Ep 2649a – Gold Will Destroy The Fed, In The End The [CB]s Will Not Survive

3 thoughts on “Ep 2649a – Gold Will Destroy The Fed, In The End The [CB]s Will Not Survive

  • December 10, 2021 at 8:47 pm

    So what will stop them from confiscating gold and silver, or just having grid failure and no access to bitcoin?

  • December 11, 2021 at 3:18 pm

    Would love to buy X22 shirt & hoodie.

  • December 12, 2021 at 9:42 am

    I completely understand the current exposure of the fake central bank currency hoax. This system is long past it’s shelf life and must be replaced by a system that carries and is properly backed by actual physical value. Tangible is the operative word.

    I’m 74 years old and have closely watched the corrupt bankers and politicians destroy our financial system. For the most part; the people are clueless and have blindly trusted the crooks in charge of the “financial” system!

    I have opened my mind and seriously attempted to understand how a new means of exchange could support a real and honest transaction network world wide and locally. I actually “get” the transaction ease of bitcoin-like units can be used; monitored and SETTLED after each transaction between buyers and sellers. Contemplate as I will; I can find no actual physical value in bitcoin; nor in paper money that is traded at some conjured value level.

    I definitely understand the utility and “potential security” of transacting with an electronically managed entity like bitcoin. What I can’t fathom is any difference between corrupt; paper money that is not tied to physical metals, and a “new, secure, exciting, safe, and purely electronic (monetary system) that exactly copies and replaces the current fiat foolishness with a new imaginary currency.

    Our constitution sets forth the process and the rules for generating a currency to support transactions between buyers and sellers. The Treasury is tasked with printing or creating and managing the currency. I suspect this all sounds extremely complicated to those that have lived under this phony corrupt system since birth. The fake money system has been purposely complicated so normal; honest citizens don’t even try to understand it.

    Now; follow me closely; lest you become confused! Close and cancel the evil central banks. (note; they are the ones that have created and perpetuated this debt-based economy) Allow them to keep all the debits and credits they have created. That is only fair!

    Return the responsibility for creation and management of the currency to the Treasury of the USA. The big bankers and corrupt politicians will miss the continuous flow of “value” into their pockets. Establish a realistic current value for precious metals based upon historical ratios. Settle on one’ or two or a few metals as the anchor of the currency.

    Here is a recommendation; but persons smarter than I can likely conjure up something more “reality based” than this quickly balanced equation! Based on the value of gold in 1913 versus the currency then; Gold should be worth $30,000.00 per ounce and Silver about $3,000.00 per ounce. Admittedly; oxen will be gored and angers will be generated; but something like this backing of our currency must be established.

    If the bitcoin-bugs want it to be our currency; okay; start minting! I see a block-chain based transaction processing system offering daily or even second by second transaction settlement. What a nice and potentially secure way to honestly manage a financial system.

    Thanks for allowing me to rant. Something like I’ve written MUST be set up and honestly managed by actual citizens of our country who believe in and support our constitutional form of federalism.


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