Declass, MEMO Is Just The Beginning, Warning Storm Ahead – Ep. 2379


Declass, MEMO Is Just The Beginning, Storm Warning
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The [DS]/[CB] are now prepared to bring the economy down, [JB] is now putting all the policies back into place where this will help people in the short run but in the long run kill businesses. The MSM is now reporting that it is very important to open up the economy. Clouds are now forming over DC, the Storm is coming, Trump just ordered the Declass of everything, either today or Monday. The [DS] is pushing FF events to change the news cycle. The declass will just happen, the [DS] will be caught off guard, all three movies will be playing. The [DS] is doing exactly what Trump and team want them to do, bring in the NG, it is now being done in many states, the show is about to begin.


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NEW — Biden’s COVID relief plan includes: * Increasing direct payment to $2k * Boost UI by $400/week * Increase CTC to $3k/year * Increase EITC to $1,500 * $15/hr minimum wage



Protester with Confederate Flag in US Capitol Arrested in Delaware with His Son 

  •  Kevin Seefried was pictured with Antifa rioter Aaron Mostofsky, a registered Democrat, on the stairs in the US Capitol.
  • Kevin Seefried and his son Hunter were arrested Thursday in Delaware. Kevin Seefried was pictured in the White House carrying a Confederate flag during the riots.
  • Kevin and Hunter Seefried were within a group of people that had a confrontation with police at the U.S. Capitol and who “verbally confronted” U.S. Capitol Police.
  • There is one Kevin Seefried listed in Delaware. He is listed a registered Democrat.
    We have not confirmed this.



Rudy Guiliani

Why wasn’t this presented to the witch Hunt Impeachment Congress. Because they have no interest in the truth that riots had nothing to do with the Trump speech. They were organized before speech and carried out on their own by groups like ANTIFA trained to riot.


BREAKING: BLM Activist Arrested For Siege on U.S. Capitol

  • John Earle Sullivan, a Black Lives Matter Activist and anti-Trumper, was charged by complaint with one count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and one count of interfering with law enforcement engaged in the lawful performance of their official duties incident to and during the commission of civil disorder.



NEW: Rudy Giuliani reported on War Room Pandemic that there is evidence that 200+ Antifa members were involved with the 1/6 Capitol attack; evidence exists of pre-planning and coordination with anti-Trump white supremacists and many have already been ID’d via face recognition.

JUST IN – BLM activist John Sullivan’s brother (who turned him in to the FBI) says “They [his brother and Antifa] planned this, to change the public opinion against Trump supporters, and to create anarchy in the country.”

Geopolitical/Police State



Cyber Attacks

False Flags



Today (Jan 15) is the one-year anniversary of Pelosi sending impeachment articles to the Senate

BREAKING: Project Veritas: Twitter Insider Records CEO Jack Dorsey Talking Trump and Laying Out Roadmap For Future Political Censorship

  • A whistleblower inside Twitter recorded CEO Jack Dorsey and sent Project Veritas the recording.
  • Jack Dorsey recently banned President Trump from the social media platform for ‘inciting violence.’
  • Project Veritas released video of Jack Dorsey laying out the roadmap for future political censorship — censoring Trump was just the beginning.
  • “We are focused on one account [@realDonaldTrump] right now, but this is going to be much bigger than just one account, and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, and the next few weeks, and go on beyond the inauguration,” Dorsey said in a video recorded January 8.
  • Dorsey: “So, the focus is certainly on this account [@realDonaldTrump] and how it ties to real world violence. But also, we need to think much longer term around how these dynamics play out over time. I don’t believe this is going away anytime soon.”
  • Dorsey: “You know, the U.S. is extremely divided. Our platform is showing that every single day.”

Jack Dorsey has repeatedly lied to lawmakers about targeting conservatives for censorship.



Some Democrats in Congress are worried their colleagues might kill them

  •  After last week’s deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump, members of Congress are expressing something once unthinkable: that some of their own colleagues may be endangering their lives. Not in a rhetorical sense, but in a direct and immediate way.
  • “It’s the most poisonous I’ve ever seen,” Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va., said in an interview. “There’s the overall sense that maybe if some of them have guns — and likely the ones who are more into conspiracy theories and QAnon with the pedophilic satanic rings — are we safe from them?”


US borders with Canada, Mexico to remain closed through Feb. 21

  • America’s borders with Canada and Mexico will remain closed for another month.
  • “In order to continue to prevent the spread of #COVID, the US, Mexico, Canada will extend the restrictions on non-essential travel through Feb. 21,”


California mobilizes National Guard amid concern over unrest

  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom  mobilized 1,000 members of the National Guard amid other security precautions over concerns of civil unrest ahead of President Donald Trump leaving office.
  • The state also erected a temporary chain link fence around the state Capitol, bolstering other temporary and permanent barriers, and the California Highway Patrol has refused to issue permits for rallies that had been planned there.


25,000 Troops, Officers Securing D.C., Joe Biden Inauguration — 5X as Many as Stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan 
  • The Pentagon is putting 20,000 National Guard on the streets of D.C.
  • The more than 25,000 members of law enforcement personnel that are being deployed is five times the number of United States military deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq.


I may not be able to fit in my battle dress uniform anymore, but leading @CIA & @StateDept, I constantly focused on protecting our great military and all Americans.



Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 866b8a No.9473673
RED1: POTUS twitter removal
RED2: Central communications blackout [continental US]
RED4: Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st Marine_CPSD_Marine_QVIR] to central locations under guise of citizen riot control.
RED6: SEC OF DEF _instruct1

Remember What Chris Miller Said to Pence


WaPo/ABC Poll: Majority Say Congress Should ‘Remove Trump from Office’ 
  • The vast majority of those surveyed, 80 percent, said they “strongly” oppose the actions of the individuals who stormed the Capitol as Congress gathered to certify the electoral votes on January 6, with only eight percent expressing some level of support.
  • The survey then asked if Trump should be charged with inciting a riot, wording the question thusly: “As you may know, Trump encouraged his supporters to march to the U.S. Capitol, where a riot followed. Do you think Trump should be charged with the crime of inciting a riot, or do you think he should not be charged?”
  • Fifty-four percent said he should be charged, 43 percent said he should not, and three percent expressed no opinion.


NEW – Voters want Speaker Pelosi to stop the second impeachment of President Trump and would rather see the punishment of Big Tech for censoring the President, according to a leaked internal memo from a pollster. @disclosetv

Leaked survey:

  • Jason Miller
  • From:
  • John McLaughlin
  • Date:
  • January 12, 2021
  • Re:
  • Battleground Voter Survey
  • Summary:
  •  The results of our just completed survey of 800 battleground voters on January 10th and11th, which matches the actual turnout from the November 3rd
  •  election, show that voters are opposed to impeachment and Big Tech censorship, and they want a peaceful and orderly transition.Voters strongly prefer that Congress deal with fighting coronavirus and not impeachment.Impeachment is viewed as a waste of time and money. Voters believe that the Democrats are playing politics and that continuing to attack the President is making it worse. They also believe that Big Techis violating free speech and if they can do it to President Trump, they can do it to any American.
  • Findings:
  • 89% of all voters think it is important that President Trump lead an orderly and peaceful transition to Joe Biden. 70% say it is very important. Only 11% do not think it is important.
  • When voters are told that Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20
  • th
  • , but Speaker NancyPelosi wants Congress to impeach and remove the President in his last week in office, 60% ofall voters say that this is another waste of time and money. Only 40% agree with Pelosi.
  • 77% of all voters think that Congress should make its priority this week dealing withCoronavirus. Only 23% prefer impeaching President Trump.
  • 74% of all voters agree that efforts by Pelosi and the Democrats to try to impeach thePresident after Joe Biden is sworn in would be politically motivated to prevent the Presidentfrom running again, stripping his Secret Service protection, and preventing him from having aPresidential Library. Only 26% disagree.
  • 65% of all voters agree that by continuing to attack the President, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosiare making this worse and keeping the country divided. Only 35% disagree.
  • 48% of all voters are less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes to impeach thePresident. Only 36% are more likely

BREAKING: President Trump Declassifies Russia Collusion Documents — Coming as Soon as Friday



  • The documents will reportedly show the involvement in the United States and overseas to set up Donald Trump in the Russia lie.
  • The Trump administration must now make sure these documents are released to the public.
Trump wrote a memo
  • SUBJECT:    Agency Cooperation with Attorney General’s Review of Intelligence Activities Relating to the 2016 Presidential Campaigns
  • By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby direct the following:
  • Section 1.  Agency Cooperation.   The Attorney General is currently conducting a review of intelligence activities relating to the campaigns in the 2016 Presidential election and certain related matters.  The heads of elements of the intelligence community, as defined in 50 U.S.C. 3003(4), and the heads of each department or agency that includes an element of the intelligence community shall promptly provide such assistance and information as the Attorney General may request in connection with that review.
  • Sec2.  Declassification and Downgrading.   With respect to any matter classified under Executive Order 13526 of December 29, 2009 (Classified National Security Information), the Attorney General may, by applying the standard set forth in either section 3.1(a) or section 3.1(d) of Executive Order 13526, declassify, downgrade, or direct the declassification or downgrading of information or intelligence that relates to the Attorney General’s review referred to in section 1 of this memorandum.  Before exercising this authority, the Attorney General should, to the extent he deems it practicable, consult with the head of the originating intelligence community element or department.  This authority is not delegable and applies notwithstanding any other authorization or limitation set forth in Executive Order 13526.


Q !UW.yye1fxo No.41
Why are American taxpayers subsidizing Tesla?
Welfare for the rich.
Private emails: GOOG: NK: Tesla
So what has changed, who is in the driver seat, Ratcliffe.

According to a newly released transcript of an interview with FBI agent Joe Pientka, the FBI claims it “lost” the document, known as a Woods file, of all of the information/sources substantiating the first Carter Page FISA warrant.

And guess what else? The FBI, according to FBI agent Joe Pientka’s attorney, also appears to have magically lost the original Woods file for the second FISA warrant against Carter Page.

JUST IN – #Michigan‘s top GOP lawmakers are canceling the session next week over upcoming “credible threats” near the state Capitol

Va. Supreme Court building evacuated amid possible bomb threat

If Trump is preparing to declass it all, either Friday or Monday, what would be the [DS] reaction, [FF] to change the news cycle. Why would Trump announce this? Why would he indicate a day? Moves and Countermoves

The [DS] Thought the Declass Drop was today, Ammunition used, Day is not over

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/14/2018 15:18:16 ID:
Archive Bread/Post Links: 1 / 23
Direct Link: 23

BEWARE of MAJOR FALSE FLAG attempts this week.

KNOW your surroundings.


Possible SUICIDES.


‘Calm before the storm’: Uneasy quiet descends on DC and Congress ahead of inauguration

  • An uneasy peace has settled in Washington, D.C., with a week to go before Inauguration Day a
  • Congress is out of session until President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated next week, buildings are boarded up across the city, the National Guard has descended upon the district, and President Trump no longer has an outlet (Twitter) to feed into the insatiable news cycle.



Q !UW.yye1fxo No.36


The NG current Rules of engagement are “cleared to use deadly force.”
Razor Wire. All to protect a BIDEN VIRTUAL INAUGURATION?

23 thoughts on “Declass, MEMO Is Just The Beginning, Warning Storm Ahead – Ep. 2379

  • January 15, 2021 at 8:04 pm

    Dave – I hope you are correct. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

    Nothing is going to change that stops the Biden inauguration. You act like people are just finding out the deep state is corrupt.

    You continually built up something, a date, a specific action, words, like they are leading to something big, only to watch it fizzle time and time again……

    D.C. Troops…another false hype as if something is going to happen……it will lead to nothing….like everything else……..

    When Biden is President will you then tell us it’s all part of the plan? the Deep state is panicking? look to California? etc…

    or will you finally come out and let us know the joke is on us the Patriots?

    The left does not care that we know they were the rioters, just like they don’t care we know they stole the election. Of course they were the rioters. Thats what they do, and have done since election night 2016. The charges will be dropped like always and NOTHING will happen.

    Trump was a GREAT President…..and yes he won in 2020……..dark days ahead with the Left in complete control

    • January 16, 2021 at 1:44 pm

      Dylan, I totally get what you are saying. However, I don’t feel that way in this hour. I agree with what Dave is saying. Trump put his entire family on the line in order to pull this off. They will be the new Kennedy’s for decades to come if we don’t win the White House.

    • January 16, 2021 at 11:43 pm

      Nailed it, Dylan.

  • January 15, 2021 at 8:11 pm

    It’s happening …….. History in the making …. GREAT ! !

    • January 16, 2021 at 2:09 pm

      I agree with you, Gary!!!

  • January 15, 2021 at 8:56 pm

    Just wanted you to know that for the past few days when I try to open your podcast directly from my email safari won’t open it. I just get an error. When I go to your website on safari to listen from there the same thing happens. The only way I can play it is if I go to DuckDuckGo.

  • January 15, 2021 at 8:56 pm

    Go with God. Mr. President.

  • January 15, 2021 at 10:07 pm

    Wealthy Sweet’N Low magnate leaps to death from NYC apartment – January 15, 2021

  • January 15, 2021 at 11:13 pm

    Why in the world are we continuing to discuss Bidens Agenda if he’s not getting into office. Its very unerving. “Declass Memo is just the begining”? We literally have 5 days until the country is gone forever and most of us will follow right after? Why are they not just taking care of business right NOW!!!!! My god stop playing games with all our lives

  • January 15, 2021 at 11:15 pm

    Why in the world are we continuing to discuss Bidens Agenda if he’s not getting into office. Its very unerving. “Declass Memo is just the begining”? We literally have 5 days until the country is gone forever and most of us will follow right after? Why are they not just taking care of business right NOW!!!!! My god stop playing games with all our lives ” Trump is playing with the Deep State” My god he is playing with all of us!!!

  • January 15, 2021 at 11:57 pm


  • January 16, 2021 at 4:09 am

    per the video from Oscar Blue in Mexico, are we prepared for the possible 10,000 migrants that will be making their way thru Mexico to our borders due to Joe Biden that are coming up from Guatemala . They could not be stopped there at 5,000 and expected to grow to the 10,000 thru Mexico.

  • January 16, 2021 at 8:53 am

    I the President isn’t leaving DC until the 6th, I guess they really are going “down to the wire.” Who would’ve thought?

  • January 16, 2021 at 9:03 am

    What kind if dope is Dave smoking? With less than four days until Biden is “immaculated,” how can President Trump do ANYTHING that will make ANY difference. The time to “crap or get off the pot” was a long time ago. DECLASS four days from the end of President Trump’s term of office is not going to stop the installation of Biden and Harris into office. I hope I’m wrong, but don’t think so.

  • January 16, 2021 at 9:34 am

    Enjoy your podcasts… but… (the inevitable, But) Mr. T wants and insists on following the law and the Constitution. Problem: the Electoral College selects the president… They selected Brand X… fraud, corruption, etc. isn’t mentioned in the Constitution, no redress; ergo – no matter how, the EC chooses and they did. It doesn’t matter who won the popular vote; therefore, it doesn’t matter how that vote was perverted… A military take-over (not Constitutional or ‘Legal’) seems the only way. 20 Jan. is also a hard date… Damn this is nerve racking. I’m not ‘enjoying’ the show, just to let ya’ know.

    • January 17, 2021 at 1:59 pm

      Agree IF this is “part of the plan” It is a dumbass plan screwing with the American people and risking our lives this way. If I hear “enjoy the show” One more time I will scream. This Administration has “followed the rule of law” for 4 years while the others side has broke every single law without a SINGLE consequence. The whole “Optics” baloney pisses me off too. WHO CARES ABOUT LAWS AND OPTICS when the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and in turn THE WHOLE WORLD Is about to fall at the hands of 8000 or so GLOBALIST VAMPIRE CHILD RAPING PIGS. IF we are handed over to the NWO with Trump NEVER inciting the insurection act there is no WAY he was not part of the whole thing to lead us to our demise. NO WAY

  • January 16, 2021 at 9:41 am

    Today in Swiss local media:
    A first “victim” the Banker Baron Benjamin de Rothshild, Geneva Switzerland, died supposedly for suffering from a heart attack. His wive runs the Baron de Rothshild family foundation…!

  • January 16, 2021 at 2:48 pm

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  • January 16, 2021 at 5:16 pm

    I’m with the people above…we always think something great will happen and the corruption and control just keep growing. If Trump thinks the world cares about facts he’s dreaming. Only us patriots care about facts…the election steal proved that all the way to the VP. Military action needs to happen NOW, not after Biden is inaugurated. Come on. Meanwhile children are being raped every day and night. These Satanic pedophiles need to go NOW. I’m tired of waiting to see what the evil ones are going to do…just arrest them, they’re all traitors by the election fraud alone.

  • January 16, 2021 at 10:12 pm

    Ty for accurate updates ! I pray all will go as planned or there will many disappointed Patriots.

  • January 17, 2021 at 2:48 am

    Praying for our President, our Country and everyone!

  • January 18, 2021 at 12:04 am

    I do thank you for giving all of us hope. Unfortunately, the explanation is far too complicated. All of this you speak about, if it was ever real, should have been done in Year one of our President’s administration. Not at the last minute in some pie in the sky hope that our military will bail us out. Trump has been the greatest President, ever, but it is time now to face facts, and begin doing whatever we can to eliminate democrat voter fraud, the only endeavor worth the expenditure of precious resources.

    Our President made the mistake of listening to traitors, (of course not knowing they were traitors), and taking their advice in hiring Barr as the atty gen. We all know now that Barr is part of the deep state traitor culture, and that all he did was merely smoke and mirrors. Barr could have and should have prosecuted Hillary Bill, Obama, A dozen or so RINOs in office, and a thousand other democrat pieces of filth, but he did not despite having more than ample evidence of their actual law breaking.

    Also, since all the effort of the anons and millions of Americans amounted to nothing with the rigged elections, it should be clear to all of us now that prosecution of those involved in the democrat fraud in the 2016 election should have taken priority. Putting those democrats who organized and committed the fraud in Hillary’s election loss, would surely have had a deterrent effect in the 2020 election.

    I, like many Americans, are tired of giving money to organizations and influencers who had, in effect, no efficacy because of voter fraud in the end. Now most of us, if we give anything at all, it will be to efforts for elimination of democrat voter fraud through long overdue prosecutions.

    • January 18, 2021 at 11:29 am

      After Pelosi’s laptops were seized by the good guys Chinese spy Pelosi tried to flee to Canada and was arrested. The 49,000 NG in DC are under Trump and DC has been secured for Trump. So many many mass arrests have been and continue to be made; doubt but only a handful of Senators are free. Pence has been arrested you can bet big bucks on. Gitmo is full so the Obama made FEMA camps are being used; there are hundreds of them across our nation that you and I were have supposed to have occupied and died in. Just as soon as China sees that Biden is out she will attack. That is why we have to close our businesses and prepare to spend weeks secure as we can be in our homes with sufficient food, water, etc. And a firearm; and listen to Trump’s emergency broadcast message as all other radio etc will be down.
      Trump’s military leaders are 100% behind him as they know they will be killed if Chinajoe gets in. Like 75,000 China soldiers on the Canadian border and 200,000 on the Mexico California border. War is hell but our Republic begins anew now or it never will. London Rothschilds and their evil banking and control goes clear back to 1812; they made the laws and created phony Depressions that my parents and my grandparents suffered so horribly through; many Suicides! President Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to take us back to the Gold Standard and get us out of the Federal Reserve which Trump will do. The stock market is going down and the dollar will be worthless so get your home free and clear if possible. Trump will indeed be the first President of the new Republic!

      We have all of Hillary’s emails. The evil CIA Director Haspel was wounded and arrested in Frankfurt, Germany and is a great stool pigeon so as to avoid execution (sadly we lost some special forces in that battle). Italy was so involved with their satellite in the vote rigging and they have been dealt with very harshly! The sex island guy (name slips my 83 year old memory, Epstein?) is alive and also a great stool pigeon. Great witnesses for the Military Tribunals!

      The Chinese have tunnels and deep caverns/bunkers and thousands of acres of private land across our nation. Have no idea how Trump’s military fights against all of this except the Savior is with him and we Patriots!

      Pray for Trump, Israel, Jerusalem and the Holy Land and our Patriots and our New Republic!

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