Biden Trapped, Shift In Narrative, Dog Comms, Sleepers Activated, The Time Is Coming – Ep. 3062


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The people in the UK and Germany are now longer buying what the [WEF] is selling they realize that the GND will not work for them it works against them. The statistical manipulation does not work anymore because they people feel the economy getting worse. The Fed has lost control and trapped in all of this, full exposure coming soon. The [DS] is now trapped in their own agenda, Biden has become a liability, the criminal syndicate will need to take him out but make it look like it is for health reasons. The narrative is about to shift, [AS] release dog comms and Scavino sent a message about sleepers now being activated. The country is a mess and the D’s are now going to sneak a new candidate in, which most likely it will be MO. Pain is coming to the [DS], the time is coming.



Infographic: 75% of Brits Think the UK Will Not Hit Net Zero Target | Statista



April Payrolls Smash Expectations After Huge Downward Revisions; Black Unemployment Hits Record Low 

  • Ahead of today’s jobs report, which we previewed earlier and where median consensus expects a drop in payrolls to 185K (which would be the lowest since 2021) with unemployment rising to 3.6%, many joked that at this point the job report is so rigged and “adjusted” that Biden’s Dept of Labor may as well just keep going with fabricated numbers until the 2024 election. After all, one look at the chart below which shows the number of consecutive beats heading into today’s print, confirms what a farce the “data” has become: everything in the name of a beat and a favorable press conference soundbite.

Well, the cynics were right once again because moments ago the BLS reported a record 13th consecutive month of payrolls beating expectations…

… as April payrolls reportedly rose by 253K, a big jump from the the March number…

… and what is a 3-sigma beat of expectations of 185K.

  • And speaking of previous prints, the March number was unexpectedly revised sharply lower, from a consensus-beating 236K (exp. was 230K) to a huge miss at 165K, a number which surely would have impacted the Fed’s thinking and potentially put a premature end to the rate hikes. But wait there’s more, because February was also revised lower by 78K, from +326,000 to +248,000, which would also have missed the whisper estimate.  With these revisions, employment in February and March combined is 149,000 lower than previously reported. And then there was a downward revision in January too… Combined, this is how the downward revision looked:

  • And just like that, we get confirmation that every BLS number is only gamed to beat the current month consensus estimate so that Biden’s admin can take props for handling the labor market “:better than expected.”

Turning to the unemployment rate, which we expect will also be revised dramatically higher just after the 2024 presidential election, it unexpectedly dropped from 3.5% to 3.4%, (an in fact 3.39% unrounded) stronger than consensus expectations for an increase to 3.6%.  Among the major worker groups, here are the the unemployment rates for adult men (3.3%), adult women (3.1%), teenagers (9.2%), Whites (3.1%), Blacks (4.7%), Asians (2.8%), and Hispanics (4.4%). Of note, the unemployment rate for blacks dropped to a record low.



THE BIDEN EFFECT: Layoffs and Job Cuts Expanding Far Beyond Big Tech in 2023

  • From the Business Insider:

  • A wave of layoffs that hit dozens of US companies toward the end of 2022 shows no sign of slowing down into 2023.Morgan Stanley and Dropbox are the latest companies to announce cuts: Morgan Stanley is reportedly cutting 3,000 by the end of the quarter, while Dropbox’s CEO said last week the company would cut 500 jobs. Gap, meanwhile, said it would cut 1,800 jobs as part of a restructuring plan meant to cut costs at headquarters and in upper management.The news comes after Lyft told employees on April 21 it would eliminate 1,200 roles, or about 30% of its workforce. The cuts will apply to corporate staffers, as Lyft does not consider drivers to be official employees of the company.These companies join a large number of major corporations that have made significant cuts in the new year: Tech companies, including Meta and Google, and finance behemoths, like Goldman Sachs, announced massive layoffs in the first weeks of 2023 amid a continued economic downturn and stagnating sales.The downsizing followed significant reductions that companies including Meta and Twitter made last year…But it’s not just tech companies that are cutting costs, with the major job reductions that have come from the Gap, along with FedEx, Dow, and Wayfair.
  • Things are so bad that even CNN has been reporting on the subject:
  • And of course, the Biden White House is in total denial:


JPMorgan Chase Repeatedly ‘De-Banked’ Conservative And Religious Groups, Republican State Officials Say

  • Nineteen Republican state attorneys general asserted on Tuesday that JPMorgan Chase “de-banked” organizations for their conservative and religious tendencies, calling on the nation’s largest financial institution to respect the viewpoints of their customers.
  • The state attorneys general urged Dimon and his firm to act consistently with fundamental American values. “No individual or organization should have to worry that religious or political beliefs will limit access to financial services or undermine financial stability,” the letter continued. “Surely Chase’s promised inclusivity should extend to these fundamental characteristics of American identity. Accordingly, we call on Chase to stop its religious and politically biased discrimination and start living up to its commitment to an inclusive society where everyone feels welcomed, equal, and included.”


Exclusive: US officials assessing possible ‘manipulation’ on banking shares

  •   U.S. federal and state officials are assessing whether “market manipulation” caused the recent volatility in banking shares, a source familiar with the matter said on Thursday, as the White House vowed to monitor “short-selling pressures on healthy banks.”
  • Shares of regional banks resumed their slide this week after the collapse of First Republic Bank , the third U.S. mid-sized lender to fail in two months. Short sellers raked in $378.9 million in paper profits on Thursday alone from betting against certain regional banks, according to analytics firm Ortex.
  • Increased short-selling activity and volatility in shares have drawn increasing scrutiny by federal and state officials and regulators in recent days, given strong fundamentals in the sector and sufficient capital levels, said the source, who was not authorized to speak publicly.
  • “State and federal regulators and officials are increasingly attentive to the possibility of market manipulation regarding banking equities,” the source said.
  • The American Bankers Association on Thursday called on the SEC to investigate significant short sales of banking shares and social media engagement that it said appeared to be “disconnected from the underlying financial realities.”
  • “We urge the SEC to consider all its existing tools and to take measures to reduce the avenues for abusive trading practices and restore investor confidence,” the group said.
  • Short selling, in which investors sell borrowed securities and aim to buy them back at a lower price to pocket the difference, is not illegal and considered part of a healthy market. But manipulating stock prices, which the SEC defines as the ‘intentional or willful conduct designed to deceive or defraud investors by controlling or artificially affecting” stock prices, is illegal.


What If The Fed Has Lost Control?

  • The US economy and its financial system operate under the implicit belief that the Federal Reserve controls the direction of the economy and finance. This belief isn’t in Fed influence, it’s in Fed control: the Fed can reverse a stock market decline on a dime, it can reverse a recession, it can do “whatever it takes” to keep markets stable and expansive.
  • Every new Fed policy extreme generates second order effects which unleash unintended consequences. The prime example is moral hazard, the belief that risk can be taken on to boost speculative gains without suffering any consequences of that risk blowing up.
  • But what if the Fed is unable to push policies to new extremes due to systemic constraints? What if policies that worked like magic before no longer work this time around due to diminishing returns / collapse of buffers?
  • What if the Fed cannot reverse the doom-loop of second order effects its previous policy extremes have generated? These outcomes don’t seem farfetched to anyone who studies systems dynamics. Rather, they seem inevitable and predictable.
  • What if the Fed has already lost control but nobody dares question the confidence in Fed omnipotence? It’s not the Fed policy extremes that work the magic, after all; it’s the confidence of participants that resolves the bubble bursting crisis.




“Bud Light Ghost Town!” -Boston Red Sox Fans Completely Snub Disgraced Beer Brand as They Purchase Concessions at Fenway Park – Not a Single Soul Goes to Bud Light Stand (VIDEO)

  • How bad is your beer brand when not even baseball fans in one of America’s most liberal cities will buy it?
  • As reported by, a video aptly titled “Fenway Park Bud light stand Ghost Town!” was recorded by TikTok user Luis Tejada on Tuesday. The footage shows scores of Boston Red Sox fans lining up to purchase beer and food at concession stands at Fenway Park.
  • There is one exception, however: the Bud Light stand. It is completely devoid of customers and the coolers are completely stocked to the brim.
  • Tejada remarks in the video how “funny and bizarre” the sight is.
  • Nobody wants to touch the poisonous brand, not even in navy blue Boston.


Hollywood Writers Strike to Last Weeks as Writers Plan Star-Studded L.A., New York Rallies

  • The Writers Guild of America strike will likely last weeks as the union plans two major rallies in Los Angeles and New York for May 15.
  • “There’s no telling how long the Writers Guild of America strike will last, but as it enters its second day, guild leaders expect it to still be going by May 15, when they’re planning to stage massive rallies on both coasts,” reported Deadline. “The last writers strike, in 2007-08 lasted 100 days, and the one before that, in 1988, lasted 153 days.”


The timing of the strike is interesting, doesn’t this shutdown the talking points about Joe Biden, Hunter, CIA, FBI etc….

Soros-backed prosecutor Kim Gardner resigns from office

  • “The most powerful weapon I have to fight back against these outsiders stealing your voices and your rights is to step back,” she said.
  • St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, a George Soros-backed prosecutor, resigned from office Thursday in the face of bipartisan calls for her do so.
  • Gardner’s office posted her resignation letter on Twitter, who said that “people outside of the city” have “targeted” her and the “fundamental rights of the city’s voters.”
  • “We have experienced an onslaught of records requests that no office in the country could reasonably fulfill, along with attacks on our hard-working line attorneys designed to demoralize these public servants,” she said. “There is no sign that the onslaught would stop for as long as I am in the office.”




  • John Solomon makes an important point about the Grassley & Comer letter today.
  • It was a confidential human source (an informant) for the FBI that provided the information suggesting Biden was involved in a bribery scheme.
  • “The idea that the FBI had an informant that was making allegations against a sitting VP or a man soon to be President is so remarkable.”
  • An FBI informant making allegations against Biden?

Could that person be Hunter Biden 

  • Ex-CIA boss Morell wrote colleague that the Hunter Biden laptop letter was a “talking point” to help Joe Biden at debate.
  • In a rare and candid email exchange between two former CIA bosses, Michael Morell told John Brennan in October 2020 that he was organizing a letter of 51 intel experts claiming the emergence of the Hunter Biden laptop was a Russian influence operation because he wanted to give Joe Biden’s campaign a “talking point to push back on” Donald Trump during the last presidential debate of the 2020 election 
  • Brennan, who served as CIA director under President Barack Obama, willingly agreed to sign the letter after being told of its political intentions. “Ok, Michael, add my name to the list,” Brennan wrote Morell on Oct. 19. 2020. “Good initiative. Thanks for asking me to sign on.”
  • The email exchange provides damning new proof supporting House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan’s explosive revelation last week that the now-infamous intelligence letter — which was portrayed by news media, fact checkers and Big Tech as an independent and organic initiative by security experts — was in fact a political effort by U.S. spies instigated and assisted by Biden’s campaign in an effort to influence the 2020 election.
  • The email also shows at least one signatory of the letter, Brennan, knew of the political intentions of the project before adding his name to it.
  • The email also reveals some of the other experts whom Morell was trying to get to sign the letter, including former CIA Director Leon Panetta, former Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson, current Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco and former National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers.
  • Some, like Panetta, signed the letter, while others, like Rogers, did not.


Breaking: Top Intel Chiefs Forced to Testify Over Hunter Biden Laptop Lie – John Brennan and James Clapper to Appear Before House Committee 

  • Former CIA Director John Brennan and former DNI James Clapper will now be forced to testify before the House Weaponization subcommittee about the statement they signed in 2020 discrediting the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian propaganda.
  •  Biden and his campaign at the time cited the letter as reason to discredit the laptop.



Nov 09, 2017 11:24:35 PM EST
Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: Dx5TPc5d No. 148781546 
[C]los[I]ng [A]ct: Dismantled.
Impossible to clean.
Operations –> [N]o [S]uch [A]gency


  • DOJ is reportedly close to indicting Hunter Biden
  • Here’s what I think happened
  • The Hunter investigation exposed his access to VP Biden confidential docs in the garage
  • Deep State knew they were going to expose they found the docs & eventually indict Hunter, so they decided to hit Trump 1st on both issues as a way to lessen the impact of what would end up happening to the Bidens
  • Trump’s FBI raid 1st, then Biden’s
  • Trump’s indictment 1st, then Hunter’s
  • They framed Trump to protect the Bidens


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: df5c9a No.11067351


FBI possession since late 2019?
No FBI interview(s) _J/H Biden due to optics re: attack political opponent?
Lesson of the Day: If you run for POTUS all your past crimes magically disappear?
Sometimes it takes transparency to force action.
“Let’s see what happens.”
In this case, does having early stage dementia help you re: previous deniability? [harmful politically]


Oct 18, 2020 1:12:32 AM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 0a3163 No. 11130733 
How do you inform your target(s) [‘business partners’] what you have?
Why would H. Biden have such material on his laptop?
How was the content *originally* received? Email?
Why would H. Biden risk turning over such material to a computer repair shop? [contents unrestricted?]
On purpose [years of being treated poorly by ‘Pop’] or simple negligence?
If such information existed on laptop why wouldn’t contents be claimed?
Several attempts made to contact to claim? Messages left?
Why wouldn’t H. Biden want to reclaim *knowing* the contents on the drive could bury *POPS* & family.
A troubled life?
A troubled family?
Looks can be deceiving.

Jill Biden in UK to Represent President at Coronation for King Charles III

  • Jill Biden landed in the UK  on a diplomatic mission to represent President Joe Biden at the coronation ceremony for King Charles III.
  • She is traveling with Finnegan Biden, one of her granddaughters, for the Royal appointment.
  • “Headed to the U.K. for the Coronation of King Charles III — the first in 70 years!” the first lady wrote in an Instagram post Thursday as she left for London.
  • “It’s an honor to represent the United States for this historic moment and celebrate the special relationship between our countries,” she added.
  • Already thousands of local are cramming London’s streets and byways to prepare for Saturday with a special beer already brewed to slake the thirst of Royal watchers – and Royals – alike.



Billionaire Dem mega-donor bankrolling Trump accuser’s rape lawsuit visited Epstein’s private island

  • LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman has given millions to Democrats, visited White House multiple times
  • A billionaire Democratic mega-donor who’s currently bankrolling a rape lawsuit against former President Donald Trump visited the infamous private island of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and was scheduled to stay at his Manhattan townhouse in 2014, according to a report published Wednesday.
  • The Wall Street Journal obtained documents that show Reid Hoffman, a founder and former executive chairman of LinkedIn, made a trip to Epstein’s island in the Caribbean, Little St. James – also known as “pedophile island” – where Epstein and his associates were accused of trafficking and sexually abusing underage girls.
  • Joi Ito, then-director of MIT’s Media Lab, had asked both Hoffman and Epstein to help him raise money for MIT, leading Epstein to make plans for Ito and Hoffman to visit his private island in March and November 2014. For the latter date, Epstein planned to travel with both men from Palm Beach, Florida, to the island for a weekend and then fly together to Boston.


  • NEW – Accused child molester Woody Allen regularly palled around with Jeffrey Epstein – even after the pedophile served jail time for sex with underage girls.
  • Schedules and emails show deeper relationships between the disgraced financier and a range of prominent people, including the former Treasury secretary and the filmmaker
  • Among the new details:

    • Mr. Summers continued to meet with Epstein and seek his help years after Harvard decided it would no longer accept his donations.
    • Reid Hoffman, a billionaire venture capitalist and LinkedIn co-founder, visited Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean and was scheduled to stay over at his Manhattan townhouse in 2014.
    • Woody Allen, the Oscar-winning movie director, attended dozens of dinners with his wife, Soon-Yi Previn, at Epstein’s mansion and invited Epstein to film screenings.
    • Ehud Barak, the former Israeli prime minister, visited Epstein dozens of times and accepted flights on Epstein’s private jet while visiting Epstein’s mansions in Florida and New York.
    • Leon Black, the billionaire co-founder of private-equity giant Apollo Global Management, scheduled more than 100 meetings with Epstein from 2013 to 2017.



Biden launches preemptive strikes on GOP as border crisis is expected to deepen 

  • The White House is going on offense as immigration takes center stage in American politics.
  • Title 42 ends next week at the southern border, and House Republicans have dropped the Secure the Border Act to push the issue in Washington.
  • With each of those at play, the Biden administration is using a familiar tactic in pointing the finger back at the GOP.
  • “The president has long said — and you’ve heard me say this as well — and he said this many, many times: Don’t tell me what you value. Show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre added to reporters at Wednesday’s briefing. “Unfortunately, the Republican spending plan shows that they value tax giveaways to the rich more than they value law enforcement who keep our community safe.”


Supreme Court blocks Biden administration for now from ending migrant expulsions under Title 42 -Dec 27,2022

  • When I take the oath of office on January 20, 2025, we will immediately begin the process of fully Securing the Border and removing the illegal aliens Joe Biden has unlawfully allowed to break into our Country…


Geopolitical/Police State

Michael Shellenberger Warns That Governments Around the World Are Conspiring to End Free Speech as We Know it (VIDEO)

  • He is now sounding the alarm about the war on free speech, here in America and around the globe and he suggests that it’s all connected.
  • He recently wrote at Substack:

World On Cusp Of Woke Totalitarianism As Governments Act To End Freedom Of Speech

The Twitter Files gave us a window into how government agencies, civil society, and tech companies work together to censor social media users. Now, key nations are attempting to enshrine this coordination into law explicitly.

Around the world, politicians have either just passed or are on the cusp of passing sweeping new laws, which would allow governments to censor ordinary citizens on social media and other Internet platforms.

Under the guise of preventing “harm” and holding large tech companies accountable, several countries are establishing a vast and interlinked censorship apparatus, a new investigation by Public finds.

Politicians, NGOs, and their enablers in the news media claim that their goal is merely to protect the public from “disinformation.” But vague definitions and loopholes in new laws will create avenues for broad application, overreach, and abuse.

In Ireland, for example, the government may soon be able to imprison citizens simply for possessing material that officials decide is “hateful.” Under the RESTRICT Act in the US, the government may soon have the authority to monitor the Internet activity of any American deemed a security risk…

The US’s RESTRICT Act, sponsored by Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), threatens 20 years in prison or a $250,000 fine for accessing blacklisted websites through “virtual private networks,” or VPNs, which are ways to create a private connection between a computer or phone and the Internet.

See the video below:




White House Rejects Kremlin Statement US “Undoubtedly” Behind Drone Attack On Kremlin 

  • The Kremlin issued a formal accusation against the United States for helping Ukraine conduct yesterday’s ‘assassination attempt’ on President Vladimir Putin via drone strike. 
  • “Attempts to disown this, both in Kyiv and in Washington, are, of course, absolutely ridiculous. We know very well that decisions about such actions, about such terrorist attacks, are made not in Kyiv but in Washington,” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. 

According to Peskov’s full statements in Reuters:

He said the United States was “undoubtedly” behind the incident and added – again without stating evidence – that Washington often selected both the targets for Ukraine to attack, and the means to attack them.

“This is also often dictated from across the ocean … In Washington they must clearly understand that we know this,” Peskov said.

  • The White House denial of involvement was firm, quick, and brief. “White House national security spokesman John Kirby told MSNBC television the Russian claims were false, and that Washington does not encourage or enable Ukraine to strike outside its borders,” Reuters writes.


Ranting Moscow security chiefs including former President Medvedev call for Zelensky to be ASSASSINATED and Kyiv destroyed in nuke revenge for drone strikes at the Kremlin… as Ukraine denies trying to blow up Putin

  • Russia accused Kyiv on Wednesday of attempting a drone strike on the Kremlin
  • It said two drones used in the alleged attack were taken down by defences
  • Russia’s ex-president Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday called for the ‘physical elimination’ of Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky after Moscow accused Kyiv of a drone attack on the Kremlin aimed at assassinating Vladimir Putin.
  • ‘After today’s terrorist attack, there are no options left aside the physical elimination of Zelensky and his cabal,’ said Medvedev, who has been increasingly hawkish since Moscow’s Ukraine offensive.


How would the US react if Russia sent over a drone and exploded over the WH, It seems the CIA is trying to push war, in the movie Sum of All Fears, the nazis made it look like Russia attacked the US, in this movie the [DS] made it look like Ukraine attacked Russia, which leads back to the US. If you think the [DS] is on the side of the US it is not, they are trying to destroy the US

False Flags


May 04, 2020 4:58:02 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2fe5aa No. 9028429 

CDC’s Rochelle Walensky resigns, citing pandemic transition

Biden Admin, Media Blamed Anti-CRT Efforts And ‘Book Banning’ For Learning Losses. Experts Say That’s ‘Nonsense’

  • As just 13% of eighth graders met grade level expectations in U.S. history, Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona put the blame for such scores on book bans and censorship in the classroom.
  • The Biden administration, critics and the media’s efforts to blame the country’s learning loss on the culture wars is “nonsense,”  
  • “It’s nonsense. Liberal politicians and liberal pedology have been controlling our nation’s classrooms for generations. You can date it back to 1920. They own it, they broke it,” David Randall, the head of the civics alliance for the National Association of Scholars, told the DCNF.
  • Betsy DeVos and other education experts slammed the Biden administration and the media’s effort to blame the nation’s staggering learning loss on those fighting Critical Race Theory (CRT) and book “banning,” telling the Daily Caller News Foundation it’s “bizarre” and “nonsense.”
  • In 2022, just 13% of eighth-graders met proficiency in U.S. history while civics test scores recorded their first ever decline, according to a Wednesday report from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, known as the “Nation’s Report Card.” The learning loss stems from the push to focus curriculum on diversity and equity topics rather than teaching students reading and writing, education experts told the DCNF.  
  •   Source:




Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.466

R Gov won by 328,000 votes.
D Sen is winning by 32,000 votes.
R Gov won Maricopa County by 325,000 votes.
D Sen winning Maricopa by 32,000 votes?
[350,000] vote swing to D Sen?

TWJ Founder: The Democratic Party Just Confirmed Michelle Obama Will Be Its Nominee and Nobody Noticed 

  •  Evidence is now coming out against JB and HB
  • It is only a matter of time, dementia will really start to kick in, JB is a liability to the criminal syndicate, he will be removed.
  • Don’t you find it interesting they moved the D moved the convention to Chicago, who lives in Chicago, the Obamas
  • If MO does enter, does this allow Biden to be removed or he can now drop out of the race because of health reasons, which would then lead to the country saying, can he serve now.


Raskin: ‘Insurrectionist Philosophy’ Is Spreading Within the Republican Party
  •  Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said   that an “insurrectionist philosophy” had spread within the Republican Party.
  •  The scary thing to me is that the insurrectionist philosophy behind this extraordinary event has only spread within the Republican Party and is now a defining attribute of their understanding of the Second Amendment. You can hear my colleagues Matt Gates, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Chip Roy talk about how the purpose of the Second Amendment is to allow the people to overthrow the government. Which means, by definition, to attack the police and to overthrow anybody who’s defending our government.”
  • Raskin added, “This is despite the fact that there are half a dozen different places in the Constitution that specifically condemn insurrection. Article One, Section Eight, Clause 15, for example, says Congress has the power to call forth the state militias in order to suppress insurrections. The Republican Guarantee Clause says, we, in Congress, have got to guarantee to the people of the United States a republican form of government and put down domestic violence against the states and on and on. It’s even, you know, in the 14th Amendment, of course, which says that if you swore an oath to the Constitution, then you violated by participating in insurrection, you can ever hold federal or state office again.”


DOJ finds ‘insider witness’ in Trump Mar-a-Lago documents probe: report

  • The Justice Department has found an “insider witness” as investigators probe former President Trump’s handling of classified documents, according to a new report.
  • The New York Times, citing people familiar with the matter, reported that the unidentified person now cooperating confidentially with the investigation has worked for Trump at Mar-a-Lago.
  • According to the report, the scope of the insider witness’s cooperation is not yet clear, nor is the timeline, but the witness reportedly gave investigators a picture of the storage room where some materials were held.
  • The investigation, led by Special Counsel Jack Smith, has shown signs of intensifying. The new insider witness, the Times reports, appears as part of a broader effort to figure out whether Trump personally ordered boxes of the sensitive material to be moved out of the storage room.
  • Investigators are looking into whether Trump failed or refused to comply with government requests for certain records to be returned after the end of his presidency, as is required under the Presidential Records Act.
  • After the DOJ subpoenaed Trump for the documents believed to still be in his possession, FBI agents executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago and recovered classified documents last summer.
  • The Times also reported that “nearly everyone” who works at Mar-a-Lago has been subpoenaed in the probe.
  • The inquiry into Trump’s document handling is one of two probes into the former president led by Smith. The second investigation focuses on efforts by Trump and his allies to interfere with the transfer of power after losing his reelection bid in 2020.


Trump seeks to move New York hush money criminal case to federal court

  • Former President Donald Trump is trying to move the New York criminal case regarding hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels to federal court, saying the Manhattan district attorney’s charges are tied to Trump’s duties as president.
  • “This case is unprecedented in our nation’s history,” the filing states. “Never before has a local elected prosecutor criminally prosecuted a defendant either for conduct that occurred entirely while the defendant was the sitting President of the United States or for conduct that related to federal campaign contribution laws.


  • The leaking coming out of the Special “Prosecutors” Office and DOJ is unparalleled, and illegal. THEY ARE LEAKING EVERYTHING, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME OR GUARDRAILS. These people are thugs and criminals who allow ANTIFA & BLM to thrive and flourish, but who use full Gestapo force to shut down opposition and Interfere in our Elections. which is what this BULL…. is all about!

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • Back in the USA, but sadly I see so many really bad things happening to our Country. The DOJ and FBI are destroying the lives of so many Great American Patriots, right before our very eyes. The Court System is a RUBBER STAMP for their conviction and imprisonment. All this while the Radical Left protects and coddles extremists and murderers at a level, and with intensity, never seen before. GET SMART AMERICA, THEY ARE COMING AFTER YOU!!!
  • The Special “Prosecutor” is harassing and threatening my people over the Document’s Hoax, while NOTHING is being done with respect to Crooked Joe Biden’s MANY TIMES MORE Documents, especially those stored in CHINATOWN & Delaware. Another RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, style Witch Hunt. Under the Presidential Records Act, I have done everything right, except that I probably should not have returned documents until it was ALL settled. I had every right to have them, with the right, also, to Declassify…

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • age 2: ALSO, just as in the Mueller Scam case, you can’t have Obstruction of Justice if there is NO CRIME or, even more so, if they MAKE UP A CRIME!



May 04, 2020 1:07:01 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 6452a4 No. 9025384 



May 05, 2020 1:44:54 AM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 3af07d No. 9034827 

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  • May 5, 2023 at 7:47 pm

    The deep state may hate the USA, but they are part of it, inbeded into the institutions and if they destroy the USA, they destroy themselves. They are not immortal, and they won’t be able to ‘jump to China,’ or anywhere else. The Chinese allow only ethnically pure Han Chinese into positions of power. But then, I suppose a parasite is not in love with its host either, and as the parasite thrives, it kills the host. It too probably dreams of new hosts, but ultimately, when the host is destroyed, finds itself trapped and thus dies as well.

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