Tom Zawistowski – From Tea Party Pioneer To IRS Target & Beyond on Sat. Night Livestream


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Tom Z is an Ohio business owner, Patriot Leader, the Chair of the Ohio Portage County Tea Party and the founder of the We The People Convention. In 2009 he was a founding member of the Tea Party. Coming to prominence has its drawbacks however as in 2013 he became the focal point of the IRS’s Tea Party targeting scandal. He currently has his own podcast and led Ohio to victory for POTUS in 2016. He Joins us tonight to talk about his life and career and the future of the Liberty movement in America.



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Posted on February 28, 2021

One thought on “Tom Zawistowski – From Tea Party Pioneer To IRS Target & Beyond on Sat. Night Livestream

  • March 1, 2021 at 12:19 pm

    Did you ever hear give an inch they take a mile?, Well this is exactly what Trump did he gave the election away!! as he saw and captured the theft without doing anything about it. How dumb can one be to give them the whole enchilada knowing theft is taking place, ya really want to lose the election patriots? Now a very steep up hill climb without any help, no courts hearing, helping, or caring how does American just trust the plan? Barr is gone, Durham resigned his office, but still a Special Council, by what office is that? WDC? THE FACT ALL WE SEE IS MORE UN American Biden acts of killing what we had under Trump. who gave it away trying to find all the bad players/actors, he touting a come back in 2024 so he’s not doing anything else to recapture the election he gave away all those Generals who asked him to run and drain the swamp where are they now? America is being destroyed bit by bit from the elected Dem’s who are blinded by Red money.


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