastructure Deal”


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The [CB] infrastructure bill is going to be like a nuclear blast of inflation. People are already experiencing inflation but if the deal is made it will be something like we have never seen before. Trump is warning against this, a crisis is coming. Credit Suisse says it’s time to buy gold. Bitcoin rises sharply, [CB] trap.

Posted on July 26, 2021

2 thoughts on “Ep 2537a – The Infrastructure Deal Is An Inflation Bomb, Trump “Don’t Do The Infrastructure Deal”

  • July 26, 2021 at 8:26 pm

    I thank everyone has had enough of this from the deep state . Now they are talking the mask again .
    We don’t want any of this bull shit and if President Trump wants to wait then he is not going the way USA.
    wants to do . Through this time I have watched this all the time and you can keep this going like a TV soap
    by the deep state and they are getting closer to everyone too pressure us to do something we will not do.
    The President wanted me to give some money to be a honor roll for him. I know I don’t have what our President has and I admire him but he said I can’t do what he wants to do without me and I know what that was for but if X22 will let him know I think that you President needs to take this country back right now because there want be much left so for just one time where I say go I mean GO and let them hit the entire bunch to clean this up and I know the people will behind you what ever way you make it happen. I pray that you listen and stop something that is going on . I have told people all this time it s close. You should not just talk about this the hole year when he should been gone by February .
    That is my thought. I do like this program that you put on.
    Thank you


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