Confirmed, [DS] – Domestic Terrorist Are The People, [DS] Panics, Prepare Election Challenge – Ep. 3384


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Confirmed, [DS] - Domestic Terrorist Are The People, [DS] Panic, Prepare Election Challenge
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The people are seeing more and more of the climate hoax, they have changed the colors on the weather maps to brainwash you into thinking the earth is warming up. People are now have EV regret. Newsom goes all out to stop the people voting on what the new taxes are going to be. The [DS] has now been exposed, it is now confirmed that they consider those who are against them as domestic terrorists. This is what happens when you overthrow a government. Those who oppose the puppet government are the enemy. The [DS] is panicking over the elections, they know they don’t have a chance and they are preparing to challenge the election results so they do not have to certify. This will fail, they will delay, but this will fail in the end.



Electric Vehicle Regret: New Survey Says Nearly Half Want Gas Guzzlers Back

  • In a recent survey conducted by McKinsey, it has been uncovered that the United States is facing a significant hurdle in the electrification of its vehicle fleets. The survey encompassed over 30,000 respondents across 15 countries, with 46% of electric vehicle (EV) drivers in the US expressing a desire to switch back to vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.
  • The primary reasons cited for this shift back to gas-powered vehicles include the challenges associated with public charging infrastructure, high total costs of ownership, and limitations on driving patterns for long-distance journeys. Australia, a country known for its extensive travel distances, topped the dissatisfaction charts, with 49% of EV owners considering a return to gas-powered vehicles.


California Supreme Court Removes Initiative From Ballot That Could Have Limited Tax Hikes

  • Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom successfully petitioned to remove a proposition from the state’s 2024 ballot that would have required all new taxes to be approved by voters, the Associated Press reported.
  • Newsom and Democratic state lawmakers urged the California Supreme Court in September to remove the ballot measure, which would have required any new tax levied by the legislature to be approved by a popular vote and any local tax increase to be approved by two-thirds of voters, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the initiative must be removed from the ballot because it would revise, rather than amend, the state’s constitution, according to the AP.
  • “Today’s ruling is the greatest threat to democracy California has faced in recent memory,” the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act campaign said in a press release reacting to the ruling. “The governor has cynically terminated Californians’ rights to engage in direct democracy despite his many claims that he is a defender of individual rights and democracy.”


  •   highest-in-the-nation taxes. This decision undermines direct democracy and the will of the people. It’s time for Californians to elect new leaders who truly represent us, reject the establishment, and fight for taxpayer rights. Stand with us to demand constitutional amendments that limit taxation and promote accountability!


Biden’s Student Debt Cancellation a Main Cause of $400B Increase in ’24 Deficit 

  • President Joe Biden’s executive actions taken to cancel student loan debt are a primary cause of a $400 billion increase in the federal government’s projected deficit for 2024.
  • On Tuesday, the Congressional Budget Office released a revised estimate up from February, calculating the deficit will total $1.9 trillion.
  • In its report, the CBO said the cost of Biden’s student loan cancellation is expected to be $145 billion more than the agency estimated in February.


Yellen: We Have ‘Normal’ National Debt Interest Burden
  •  Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that the current interest burden of the national debt is at a “normal” level, but President Joe Biden wants to cut the deficit “and doing that would be compatible with making investments in the economy that are necessary to support its growth. But we’re going to have to let important pieces of the Tax Cut[s] and Job[s] Act expire.”
  • Yellen said, “Well, the debt — the ratio of debt to GDP — we have a very large economy, and the ratio of debt to GDP is about 100%, which is high in historical terms. But real interest rates are lower than they have been throughout much of our history. And so, right now, the interest burden of the debt is at what I would call normal historical levels. To stay there over the next decade or more, it’s necessary to contain deficits and to counter what would otherwise be an increase in the burden of the debt.”



Jim Jordan says Merrick Garland contempt case will go to court

  • Jordan said he believes the House has a strong case in court, because the House had a formal vote to enter an impeachment phase against Garland, which includes access to evidence such as the audio recording.
  • House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan predicted on Thursday that the contempt case against Attorney General Merrick Garland will go to court, now that the Justice Department (DOJ) said it would not charge him.




President Trump calls to comfort family of woman killed by an illegal, Joe Biden does nothing

 Trump called the mother of Rachel Morin, who was ruthlessly raped and murdered by an illegal migrant from El Salvador, on Thursday — with the grieving mom saying she was “deeply touched” by his “honest compassion.”


Trump talked at length with Patty about Rachel, a 37-year-old mother-of-five who was senselessly slaughtered last August while on a hiking trail in Harford County, Md.

“I am deeply touched by President Trump’s kindness and concern,” Patty said in a statement about the call.



Geopolitical/Police State




US Pauses All Patriot Shipments To Other Countries, Will Redirect To Ukraine

  •  Biden administration statement has revealed a major decision which is to significantly impact Washington’s allies: the United States is pausing all shipments of Patriot interceptor missiles to foreign countries and redirecting them to Ukraine
  • US National Security Council spokeman John Kirby confirmed to reporters that the “difficult but necessary decision” of prioritizing the delivery of Patriot and NASAM missiles to Ukraine has been made.
  • President Biden had earlier announced that “everything we have is going to go to Ukraine until their needs are met” amid the broader push to get more European countries to donate weapons.


Isn’t this a national security problem

  •  ” Moscow and Pyongyang agree on the cause of the escalation of military and political tensions: “It is the confrontational policy of the United States to expand its military infrastructure in the subregion.” Such steps undermine peace and stability and threaten all Northeast Asian countries.

South Korean Arms For Ukraine Would Be A Huge Deal And Putin Knows It

  • South Korea is reassessing its earlier decision to not supply weapons to Ukraine, leading to a warning from Russia’s President Putin that it would be making “a big mistake” if it were to change its policy.


  • “I said, including in Pyongyang, that we then reserve the right to supply weapons to other regions of the world. Taking into account our agreements with (North Korea), I do not exclude this either,” he said.
  • The treaty signed by Putin and Kim on Wednesday commits each side to provide immediate military assistance to the other in the event of armed aggression against either one of them.


  • As South Korea condiders sending arms to Ukraine, Putin  deliver veiled threats about equipping North Korea with Russian weapons.
  •  What could go wrong, cuban missile crisis not just in cuba

US Bans Kaspersky Antivirus Software, Citing Russian Influence

  • The U.S. Department of Commerce banned Russian company Kaspersky from selling its anti-virus software and other cybersecurity products in the country after determining that the firm posed an “undue or unacceptable risk to national security.”
  • “Kaspersky will generally no longer be able to, among other activities, sell its software within the United States or provide updates to software already in use,” the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) said in a June 20 press release.
  • The prohibition is applicable to Kaspersky Lab, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab. The company’s operations were deemed to be risky to the United States “due to the Russian Government’s offensive cyber capabilities and capacity to influence or direct Kaspersky’s operations.”


False Flags


  • Louisiana made news this week for passing a law that mandates the Ten Commandments be displayed on the walls of every public school classroom, including elementary schools, middle and high schools, and all public college classrooms.
  • The law defies a 1980 Supreme Court ruling that struck down a similar law in Kentucky, so this is certain to be challenged in court

religions in the world

God mentioned in the declaration of independence

The DS stripped religion away from the young generation, made them believe in nothing, structure, norms, belief disappeard, made it easier to control the younger generation



Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey to Launch Legal Battle Against New York Over Unconstitutional Lawfare Against President Trump

  • Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has announced his intention to launch a legal battle against the State of New York, accusing it of an unconstitutional attack on the democratic process through its legal actions against President Donald Trump.




Supreme Court Releases Five Opinions on Friday – Most Anticipated Cases Not Among the List! SCOTUS Will Release Final Group of Opinions on Wednesday

  • The United States Supreme Court released four opinions on Friday, June 21, 2024.
  • The highly anticipated cases were not among the grouping of opinions released on Friday.
  • The Court announced the final release of opinions is set for Wednesday, June 26, 2024!


  • Do Supreme Court judges take winter vacations? Nope. Supreme Court Justices hold sessions from early October until the end of June.  

  •  Crooked Joe Biden is the greatest threat to democracy in history with his Open Border and weaponization of our justice system against his political opponent, ME! Fox News polls have never treated me, or MAGA, fairly! Don’t worry, we will WIN!!! Fox News should get rid of Paul Ryan, and get a new Pollster, but they won’t….

Trump Wipes Out President Biden’s Cash Advantage
  • Former  raised so much in May he erased President Joe Biden’s longstanding cash advantage, according to the most recent campaign finance filings with the Federal Election Commission.
  • According to the filings, the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee raised $141 million in May. A “significant surge” came in the last two days of the month, after Trump was convicted by a New York City jury on falsifying business records, according to Politico.
  • And those figures are just from large-dollar donations, and do not yet include unitemized donations of less than $200, and joint fundraising contributions that have not yet been transferred.
  • At the end of May, Trump had $116.6 million in the bank, compared to $91.6 million for Biden. In total, Trump’s campaign and the RNC reported just over $170 million cash on hand, overtaking Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) with just under $157 million, according to Politico.
  • Biden’s previous cash advantage had meant the Biden campaign had also spent more. But now, Trump has the cash available to match Biden’s campaigning, according to the report.


President Trump to Rally in Philadelphia TOMORROW Following Biden’s Disastrous “Rally” Last Month

  • President Trump will return to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, tomorrow and deliver remarks on Biden’s failed economy and his pro-criminal and illegal immigrant policies.
  • This comes after Biden’s pathetic so-called rally last month at a k-12 school in deep blue Philly, where elementary or middle school-aged children were being shuttled into the rally to fill space. The event opened with a person dancing in an Elmo costume. What a joke!


Biden’s Attorney Preparing to Challenge 2024 Election Results

  • Joe Biden’s personal attorney Bob Bauer told Politico that he is preparing to challenge the 2024 election results.
  • “We’re seeing — and have seen — election officials say, ‘If I’m not satisfied with the outcome here, I may not certify; I’ll just block it.’ And you saw that play out very dramatically in Michigan in 2020. That is something that we might see more of this time around,” Bob Bauer told Politico.


  • The Trump lawyers who legally challenged the fraudulent election results in Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada have been indicted.
  • Only lawyers for Democrats are allowed to challenge elections.


Jun 22, 2020 12:29:57 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: acb60b No. 9707125 
“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” ― George Orwell, 1984 Sound familiar?


Jun 22, 2020 9:47:04 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 6dbe29 No. 9712575 

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  • June 21, 2024 at 6:25 pm

    Your deliverance is getting near.—Luke 21:28 The Kingdom Is in Place!
    “The kingdom of the world has become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ.”—REV. 11:15.
    WHEN you look at world conditions, do you find it difficult to maintain a positive outlook? Family ties are fraying. People in general are becoming more and more violent, selfish, and aggressive. Many find it difficult to trust those in authority. But these very conditions can give you confidence. Why? Because people are acting exactly as was foretold in a remarkable prophecy about “the last days.” (2 Tim. 3:1-5) The fulfillment of this prophecy, which is impossible for any sincere person to deny, provides evidence that Christ Jesus has begun ruling as King of God’s Kingdom. But this is only one of many prophecies concerning the Kingdom. It will be faith-strengthening for us to review other prophecies that have been fulfilled in recent years.
    We will consider (1) a prophecy that helps us discern when the Kingdom was established, (2) prophecies that help us perceive Jesus’ invisible presence as King of God’s Kingdom, and (3) prophecies that reveal how enemies of God’s Kingdom will come to their end. We will see that these prophecies fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to provide a clear picture of where we are in Jehovah’s timetable of events.
    The full Deliverance information is 3 pages (about 1900 words), If you would like to read all of the information, please email me and request that I send it to you; it is free. If you wish, I can also direct you to a Bible study course that you would enjoy in your own home; please request the info about the FREE Bible study course via email; [email protected]. If you have questions about the Bible or about prophecies in the Bible, I can answer your questions and I use the Bible to do so. I can answer any question or doubts about the Bible that you may have and always do so freely.

  • June 21, 2024 at 6:27 pm

    Kingdom of Almighty God; Matt 13:18 Now listen to the illustration of the man who sowed. 19 Where anyone hears the word of the Kingdom but does not get the sense of it, the wicked one comes and snatches away what has been sown in his heart; this is the one sown alongside the road. 20 As for the one sown on rocky ground, this is the one hearing the word and at once accepting it with joy. 21 Yet, he has no root in himself but continues for a time, and after tribulation or persecution has arisen on account of the word, he is at once stumbled. 22 As for the one sown among the thorns, this is the one hearing the word, but the anxiety of this system of things and the deceptive power of riches choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful. 23 As for the one sown upon the fine soil, this is the one hearing the word and getting the sense of it, who really does bear fruit and produces, this one 100 times more, that one 60, the other 30.” If you have questions, please ask, or email ([email protected]) me for answers. I can also direct you to an online Bible study course that is free and where you can learn about Almighty God and His Holy Name in all 7,000 places it belongs in the Bible. Please ask for directions to that Bible study course via email.

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  • June 22, 2024 at 1:01 am

    It’s not just dc,inc either. Every dam city county state and federal entity along with most of the dam bureaucracy is corrupted. AND not just govt. our entire ethos is infiltrated and corrupt. Education
    All of it.
    Do you realize why?
    13 foreign fuQ’n families own everything.
    Many say they own each of us.
    Until those @$$-0’z are eliminated nothing will change
    They know it
    If WE baQ up and look at the Forrest. WE KNOW IT

    full sToP


  • June 24, 2024 at 9:27 am

    So now I’m a “Terrorist”? First, considering the P(s)OS in DC… I’m honored. Second, calling me a terrorist because I dare vote against them… HaHa do they really want to open that door? I can do waaaay more than just vote. Third, yes the KGB did the same for the USSR, and how did that work out for them? (For those who live under a rock – rely on msm for info – Russia has gone ‘back’ to a more traditional cultural/societial norm – their Church is back, trational values restored, national confidence is up, but instead of a tsar, and they have embraced a constitutional republic form of govt. When these current USA based bastards are toppled, don’t be surprised if a more traditional cultural/governmental system returns here too – make America Great Again… pre-imperial era (and we don’t need standing armies).

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