“There They Go Again”: British Intelligence Launches New Smear Against Putin, Trump


Friday Questions: Why does The LaRouche Organization talk so much about “Geopolitics”? The {Guardian} yesterday published new Fake News, claiming they have documents which “suggest” that Putin ordered Russian intelligence to elect Donald Trump. Why resurrect these lies again, now? With the U.S. withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, it is possible to break away from the imperial geopolitical doctrines which have controlled U.S. foreign policy since the assassination of JFK. The era of endless wars, to defend City of London and Wall Street financial swindlers, could be brought to an end — that’s why it is crucial that Americans understand what the Geopolitical doctrine is, to know who our enemies are, and what they are trying to do — and how to defeat them! Join Harley’s email list: https://laroucheorganization.nationbu… Contact: [email protected] or — if you use Twitter– @HarleySchlanger

Posted on July 16, 2021

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