Court Of Public Opinion Is Winning Against [DS] Narrative, Transparency Equals Game Over – Ep. 3307


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Court Of Public Opinion Is Winning Against [DS] Narrative, Transparency Equals Game Over
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The more the [CB] and the establishment push the worse its gets for them. They have now lied about the inflation, fuel prices, the green new scam, the people know who the liars are. People cannot make ends meet and its going to get more and more difficult for the people. In the end the agenda of the [CB] will boomerang on them. The [DS] is losing in the court of public opinion. They more they try to stop Trump the more people wake up. The [DS] narrative is not working, so now they will have to move to the next level, they have already started the narrative and ran simulations on the elections. They are mapping it out just like Jan 6th. Trump and the patriots know the playbook.



  •  state and local governments. There’s not even an excuse for the federal government’s 2023 numbers being so out of whack. Tax revenue as a share of the economy is right around the historical average. The size of the federal government’s debt and deficits are so huge that it can be hard to understand (or believe). By breaking the numbers down, we see just how out-of-control Washington has become. Say a friend or relative was having financial problems like this. Would you tell them not to worry, or would you tell them to get their act together and stick to a serious budget? It’s urgent that the American public wake up to this reality, before it’s too late.



  • The White House is OBSTRUCTING Congress from obtaining the following: All drafts of then-Vice President Biden’s speech delivered to the Ukrainian Rada in Dec. 2015  Joe Biden’s emails with his family’s business associates where he used an alias  Interviewing current and former White House staff about President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents  Interviewing a current Biden Administration official about his knowledge of possible FARA violations related to Burisma The White House wants to HIDE the evidence we’ve unearthed about the Bidens’ corruption:
  •  The Bidens and their associates raked in over $24 million from 2014-2019 by selling Joe Biden as “the brand”  Vice President Biden dined, attended meetings, spoke on speakerphone, and had coffee with his son’s foreign associates  Joe Biden has met with nearly ALL foreign associates funneling his family millions  Witnesses’ testimonies reveal Joe Biden not only knew of and participated in, but enabled the Biden “business” and he was used to close deals with Russian and Chinese entities  President Biden has lied nearly two dozen times about his family’s business dealings We will not be intimidated by the White House. We will continue to obtain facts for the American people and deliver accountability.

Geopolitical/Police State

Judge Orders FBI to Release Manifesto from Deranged Trans Shooter to Nashville News Outlet

  • A federal judge ordered the FBI to release the manifesto from the deranged trans shooter for a private review by Star News Digital Media Inc.
  • Audrey Elizabeth Hale murdered six innocent Nashvillians at the Covenant School on March 27, 2023, nearly a year ago.
  • Her manifesto is reportedly littered with racist, anti-Christian language.
  • Just the News reported:
  • A federal judge ordered the FBI to provide Covenant School shooter Audrey Hale’s manifesto and other documents for a private review as part of a lawsuit from Star News Digital Media Inc., the parent company of The Tennessee Star.“The court’s order today is a significant victory for the public’s right to know about the motives of Audrey Elizabeth Hale, who murdered six innocent Nashvillians at the Covenant School on March 27, 2023,” Tennessee Star Editor-in-Chief Michael Patrick Leahy said.Star News sued the FBI in May 2023, claiming the bureau had violated the First Amendment by rejecting multiple Freedom of Information Act requests for the manifesto. Hale’s March 2023 massacre targeted the Covenant School and resulted in the deaths of three students and three faculty members.


NOT ROCKET SCIENCE: Dominican Republic Seals Border With Haiti, Deports Thousands of Illegal Migrants

  • The Dominican Republic is showing America and the wider world that controlling one’s borders is not rocket science.
  • As neighboring Haiti descends into a state of total anarchy, Dominican authorities have implemented tough security measures aimed at preventing a potential tsunami of migrants crossing the country’s border.

NBC reported:

The border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic has been closed for days as violence in Haiti dramatically escalated following a mass prison break in Port-au-Prince. But on Thursday and Friday, Haitians were allowed into a farmer’s market in the border town of Dajabón, which has a population of 25,000 and is about 120 miles from the Haitian capital.


EXCLUSIVE Biden administration is BLOCKING privately-funded Haiti evacuations by not allowing groups to fly out from landing zone, volunteers claim

  • Bryan Stern says he is trying to fly 40 Americans out of Haiti but can’t without use of the embassy’s landing strip 
  • Dozens of US citizens remain in Haiti amid escalating violence  
  • The head of a private rescue mission attempting to evacuate American citizens form war-torn Haiti claims the US government is blocking his efforts by not allowing him to use a landing zone next to the embassy.
  • Bryan Stern, the CEO and founder of Project DYNAMO, told his attempts to rescue almost 40 US citizens is being hampered by the State Department which he says will not allow him to land private helicopters on the land outside the American embassy in Port-au-Prince.
  • The airport in Port-Au-Prince has been entirely shut off to the public amid mounting violence under mob boss Barbecue, now controlling the country.
  • The State Department is yet to confirm how it is getting Americans out, or how many are even there.
  • Stern says there is nowhere safe to land a helicopter, load up passengers and flee from, aside from the embassy.



  • According to a recent Reuters report, Elon Musk signed a $1.8 billion contract in 2021 with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) to launch a system of orbiting surveillance satellites.According to the report, “if successful, the sources said the program would significantly advance the ability of the U.S. government and military to quickly spot potential targets almost anywhere on the globe.”
  • Remind me again exactly when Elon Musk bought the Twitter platform.
  • WASHINGTON, March 16 (Reuters) – SpaceX is building a network of hundreds of spy satellites under a classified contract with a U.S. intelligence agency, five sources familiar with the program said, demonstrating deepening ties between billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s space company and national security agencies.
  • The network is being built by SpaceX’s Starshield business unit under a $1.8 billion contract signed in 2021 with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), an intelligence agency that manages spy satellites, the sources said.
  • If successful, the sources said the program would significantly advance the ability of the U.S. government and military to quickly spot potential targets almost anywhere on the globe.


Cyber Attacks

False Flags

  •  . -Propose “equity,” which, in practice, is impossible For Advil’s new “pain equity” initiative, it’s particularly insidious. Anyone can buy aspirin, so there is no possibility of “bias.”
  • So, what Advil is really talking about is prescription pain medication, which is already massively over-prescribed and has led to all kinds of addictions, complications, and deaths. Despite all the therapeutic language, if the “pain equity” campaign is successful, it would mean putting more people, and, in particular, more black people, on heavy opioid pills. Then, after this causes problems, as it has done to whites in Appalachia, for example, they will blame doctors for “systemic racism” in the other direction.
  • Disparities are not always a good basis for making policy, especially when you assume they are reducible to a single variable, and doubly so when that variable is unmeasurable and unfalsifiable, such as “systemic racism.” Critical race medicine will be a disaster.


Trump Sounds Off After Special Prosecutor Resigns from Case: ‘BIG STUFF’ 

  • After an enforced divorce that left former special prosecutor Nathan Wade out in the cold, former President Donald Trump celebrated the development.



  •   just the beginning. Kash just told us yesterday that people are going to be held accountable for their crimes. It appears like the deep state is setting themselves up for disaster. “I hope it opens the door to looking at the DA’s all the AG’s, communication between the White House, the administration, and collusion between all of them.
  • Let’s look into everything. It’s time for the American people to see the corruption I’ve seen, the destruction to the judicial system. It is deep. They are coordinating.
  • There is no question that her texts with Mr. Wade are just the beginning. I’m exhausted of seeing so many subpoenas come out, people come testify in congress and nothing happens. I want to see action. I want to see people held accountable for real crimes. Clean house.

  • DonaldFaced with a massive shortfall in raising campaign cash compared to his presumptive opponent in the 2024 presidential race, Donald Trump and his advisers have decided to cut back on his high-profile campaign rallies in an effort to not drain the coffers even more.
  • With filings showing President Joe Biden and the Democrats sitting on a war chest of $130 million going into February while the former president, while not releasing all of his numbers, did show a combined $40 million with RNC cash included, the New York Times reports the Trump and his election prospects are facing a “perilous” stage.As the Times’ Maggie Haberman and Shane Goldmacher wrote, Trump has been holding donor meetings at Mar-a-Lago imploring supporters to increase their contributions.


Lara Trump Announces RNC Hiring Scott Presler To Lead Legal Ballot Chasing Operations

  • Recently elected Republican National Committee (RNC) Co-chair Lara Trump announced Friday on Daily Caller alumnus Benny Johnson’s show that the party would be hiring popular conservative influencer Scott Presler to lead legal ballot chasing operations.



  •  Every other election contest in the past 25 years resulted in evidentiary hearings presented to a court of law. So don’t tell me 2020 was a perfect election and don’t tell me “you all lost every court case.” Both of those statements are bold face lies.
  • “It should come as no surprise that I will not be endorsing Donald Trump this year,” Pence said. “There are profound differences between me and President Trump on a range of issues, and not just our difference on my constitutional duties that I exercised on January the 6th.”


  • Langley Air Force Base, located in one of the most strategic areas of the country, across the Chesapeake Bay from the sprawling Naval Station Norfolk and the open Atlantic, was at the epicenter of waves of mysterious drone incursions that occurred throughout December. The War Zone has been investigating these incidents and the response to them for months. We know that they were so troubling and persistent that they prompted bringing in advanced assets from around the U.S. government, including one of NASA’s WB-57F high-flying research planes. Now the U.S. Air Force has confirmed to us that they did indeed occur and provided details on the timeframe and diversity of drones involved.


Experts war-gamed what might happen if deepfakes disrupt the 2024 election. Things went sideways fast.

  • The exercise explored a scenario with an array of both domestic and foreign actors launching election disinformation, exploiting rumors and seizing on political divisions 
  • It’s Election Day in Arizona and elderly voters in Maricopa County are told by phone that local polling places are closed due to threats from militia groups.
  • Meanwhile, in Miami, a flurry of photos and videos on social media show poll workers dumping ballots.
  • The phone calls in Arizona and the videos in Florida turn out to be “deepfakes” created with artificial intelligence tools. But by the time local and federal authorities figure out what they are dealing with, the false information has gone viral across the country.
  • This simulated scenario was part of a recent exercise in New York that gathered dozens of former senior U.S. and state officials, civil society leaders and executives from technology companies to rehearse for the 2024 election.
  • The results were sobering.
  • “It was jarring for folks in the room to see how quickly just a handful of these types of threats could spiral out of control and really dominate the election cycle,” said Miles Taylor, a former senior Department of Homeland Security official who helped organize the exercise for the Washington-based nonprofit The Future US.
  • The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said it’s working closely with state and local agencies to protect the country’s elections.
  • “CISA is proud to continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with state and local election officials as they defend our elections process against the range of cyber, physical, and operational security risks, to include the risk of foreign influence operations,” said senior adviser Cait Conley.
  • For many of those in the room for the exercise, the scenarios drove home the need to develop an ambitious public education campaign to help voters recognize deepfakes and to inoculate Americans from the coming onslaught of foreign and domestic disinformation.
  • If enough doubts are raised about what has transpired during the election, there’s a danger that the outcome of the vote becomes a “stalemate” with no clear winner, said Danny Crichton of Lux Capital, a venture capital firm focused on emerging technologies, which co-hosted the exercise.


  • internally in government for their criminal conduct.”  Kash also proposed a full fledged investigation into everyone in Congress who aided & abetted the J6 Committee  “Let’s see who broke the law.” The next few years should be fun! 


  • Truly monstrous and unforgivable.