Occam’s Razor Ep. 73 – Cuomo’s Nightmare Continues

3 thoughts on “Occam’s Razor Ep. 73 – Cuomo’s Nightmare Continues

  • March 13, 2021 at 8:27 pm

    Occam’s discussions tonight on elections fraud uncovered post ‘certification’ – under either WH GSA duress/threats well documented or deliberate state chicanery – its really very tiring and obscenely stupid or crass as the US pretends to be the model of democracy and leading proponent of morals etc..to bomb/kill others to conformity– many 3rd and ‘4th’ world states have many times more legit elections.. and to Zack’s ponderance on overturning elections results- yes-it can be done- Pelosi wants to do it in Iowa for Congressional seat won by GOP 6 votes.

    For the national elections – it can be effected under a percept in common law called ‘Quo Warranto’ (by what warrant) – is a prerogative writ requiring the person to whom it is directed (Biden) to show what authority they have for exercising some right, power, or franchise they claim to hold… ie. The Presidency – last used in 1278 by King Edward 1 of England



    There are 83 court cases to date based on the 2020 election
    In 26 cases President Trump was the plaintiff
    In 53 cases President Trump is not the plaintiff
    In 4 cases President Trump is the defendant
    21 cases have been decided on their merits
    President Trump/GOP won 14 of the 21 cases decided on the merits
    Most of the cases were never looked at by the court
    18 cases remain active

  • March 13, 2021 at 8:52 pm

    for Occam Zack – question..
    How can someone be convicted of both murder and manslaughter for a single killing? Aren’t these two mutually exclusive?

    I have, potentially mistaken, understanding that in some cases a defendant can be charged with both the more serious crime and the less serious crime so that if the burden of proof is not met for the more severe charge the lesser charge can be considered.

    However, if the burden of proof is met for the more severe charge then that conviction can be held as valid.

    I’m not sure how I feel about that, it smells like “sentence shopping” to me.


    Charge with what you can convict on and don’t get greedy.

  • March 13, 2021 at 9:04 pm

    My orig take on the election fraud-seemed quite accurate to the letter on SCOTUS stance 2 mths prior to their delivery..last line..a fine legal mind must say..remember on ‘withheld’ votes historically Dems voted by mail and has a late surge…but not as happenned with all discreps.
    From: Nik Raj
    Sent: November 12, 2020 11:13 PM
    To: White House
    Cc: Securities and Exchange Commission ; AMNESTY-ALL ; AMNESTY-TO ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; Adil Shamoo, For War Or Peace ; Adil Shamoo, For War Or Peace ; Bible Gateway ; Frankie Aquila ; Molly Hemingway

    Hear , Hear

    The crux of the ‘issue’ , finding the unfindable unless yu’re IT security expert…moreso where strangely, blue votes counts are held back to the end awaiting mass/late mail ins..wiping out hundreds of thousands in known legit red leads (Arizona/Pennsylvannia/Georgia etc) – ie. knowing what to clean- perhaps as only the shrewd Israelis can help unravel..over to missing Mike Pompeo.. hhmm – definitely a case for Messrs Holmes and Monsieur Hercule Poirot if not the great Indian scientific minds of the hermetic Shree Srinivasa Ramanujan and Jagdish Chandrabose.

    These are the puzzles that only the truly tried and tested old style accounting audit process can harvest an accurate result- all else false negatives or positives.. ie. 1:1 tally of registered voters to actuals cast… but then the electoral process mandates a margin for such recounts-case in hand Georgia only so far. The issues with ‘out of reach’ audit margins is that the root causes for potential fraudulent margins were not observable-the current chicken and egg conundrum – no hard evidence.

    Myself worked with many, many highly sophisticated ERP Corporate systems and many implementation rollouts, like German based SAP, Oracle etc – fully aware how ‘things’ can simply disappear into a ‘BLACK’ IT hole – NO TRACE except back to the source and final dispatch…it’s all about what happens in the middle..eh Briggsy buoyo..? 🙂 – yu sharpshooter techy bad ass – Celestica had a ‘problem’ like this- disappearing invoices.. the scrum master untangled – Guns and Roses.. yippers.. maybe the Pres does have a cause of action or Locus Standi.. on lack of ‘visible’ jiggery piggery.. see what judge can do a fact check – Hoo aah!!


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