Occam’s Razor With RedPill78 & Craig Mason Ep. 76

One thought on “Occam’s Razor With RedPill78 & Craig Mason Ep. 76

  • March 26, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    You guys are doing a great job – on target and very relevant to the point kinda like Trumpy – its all about nasty left politics to disenfranchise a male white base that’s perceived to be racist and conservative blahy blah when its not quite by and large .. thank god for smart white males or we would be out a job last 20 yrs – all bosses thankfully male white – we are brown as they come but from West Indies..so a West Indian, East Indian viz an East Indian from the East- so let em come to pappa..also Canadian Trinidadian with an American bias.

    Keep the faith – good always triumphs AND BE BRAVE!! strong..


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