Ep 3047a – Watch CA, [CB] Divided On [CBDC], Current Fiscal Policy Is Unsustainable

One thought on “Ep 3047a – Watch CA, [CB] Divided On [CBDC], Current Fiscal Policy Is Unsustainable

  • April 18, 2023 at 10:24 am

    This is bullshit. As we’ve seen, it doesn’t matter what the people think or want. The deep state keeps pushing their agenda forward unimpeded. They control everything – all the branches of government, the DOJ, every government agency, the fed and all the banks, THE MILITARY… The more people that suffer and starve to death while all this magnificent transformation you speak of occurs, and things keep working out in favor of the elites and not we the people, it’s getting harder and harder to believe you or even stay optimistic. Not sure how you can say all that BS so confidently but the fact of the matter is, this country is screwed beyond repair. There won’t be a USA to elect Trump to fix everything in 2024 at the rate we’re going, and even if an election happens they’re just going to do the same shit all over again because there’s still plenty of TDS addled libtards to help them pull it off. They’re likely going to prevent the election from even happening by handing full control to the UN. Maybe that’s the REAL “Nothing can stop what is coming” – the demise of America – because it’s coming, and nothing is stopping it.


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