Ep 2564a – Debt Payoff, Audit, Gold Destroys The Fed, Double Meaning

One thought on “Ep 2564a – Debt Payoff, Audit, Gold Destroys The Fed, Double Meaning

  • August 31, 2021 at 1:12 am

    It’s a coup d’état. 21 trillion is missing from the federal govt. Now, under the guise of Covid 19, the bankers have decided they no longer want to share power with the people. So the central banks have essentially decided to take over. The ultimate completion of this will be when we have digital currencies, owned and operated by the CBs. Why is this important? Because it won’t be a currency, but a financial control system. To implement the system, they need the vaccine passports. The goal of these passports is nothing to do with health. It’s to do with implementing new financial transactions system, which is in effect implementing full control. So it’s a slave system, based on vaccine passports.
    We will no longer have cash; we will simply have credit at the company store. Which they control. So if they don’t want us travelling more than 5 miles from our homes, our credit card won’t work beyond that 5 mile point. Remember Schwab: you’ll own nothing, have no assets, and you’ll be happy. What he’s saying is that it’s 2030 and we’ll have stolen all your assets, and we’re going to mind control you.


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