Ep 3101a – The [CB] Economic Illusion Is Breaking Apart, Soon The People Will See It All

2 thoughts on “Ep 3101a – The [CB] Economic Illusion Is Breaking Apart, Soon The People Will See It All

  • June 25, 2023 at 8:14 pm

    Answer me this riddle. Who would arrest these people right now? Do you know who would prosecute them? Who would carry out their sentences? The DOJ? They ARE the DS! Do you think they’ll arrest each other or prosecute each other? Hardly! We need to primary the rinos and other traitors out of office first! We have to wait until we get this corrupt administration out of office before we can arrest them, prosecute them – and hold them accountable for their crimes against our country and humanity – then we KNOW that the American people will see justice. Just a little more patience, Patriots. NCSWIC! Nothing!

  • June 26, 2023 at 9:07 am

    @6:40 – – Add to your list the United Nations … they are the creature from H*ll – –

    @12:50 … Implosion of the system … Is this a deliberate action of the Federal Reserve or does the Fed Reserve have a Tiger by the tail and they are desperately hanging on by making moves that they hope will get them back into control?? Is the Digital $$ their last bone in that they are shrugging their shoulders and saying let’s pull out the computer program and make people believe that this is what we want???
    And if All our $$$ are on line wouldn’t that be a field day for hackers, black outs, out and out theft by IRS, etc etc….

    @14″00 Okay fine …. Trump can point gleefully at the Criminal Cabal/Deep State/DemonCrats and say Nah Nah you broke your toy …. BUT BUT the better way would be to have the new more sound system ready to boot up as soon as the old system crashes, because IF IF IF we do not have the new system in place our economy is going to crash and burn as well

    Just think how crazy you feel when your cashier checker says to you … “We can not check you out.. the cash registers are off line” and you are holding food for dinner????


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