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  • June 18, 2022 at 11:52 pm

    “For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.” Best to put this in Microsoft Word and use the femal voice via A’’’’’’’
    – John 3:20-21. My secret of life . What does not kill you – makes you stronger. I wrote that I pray others know the secret of survival against evil The useless eaters. Having read the title of this piece, I can say with some confidence that the first word ‘Swastika’ brought immediately to your mind’s eye, the stereotypical swastika that Hitler used for his Nazi Party. The swastika that represented hate, discrimination and evokes revulsion today in the 21st century. The swastika now is possibly the most powerful and universal symbol of hate known to man. However, what is often forgotten is that the swastika was a symbol of peace and tranquillity until Hitler appropriated Freemasons Promote Pedophilia & Satanic Ritual Abuse and Many of them hold positions in Police, Fire Departments, Politics and “Security” Agencies- Smashing The Cabal – Satanic Free Masons- Clint Eastwood a confirmed member-The Bohemian Grove- Satan worship cremation of care-human sacrifice- . My secret of life . What does not kill you – makes you stronger. I wrote that I pray others know the secret of survival against evil Having read the title of this piece, I can say with some confidence that the first word ‘Swastika’ brought immediately to your mind’s eye, the stereotypical swastika that Hitler used for his Nazi Party. The swastika that represented hate, discrimination and evokes revulsion today in the 21st century. The swastika now is possibly the most powerful and universal symbol of hate known to man. However, what is often forgotten is that the swastika was a symbol of peace and tranquillity until Hitler They legalized sodomy. They hate Christians and the Trinity. They cannot say the name Jesus, cannot wear a cross nor carry a bible. The stand naked in their underwear with a noose around their neck called cable tow , blindfolded . Kneel down and make a blood oath to Allah on the Koran. 2% of their massive combined wealth front as charitable giver to deceive as Home’s capes Carmel did with Meals on wheels. Did not cost them a penny. Freemasons Promote Pedophilia & Satanic Ritual Abuse and Many of them hold positions in Police, Fire Departments, Politics and “Security” Agencies- Smashing The Cabal – Satanic Free Masons- Clint Eastwood a confirmed member-The Bohemian Grove- Satan worship cremation of care-human sacrifice-
    appropriated it.

    chris chamonix
    10:34 AM (50 minutes ago)

    to [email protected] Dawn, [email protected] cc Attorney Lin Wood, President Trump and others for protection. I added further details now.

    Clint Eastwood-Greed a Fatal Desire mp4 .Erased by U Tube Now “ How I escaped Americas Fake Acting Society “

    Every man can make a difference. Every man should try. Truth does not change. Truth is incontrovertible. The love of money is the root of all evil. Follow the money to locate and identify evil. The moment God spoke creation was created. There’s nothing that an act of courage can surrender to an act of cowardness. I pledge my life. My fortune and my sacred honor to uphold the constitution. Honoring our forefathers legally binding agreements of a nation founded on “ In God We Trust. You have to want freedom more then you want comfort. To stand up for liberties for freedom of speech and freedom of religion. This is simply a war between Good and Evil.
    The players used psychological warfare using their terminal unstable demoralization to break my spirit to cover their insatiable greed lived. Then I understood communism. Truth has life in it . Lies has death in it. Truth comes to life when it is spoken and it is heard. Truth torments evil doers. The calculated cruelty and immense harm they caused to human life and the sufferings they incurred destroyed my family. With their blended indifference to human sufferings targeting me being severally disabled by the state of California in 1998. I am a woman that hit a fully loaded red car carrier semi-truck going 60 miles per hour on Miramar Road in San Diego . I was with my boyfriend James Bond’s double oh seven Movie Double Martin Grace from Kilkenny, Ireland. in 1998. I competed with other stuntmen in a bike race and won the 25-mile bike race along Hwy 101 on the beach. This is my selfless girlfriend in the red Sweater Teri Rayburn I have known 39 years . I am not an alcoholic, drug user whore looser bum from hell all of a sudden as the leaders of the sodomist crime ring in Carmel depicted to cover up their involvement in this crime ring. As to not destroy my beautiful body – This supernatural picture at age 49 Taken at Chamisal Fitness two weeks before all the powers from the depths of Hades were unleashed their Satanic vengeance on me to never walk or talk again. Satanic evil sodomist rapists got me. This is not staged nor altered. The cumulus cloud meets my Aussie hat. I am missing my right arm. I am glowing for God is love.

    The four restraining orders are the head of the sodomist crime ring. Heather Roberts, Dennis Carl Chambers P Oh W. Trained in the art of Intellectual murder. See my Face Book Chris Chamonix for Dennis Carl Chambers BIO. Dr. Carl Chambers. Homescapes Carmel Beau Finklang and Thompsom Lang _ Finklang. Dads store inPacific Grove he built and paid for . Freemasons design such as Pebble Beach. The Lodge. Susan McCloud on Carmel City Council for three years as Ma Cloud CIA 0perative Box SS in Carmel . She says she hides her secrets well. 2002-2003. My Demise of my entire family.
    Susan Mc Cloud as Mayor of Carmel keeps her secrets.

    Clint Eastwood was Mayor for one term to get water rights for Tehama.My Real Estate Broker I met at Mission Ranch Michael Bono with Bonafide Properties in bed with Clint Eastwood asx he plays golf with him at Tehama Private Club. Worked me to death.Representing gay Jerry Myers filthy one acre two building in Carmel valley where Dr. Carl Bergstrom is still sodomising women at a bed and breakfast. He lives with Kathy that loves sodomy.
    I was forced to hire two Mexicans to fill 13 massive dumpsters, tear down sheds. Antique sales. Tow junker cars, put a leach line in , Find homes for five pot belly pigs the only time Beau Finklang ever worked loading them into his rusty Homescapes van covered in pig shit on his shoes and jeans. Hilarious , you would of loved it as genius move

    .It fell out of escrow one day before close after six months of six hours a day work not to list other properties is how they operate like Sandra Locke in The Good Bad And Very Ugly book. .she said he hated disabled and would mock them. In wheelchairs. Clint Eastwood was with her for 13 years at the Bel Aire Mansion locked her out and acted like he never knew her. Made her have two abortions and a tubal ligation whilst fathering two children with Reeve’s the flight attendant. Put all her clothes and parrot in storage like he did to me with a guard so she could not get them . She sued for palimony got thousands but he ruined her career as an actor and director with Warner Brothers. Clint Eastwood is the head of Hollywood sodomist rapist club. ,Sandra Locke died from stress with breast an bone cancer. Clint Eastwood is a monster beyond belief. Absolute power does corrupt. I said to the Lord this is worse then the Chambers with no pay for a year and taxed $8900 2003 W-2-CPS Commercial Real Estate. .Bonafide properties same road as the Chambers new Real Estate office with three listings. I said I will sell it again to the Lord, in two weeks which I did at 100k less value. I went ot the Real Estate board and they said it was illegal but did not pull Bonafide’s license. My Broker Michael Bono refused the 10k management ree I requested of course. Bonafide Properties Michael Bono my broker plays golf with Clint Eastwood at exclusive private Tehama. He is a slime bag. Like the rest of Clint Eastwood’s wanna be’s as rich as Clint who controls everything in Monterey county.

    It was the best day of my life as they embezzeled 40k from me, 45k from John Mandurrango for space rent at 7th and Delores in Carmel the old bank building with a vault. 60k from Carmel Plaza location and got 60k impoverished grant from Freemasons Bank Monterey Bank. Homescapes said we kiss their ass so they will do anything we want. Like travel the world so you don’t have to. Commercials.
    . They Homescapes Carmel embezzled 40k from me as living in a shack garage with cement floors. One twin bed and dresser, no windows. One toilet and untiled tub. No kitchen across form his moms house where Thompson his gay brother arm chair site-lives with Edward that does meals on wheels. They cried fake hostile takeover by dad in Pacific Grove and no paycheck c heme for two years. Ted Bundy’s twin Beau Finklang cried his back was broken in five places not three like me in his motorcycle accident in Carmel at 17, severe brain trauma’s. M9ine was minor as sev ere through Nancy E. Markel Neuropsychologists in La Jolla , California with extensi8ve testing with SDr. Boltyer for SSI Disability in 1999 after my severe semi wre3 k in 1999 on Miramar Road in San Diego.The mental board in

    Australia locked me up for 15 years said I was delusional and had grandiose ideas for knowing Clint Eastwood and Senator Feinstein. Refused to see medical diagnosis broke into factory storage unigt in Brookvale under violent roommate Paul Belcher. Smashed to door do0wn computer of horrid Paul Belcher roommate now. and all my6 rrecorsw stolen. Corrupt cops big time [aid by Clint Eastwood to smash me to death. Operatives got my kids. Believe me this is war. Lin L Wood hopefully will take my case for malpractice by Australia my counter computer seizing all records refusing to see anything for 15 years as schizophrenic, delusional and grandiose ideas. Bastards.
    My girlfriend of 39 years a selfless beauty Teri Rayburn. With four children. beauth in the red sweater. Teri Rayburn was raped by seven men at age 17 thrown into a mental ward with horrific prison mattresses and cement pillows to torture me physically as I have a $2500 mattress showroom valued at 6k. Diagnosed with dirty cops trying to break my door down for 15 years.
    as schizophrenic . Gained 40 lbs. by the horrid poison they give you. We both had PTSD. She can testify that I owned and overimproved five homes under my married name christine Kaitangian. I have never been a drunk., drug user whore from hell all of a sudden.
    Teri Rayburn in the red sweater at San Diego Zoo. The love and respect of my life lived honoring life.

    . This is Dr. Carl Bergstrom first arrested five years later more then seven women were sodomist raped. I had the tapes, but had to destroy them as it was too dangerous to hold on to . I posed for one as evidence as Dr. Bergstrom’s associate Dr. shared them publicly Chomps Hospital is involved and lied and said I said someone I poisoning me when having 45 minute convulsions after the beatings I endured. You cannot talk with meat grinding convulsions. I have medical files. Stolen in factory for two weeksin Brookvale NSW Australia. broke the door down in Paul Belcher policd report in Brookvale where Bergstrom wrote in my medical file she says someone is trying to poison her after his vilolent drugged sodomist rape.with a much stronger drug doctors use then Satanist Beau Finklang used at Homescapes Carmel on city council with his gay brother Thaompson Lang of course.


    I had one glass of wine per week at age 38 after my semi wreck in 1998. First time at prestigious Del Mar Plaza at the seafood restaurant. I left one glass of wine to use the restroom. A tall 6 foot pitted face grey brownish hair slipped a drug into my glass. I was lead down the glaring bright lighted stairs to a mansion in Carmel Valley in San Diego. Room after room until his bedroom with a picture he said was his boys playing baseballIlearne4d the secret of surviaval is you do not fight back. I cannot remember the night. I acted like it never happened so I could get to my 2.5 TL Gold luxury Acura As I was sold a salvaged title BMW at Toyota by the Bay in San Diego with 20k repris in a year and a half. My lemon law attorney with horrid breath did nothing and fleew me to meet the reporteers and Senator Feinstein’s side for 40 minutes .At the California Stae Capitol Building in Sacramento in 1999. Teri Rayburn saw the DVD. I wore a suave suede brown top and skirt. The reporters raged how beautiful I was which I thought strange as in terrific pain with refused medical, just trying to not crumble to the floor in agonizing pain.. Eight months later in agonizing pain after my cage fusion, laminectomy and diskectomy in my thoralumbarsacrial fiberglasss back support device . At Toyota By The Bay in San Diego. The Lord said go in that fat cats office. Look for your BMW key. Which I did and underneath was the complete salvaged title from a junk yardf in Arizona. I hit it in my blouse, copied it in the Lobby and won my 20k back in repairs the next day. Did not include the flash flood by the Mexican amtrack tracks in Carlsbad frying my engine for 7k with my insurance check on the door five minutes too late. Jeremy and I pushed my car to 325 Walnut Avenue # B. The first time I was beat up.. Don Splonick’s the Bank Robbers kleptomaniac that extremely charismatic went after rich girls as medical reps. I met in the parking lot of Carlsbad Plaza. Said he had to pic his parents up at the airport but in reality lived at Downtown San Diego Prison on probation for robbing nine banks with a rifle. See how Satan works after you hit a semi truck in 1998 going 60 mph on Miramar Road in San Dieo visiting my kids when the dad had parental visits at Easter for younger Jeremy Kaitangian.

    In Del Mar Plaza to escape all harm as the sexual predators all came out of the woodwork after you hit a semi truck and are helpless. Like the Bobcat going for the Juglar of the little poodle in Carmel. They lost many little dogs. God told me he worked for Dickie Jeans. I saw him again and God said don’t call police as you can’t fight their millions.
    . That was my instructions to be alive today. Denied medical from my x husband with the best Medical coverage Southern California Edison for a year and a half after my accident. Paid into Blue Cross for that time said pre-existing. Can You imagine having a broken back in three places, a neck a thousand times worse and severe minor brain trauma and have no medical coverage. Don’t worry Trumps team and by my testimony will take care of that. I left full Oregon’s full medical coverage to take care of my abused children having to return Baby Jeremy to his abusive dad as too sick to help him more with denied medical from my x husband I rescued from a Christian occult. But he is the occult leader. I was married for 14 years without one bad word or deed. I do not do that.John R. Kaitangian refused all divorce decree orders which will be collected on with punitive damages big time I married as a virgin at age 23. He gave me an std, bleeding bladder infection and pregnant with Johnnie the first time I had sex in my life. I never kissed him and hated sex with him intuitively so. If they can’t have you in bed they want you dead. .

    Now we categorize arrests. First one DUI leaving Dr. Carl Bergstrom’s house after his vile sodomist raped drugged rape of me over an hour. Left Bruno’s market as he said he had a girlfriend bought two steaks a bottle of nice red and garlic bread. At 2:45 pm until DUI driving eight blocks with tunnel vision. Entering Bergstrom’s country style small house. Six as stuffed deer had bestiality sex with in Idaho after killing them. with marble eyes weeping and screaming. One filthy queen mattress in the living room, no furniture. One kitchen table. I enter place the one red on counter left of stove. Bergstrom takes his steak immediately to barbeque on the kitchen deck. I started my appraisal with promised listing. I met him at the Caribbean restaurant when he sat next to me, following me in there from the used clothing store below his medical practice…
    as internist. Bought me a margarita. Offered another. I said no “I don’t want a DUI as I had opened real one forgetting to eat at Teri Rayburns house when her son Brandon was playing drums on the garage. I had two glasses of wine and ordered salad but they put tons of dressing on it and I could not eat that.
    I go past his bathroom into his single bed bedroom. Tons of Mengle Ties silk with large stars .Bergstrom wore blue pristine shirts. I opened on drawer when the Lord told me to- it had 30 stethoscope’s in their. Go back to kitchen to one third glass of red wine. Faint on the kitchen floor and raped for over an hour. Then I am outside with Bergstrom screaming get off my property. I could not walk and forget mycell phone at home. Immediately I am cited with DUI and no defense in jail is how they operate.
    Second arrest. Attorney David Wayne Brown ran for Mayor in Marina. Had a little office shared in 2000. . A massive luxurious office in Monterey in 2006. Refused to help me ever. Only helped Mexicans for free .Moved to Carmel on Ribera Road, half a house lower level by a bus driver and German women. Said I scratched the floor and want 3k with no scratches. Hired David Wayne Brown. He got me evicted and did nothing. Overlooked Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch which God told me to go there with int3ense spiritual warfare between Good and evil there . They keep you moving to break my back more. Next home 911 happened.2001.Rented a nice room in the forest ocean view. Gave me hidden sex pad on my tab Beau Finklang’s DUI record. Knocked at his door asked for $1200 out of $40k embezzled in 2002. Calls his dirty cops in Monterey and says I have a gun and am going to kill him, holding a little yellow flower. The Monterey cop comes. I am silent and take my arm around the cop and give Beau Finklang the finger. Arrested for eight hours jail in Monterey for an invisible gun. Welcome to Freemasons community. Lost $1200 0n a P.G house became homeless first Mariposa Inn at #$74 a night with a lovely fireplace, then motel six, then the campground , then abroad to work as nany in Australia for Iranian Pilot trying to bringall his friends here. German wife. Never slept together. Tortured little hairless dog with cancer . Refused to feed or care for him. Flash flood floods my small Iranian bedspread and basket bedroom. Through laundry room small slot under door. My room only .I get severe bronchitis. His clothes the Iranian Pilot stunk like Satan. The worst smell ever. Relates to Carmel’s Mayor CIA operative Iranian deals. They made me clean cat boxes, putrid rabbit cages, gardening , trash cans, no food at all. Refused wages of course but I was alive. I left after I got bronchitis after having to lift my wet carper to break my back in my small bedroom at the front of the house. The spoiled brat kids refused to help lift the heavy wet carpet outside near the retaining wall. Time to quit .Got a panoramic ocean view property in Australia next to South Pacific rehab on the beach for Jeremy. Just needed 25k. Of course no one helped me. They never did ever. I worked with his probation officer Greg Pico to no avail as Australia said he had too many arrests. I could not go back to U.S to be dead as stalked daily by Dr. Carl Bergstrom and Satanist Beau Finklang saying they would kill my kid’s and me, nothing new. It’s legal in California.

    Next false arrest and next false arrest. Making thius four in total. . Breaking and entering Bulgary at Bergstrom’s house. without any damage as a maintenance worker let me into Bergstrom’s house. This was an exorcism with sold out Millionaires protecting the sodomist rapists and dirty cops dail at my door with mental patient Stephen Stooper with Hep C covered in yellow poo screaming. I took him out to his favorite restaurant in Pacific Grove where he married a San Fran heiress and got millions. A total drunk and ward of the court attorneys said I was victim two and I did not follow my bank account at that time. Three blocks from Carmel Police Station where I submitted a typed letter. Dr. Bergstrom raped me and false DUI. I left a picture of me holding Jesus on the cross. With leather chaps on exposing my butt a bit. I rebuke you Satan ceremony. Can’t trust the local town doctor nor the dirty cops like Australia. Follow the Money trail Attorney Lin L Wood says. costs leaving his house after his vile drugged sodomist rape at $4500. That was 111 days in solitary confinement. Not 77. . I called 911 with no change -pouring out Dr. Carl Bergstrom is a serial sodmist rapist with Beau Finklang. Eight cops come after me with guns. A man without a white coat gives me a vile of blue and bright orange upon put in cell. The criminal in 1987 Vietnam Hanoi Hilton video. Chambers may of taken that down.
    Leaving the seafood restaurant after overran hour and a half and half hour each way to get there. Arrive at Stephen Stooper’s home. Carmel Police car parked in front of the house waiting for me. Crazy Stephen Stooper tries to jump out of the car, I grab him not to get hurt on the asphalt driving very slowly swerve a tad bit, am cite3d with DUI as no defenses in jail by small man complex young blonde cop. My pic is on file at Salinas Courtroom. Unless they destroyed it as all my files are blacked out in large sections.

    At the mansion Dr. Carl Bergstrom was their on call concierge doc at at 3k per year with 30 mansions besides his internal medicine practice at the Barnyard across from Bonafide Properties my boss
    Michael Bono. After leaving 258 Hwy 1 in Carmel an 18 Million dollar Estate for a year in the servants quarters with wrongful termination for being sodmist raped. I moved to 1050 Johnson Avenue in Monterey. They broke in and stole my laptop with all future listing and expensive real estate programs. Moved, no money returned ever after the owner nailed the windows shut.

    The Chambers kept there children big fluffy white cats in a closed closet ion the garage. One vomited fur balls. Seven hours decorating their house for Christmas not present given. I made a gift basket accidentally setting off the alarm into their upper quarters. Mr. Chambers comes running with a big Bazooka gun in my face. CPS staff party they never talk to you with respect as you are trash to them whilst serving their wine. Money hungry Greed is disgusting.
    Homescapes Carmel go to China during the Sars outbreak to hire tow hitmen to kill me. After I told them I was going to police for them embezzling $40k from me being severally disabled.

    I had no friends in Carmel as people are very shallow and I did not meet a Christian anywhere just corrupt churches getting rich. I move fr9m Monterey to downtown Carmel. I went to the Kodak camera shop on Ocean and Juniper where my nice apartment was. Laura a girl Irented to did not pay for 1050 Johnson Avenue in Monterey. Said she was homeless and drove a Junker car. She p[aid $600 to move into the apartment, then I found out she worked for Clint Eastwood one day a weee3k as a Hostess at Mission Ranch. I had the only black man in town at the Kodak camera shop on Ocean Avenue the main drag in Carmel over for ten minutes. The town rages that I fucked a nigger. Wr did theatre in the Forest together . An outside arena where I prayed for a young man that had cancer. Like Inglorious Bastards movie. The only black man with no fre4inds in town I felt sorry for loaded the projector.
    Luara hid my phone when I asked her to move out for working for Clint Eastwood as a hostess like his girlfriend wife Christina Sandera a con artist that tried to chop up her husbands furniture Wainscot ott with an ax divorced her owned a Carmel Bakery .She will not get his Millions we will to help fund. I called the poli ce and got a thirty day notice to move again to break my back one more time lifting boxes as usual which is not allowed. He said you are not getting along so you have to move. Then I take the[putrid job caring for evil Stephen Stooper as Attorney David Wayne Brown refuses to put him in a nursing home dying of hepatitis C.

    That’s enough for now to understand my grievous human sufferings for the Lord. I have full pics you cannot see. I need Lin L Wood’s Email address please. I need his help. Sincerely [email protected] 61-02-8957-1482


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