Ep 3113b – The Cover Up Is Falling Apart, Blackmail, Trafficking, Treason Exposed, The Man In The Arena

12 thoughts on “Ep 3113b – The Cover Up Is Falling Apart, Blackmail, Trafficking, Treason Exposed, The Man In The Arena

  • July 11, 2023 at 8:18 pm

    Hello Dave:
    Thanks for all you do for us. I use to run from one site to another getting the latest (including X22) – but I just don’t have the spirit for it anymore. I am worn out. My one go-to remains The X22 Report. I appreciate your work. My common sense tells me that people like you HAVE TO have days where you just don’t feel like it doing this, but you still do it for us. We need to know. You are wise to leave a day out of the week to shut it down, and the rare occasion where you don’t upload at all during the week.
    You are appreciated. Thanks for what you do.

  • July 11, 2023 at 9:36 pm

    thank you dave you are makeing people wake up.tytytytyty.

  • July 11, 2023 at 10:13 pm

    We have been hearing for the last couple of years now that Trump needs the people behind him. I think he needs hearing aides if he can not hear the people saying enough is enough. I have heard him say several times that it is time to end this, it is time. They know who they are and what they have done.. How much evidence do they need? You can only hang them once. I am thinking we are having smoke blown up our ass from both sides now. We are awake and have had enough of this crap. Thanks Dave.

  • July 11, 2023 at 10:59 pm

    Posting this got me FaceBook CENSORED AGAIN:
    That’s CA State Auditor WhistleBlower Act 8547 FELONY HARASSMENT
    (W20130197, 7 Mar 2013,)
    CA Judicial Corruption – 19280 (FB)
    Hatsue Kiyoko Fiedler (Matsumoto, Japanese,) my deceased (28 Nov 98, 28 YEARS, MURDERED,) in SHITcago, IL staged hit from behind accident.
    My car similarly rear ended nine (9) times prior her death, the tenth SO serious, my car totaled, me, hospitalized with back, neck injuries. The reckless driver not held financially liable.

    PRIOR to Hatsue’s MURDER, my car was hit from behind while stopped in SHITcago, IL traffic: NINE (9) times!

    We are victims of the corrupt CA judicial / political system. YOU safe?

    If CAL 19280 is CA LAW, how is it enacted, WHY NOT taught K – 12?
    Juvenile crime restitution becomes PARENT financial burden until PAID IN FULL!
    No crime, criminals NO VICTIMS!

    Victims AND criminals entitled to CAL 19280 compensation from CORRUPT CA POLITICIANS

    2004 CA Governor Arnold Schwartzenigger + CA Attny Gen KAMALA HARRIS = 2004 enacted CA Rev & Tax Code 19280 PISSED OFF a WHOLE BUNCH Íf CAL 19280 is CA LAW, how is it enacted? WHY isn’t it taught K-12, PARENTS of criminal juveniles are FINANCIALLY LIABLE to CA Franchise Tax Board who collects on behalf of victims, AND ALLfor ANY CFTB collection burden, PLUS expenses, pain, suffering … (CA Judicial Corruption – 19280 (FB))
    Ventura Superior Court – DA, Victim Services Inspector Chris Morkavic TwO (2) verbal PHONE MESSAGE THREATS of CIVIL LITIGATION!

    CAL 19280 inquiries lead Ventura County Probation Agency sending TWO (2) Ventura Sheriffs to intimidate / harass me. CA State Auditor WHISTLEBLOWER Act 8547 harassment (W20130194, 7 Mar 2013,) a FELONY! The sheriffs FLEED pending THEIR ARREST.

    This Port Hueneme Police pigger logic: THIS PHPP came up behind me, FAILED TO IDENTIFY HIMSELF, said, “OK now, I’m gonna remove your helmet (Which protected me from head injury,) placed helmet on ground, picked up helmet, turned helmet camera off, FELONY TAMPERED / MODIFIED video evidence (Video PHPP edited removing MY BEING DRAGGED?, audio edited,); FELONY PERJURED PHP accident report let Jose Angel Hernandez go. …

    PHP officers told me said PHPiggers are no longer with PHP, 8 Aug 20. PH Police Chief replaced IMMEDIATELY following this MURDER ATTEMPT, TERRORISM. Are the PHPiggers on desk duty? Fired? Prison? How do I get my $¾ MILLION medical bills paid? PHPiggers let the MILITARY WETBACK FREE!

    PHP TAMPERED with my helmet cam video, that’s FELONY EVIDENCE TAMPERING by POLICE. PHP Traffic Collision Report 16-13274 contains TWENTY-ONE (21) FELONY PERJURIES.
    HIT & RUN Jose Angel Hernandez has NO AUTO INSURANCE!

    PHP WANTS to go to prison? Or be SECOND 19280 enforcement? 2004 enacted, thus CA (LAW) Revenue & Taxation Code 19280 transfers delinquent criminal restitution collection to CFTB.
    What will PHP do to repay my UNINSURED MOTORIST LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY on the hook for some $750,000 MEDICAL BILLS.

    CRT, NOT 19280 taught K – 12
    Why …
    Google CAL 19280 (19280)
    2004 ENACTED, CA Revenue & Taxation Code 19280 CAN hold convicted criminals FINANCIALLY LIABLE to CFTB (IRS,?) who REPRESENTS THE VICTIM!
    2004 CA LAW enacted SEVENTEEN (17,) YEARS AGO!


    CFTB assists restitution delinquent criminal find employment;
    CFTB enacts WAGE GARNISHMENT to criminals wages;
    CFTB enacts criminal property liens;

    19280 enactment NOT a CA taxpayer burden; NO criminal restitution, CPC 1203(e) interest affect
    19280 enactment of a CRIMINAL FINANCIAL LIABILITY, BURDEN (Administrative Fee!)

    AND …


    Yet …

    CA Judicial Corruption – 19280 (FB)

    REALLY PISsed!!!
    Wait for it …

    What are YOUR elected officials doing?
    CA Senator Diane Feinstein told me SHE recalls her CAL 19280 (19280,) work

    VP Kamala Harris, former CA Attorney General…
    Newsome, Pelosi, Schiff, Waters 19280 aware, derelict?
    If NO ONE is aware of 19280, WHO THEN is liable?

    VP Kamala Harris, former CA Attorney General…?

    Not CA?
    NO 19280 there

  • July 11, 2023 at 11:24 pm

    Another fine report, Dave. I listen every night. It has become one of my patriotic duties! You give it your all, and you are much appreciated. The people are finally coming around. God and Donald J. Trump will win, and we will do our part. Thank you.💝

  • July 11, 2023 at 11:33 pm

    Before any so called trans male uses a women/girls bathroom & or prison- they must be castrated & ALL male sexual parts must be removed = penis, scrottum & testicles. Never to be in female sports due to muscle structure growth differences. It must stop !!!

    Congress needs to stop adding new investigations & start DEFUNDING DOJ, FBI, CIA, & IRS .

    mccarthy is a POS !

  • July 12, 2023 at 4:48 pm

    Reduction of Naval funding sounds like treason to me.

  • July 12, 2023 at 6:48 pm

    Hello Dave… to answer your question: Why would he or anyone leave their luxurious life and do this… IMO, b/c Trump is the Biblical Antichrist See Dan 8:23-25; 11:23-25 (small people = Q / USA). Also Rev 6:2 for when election fraud is proven. That’s why… there is a greater agenda at work. Stage is being set.

  • July 13, 2023 at 9:34 am

    If the good guys are in control then WHY are we still being sprayed with this TOXIC heavy metals and WHY are the FIVE-G towers still up RADIATING us. WHY are there NO comments on MY comments. Are we being censored here.

  • July 13, 2023 at 9:26 pm

    Can you explain why Schiff is questioning anyone? I thought he was not allowed to speak. What’s going on?


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